EcoStart – Platform That Uses An Algorithm Proof-of-import To Produce

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EcoStart – Platform That Uses An Algorithm Proof-of-import To Produce

EcoStart – Savings on the environment led to the fact that the environment has become hazardous to our health. If we do not invest in environmental protection now, then, according to scientists, we would have been waiting for the collapse of the global planet, which will force the inhabitants of this planet to invest all of the funds for the restoration of natural or leave this planet, for example, to Mars. There will be an opportunity for us all to fly away?

About EcoStart

EcoStart is blockchain based distributed platform cryptographic General Revolutionary cryptocurrency TerraEcoCoin (TECO) is the core of the platform that uses an algorithm Proof-of-Import to produce. EcoStart is a reliable platform to build applications to finance “green” projects in the field of ecology and economy share. The purpose of the EcoStart is to increase investment in “green projects” and tokenization of investment activities.

The essence of this project is the society distributed platform cryptography to create applications and software solutions on blockchain open to funding environmental projects and conservation, with cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin own (Ticker TECO), in a generation that uses algorithms Proof-of-Importance (proof important).

EcoStart will provide services to the proponent for environmental projects creates a token of your own and manage their property, which will serve as cryptocurrency, bonds, shares in the project, certificates of participation, etc. every token can be given its own name, volume problems, the number of decimal places, and other parameters of the property. Sales token issued will provide financing environmental (green) ecostart project approved expert.

Instant And Transparent Financing Of Environmental Projects

EcoStart is distributed cryptographic public TerraEcoCoin Platform (TECO) based revolutionary cryptocurrency blockchain is the core of the platform, which is generated using an algorithm Proof-of-Importance. EcoStart will become a reliable platform to create applications for the financing of green projects, ecological and economic sharing Our goal is to increase investments in green projects and tokenization of investment activities.

What Problems Does The Project Solve?

A. inadequate funding of environmental activities. It is another fundraising tool to fund environmental events, including the globally:
– ecological pollution problem;
– the problem of the greenhouse effect;
– damage to the ozone layer
b. Improve mutual trust between the project proponent and investor ecology
c. Increased activity and community ecology

Ecostart project aimed at solving environmental problems is a challenge for all of humanity. We propose to use technology blockchain to the system of financing environmental projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to truly democratize the investment process of environmental projects by eliminating the middleman and puts the power and control where it belongs – entirely into the hands of investors and currency holders crypto ECN.

Investments in Life

We are creating an ecosystem-based Blockchain our own technology, which will provide full transparency in the collection and control expenditures for environmental projects, the absence of intermediaries and dependence on government and global financial groups

EcoStart platform will allow solving the acute environmental problems around the world by funding green projects not only by traditional investors but also by cryptocurrency holder, as well as using their own Blockchain technology, in which the commission of each transaction sent to the EcoStart Fund.

Ecological Community

Ecostart platform is bringing together all market participants from the environmental community (green business, investors, volunteers), where users can:

  • Make and package of environmental projects on your own or with the help of expert community EcoStart
  • Aquaculture investment in environmental projects,
  • Search for environmental projects to invest in,
  • Get a real rank of the participants in the community (initiators, investors, experts, volunteers).
  • Get an objective recommendation.
  • Ecostart Communi Platform is the market cate using the built-in messenger

Strategic Objectives Of The Project

  • The formation of the global environment facility;
  • Development tools and financial models for project environmental assessment and identification of opportunities and the size of their investment, etc;
  • Creation of an effective mechanism for the promotion of “green” principles in society and business objectives Project.

Creating a global environmental ecosystem for financing projects to solve the environmental problems of the planet

  • Provide an opportunity for startups and companies to attract investment to finance their environmental projects more efficiently, cost-effective and secure way of classical instruments currently available;
  • Provides investors and sponsors with direct access to NGOs, initiators, companies, and startups implement their environmental projects;
  • To stimulate the environment and environmental protection and the development of citizens’ initiatives;
  • Drawing the attention of civil society, the media, the business community, and the city government and regional environmental problems;
  • Promotion of volunteers and sponsors in the environmental field.


To achieve consensus in Ecostart distributed network, blockchain technology used, and to protect the block from counterfeiting, the method of Proof-of-Importance used. Alone cryptocurrency TECO with generations POI (important evidence), able to work with the most common connection protocol (Eigentrust ++ with POI). It is mBinary, FIX / FAST, WebSockets and REST. envoy made with technology integration IPFs (interplanetary File System, interplanetary File System), which nodes form a distributed open source file system, P2P (peer-to-peer) technology and blockchain. For users, the stand-alone web applications to be developed that can be used locally on your computer, or online. For developers, the availability of APIs and open source under a free license, the open transaction database

Main Feature

NGOs and environmental initiator Ecostart project will provide a set of tools to create their own tokens. Sale issued token will allow it to raise money for environmental projects.
Volunteers can get information about the place and time of environmental stocks.
Investor, Sponsor (Socially Responsible Business) to finance environmental projects alone will create a positive image and PR, and in terms of investment in ‘green’ commercial projects will receive also an advantage.
TerraEcocoin cryptocurrency owner will have the opportunity to invest without intermediaries in ‘green’ startups and create the master code to confirm the transaction TECO, received a fixed income.
For beginners, the opportunity applies to funds investing environment, which is focused on finance companies and startups implement environmental projects.

Token Detail

  • Token Symbol TER
  • Token Sale Start 10 December 2018
  • Token Sale End 31 March 2019
  • Token Price $0.1 USD
  • The issue of tokens 210,000,000
  • Token for Sale 130 000 000
  • Max circulating supply 150 000 000
  • Token for Sale 110 Days

EcoStart Distribution

EcoStart Distribution


  • 05.2018
    The beginning of the pre-announcement. Creation of an information background aimed at drawing attention to EcoStart, forming a community, a loyal image of the brand and crowdfunding.
  • 11.2018
    Start Pre ICO Launch of a marketing and PR campaign to promote EcoStart. Used channels: forums, news resources, trackers, contextual advertising, promotion in social. media, direct mail, cooperation with bloggers, etc.
  • 11.2018
    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Listing of tokens on stock exchanges
  • 12.2018
    Beginning of the ICO Most of the cash collected during the pre-ICO is sent to increase the effectiveness of the marketing and PR campaign.
  • 02.2019
    Development of the Alpha version of the platform and its testing
  • 03.2019
    Upgrading the basic nodes after Alpha testing
  • 05.2019
    Beta testing platform. Opening a platform for mass users
  • 06.2019
    A release of its own cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin (TECO)
  • 06.2019
    Develop a mobile app on Android and iOS
  • 06.2019
    Audit platforms on Android and iOS. Test the mobile application.
  • 06.2019
    The final launch of the mobile app on Android and iOS
  • 07.2019
    АPI 07.2019 Start an advertising and marketing campaign in key markets
  • 10.2019
    Partners Connections
  • 12.2019
    Creating a Global Ecosystem EcoStart


EcoStart Partners


Why is this project to my attention? The first is a natural treatment. Now even though there are projects that are designed for this purpose, but they are not enough funds. With EcoStart, fundraising successful will become a reality. Second, the project already has a finished product that is already functioning. It will be fully launched in 2019. Third, blockchain own, wholly owned by the team. It is from it that all the commissions from the transaction will be devoted to environmental projects. I think the three components leaves no doubt that this project is only necessary for modern society.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the EcoStart team, I just give you the latest ICO info”