EcoStart – One-stop Solution With An Open API

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EcoStart – One-stop Solution With An Open API

EcoStart – We compared the nature of the mother, who always gives us, although the relationship with the planet turned out to be much more complicated. Perhaps nature is our mother, but our creditors, and under the laws of commodity-money relations, he will demand to pay the debt. And the time for repayment of loans has come. generated intense forest fires show that Mother Nature rampage. Savings on the environment led to the fact that the environment has become hazardous to our health. If we do not invest in environmental protection now, then, according to scientists, we would have been waiting for the collapse of the global planet, which will force the inhabitants of this planet to invest all of the funds for the restoration of natural or leave this planet, for example, to Mars. There will be an opportunity for us all to fly away?

The laws that are in operation constantly, and only now people have practically realized the scale of the disaster, they are trying to do something to raise almost lost, to repair spoiled, and to prevent further destruction of nature. And only we, all together, must and can preserve our planet and build a safer world for us and future generations.

EcoStart Marketplace

In fact, the market is the user interface of the platform, which presents the environmental projects of various start-ups and companies, investors and volunteers registered. At the same time, the market EcoStart provide traffic, he was responsible for the convenience of using the platform, providing a means of communication, marketing, and technical support, and payment functions. This platform is not just a tool that binds the user. The main thing it does is KYC principle “Know your customer.” After identifying the user, determine the risk profile and rating, reports Platform has been registered.

We think the market is a one-stop solution with an open API. It has some innovations. One is the principle of “plug and play”, when the shared responsibility between our companies, which created the platform, and developers, who will make the application on this platform in the form of user interaction interface. If the platform itself is large capital expenditures, a hard decision, because it requires reliability, speed, and security, the interface can be made by students, and small software companies and individual entrepreneurs.

For investors, Marketplace promoting efficient investment and cooperation and provide:

  1. Access to the contacts of all the initiator of the project
  2. Service to create a wallet cryptography
  3. Access to detailed project information
  4. Inform about new projects
  5. people search and selection of projects
  6. Verify the reliability of the author’s project
  7. Getting real project Traveler
  8. Placing your investment proposal
  9. The presence of a presentation session organized by platform EcoStart

Crypto Currency TerraEcocoin

The basic unit of currency is the EcoStart platform crypto, TerraEcoCoin, TECO ticker, which serves as the main source of its value, which makes it possible to carry out all the major activities and transactions on the platform. TECO has all the properties of existing cryptocurrency.

One million will be issued by TECO 210 million, and there are no further emissions. There will be no possibility of mining. You can get the coins only to the owner of the account (master code) to support the stability of the platform. Funds for remuneration will of commissions paid when making transactions, placing on the platforms of the various applications, the cost to the ICO. And the size of the commission for the transaction is determined by the payer himself. TECO is divided up to eight decimal places. As a small coin called Xnano (XNO) and in accordance with TECO 0.00000001.

Decentralized File Storage

The environment for storing and exchanging files associated with persistent cryptographic (DFS) transaction, in which all system data will be stored. It will include user accounts, system data and detailed information about the smart contract. Data provided by the user EcoStart will also be stored in this data store.

Features storage of information in decentralized file storage:
  • Information stored without centralized administration
  • Storing information with assurance provision
  • Storing information with encryption, the data is open or closed
  • Storing data with free or restricted access

Strategic Project Objectives

Creating a global ecology ecosystem to finance projects to address the environmental problems of the planet:

  • Provide start-ups and enterprises with the opportunity to attract investment to finance their environmental projects in a more efficient, economical and safe from classical instruments currently available;
  • Provides investors and sponsors with direct access to the NPO, initiators, companies, and startups implement their environmental projects;
  • Stimulating citizen activism and environmental development and environmental initiatives;
  • Drawing the attention of civil society, the media, the business community and city and regional governments for environmental issues;
  • The popularization of volunteers and sponsors in the environmental field development and financial modeling tools to assess environmental projects and determine the likelihood and the amount of their investment, etc.
  • Creating a global environment fund

Project Relevance

In connection with the widespread growth of interest in ecological issues, financial institutions are able to organize and direct investment in environmental protection is becoming more and more in demand. For example, global investment in renewable energy in 2017 amounted to more than $ 243 billion. More than $ 140 billion is estimated that renewable energy will attract 2,040 $ 7.8 trillion in investments. This is only one direction of development of “green technologies. In all sectors and in all kinds of activities, the growing trend to increase the volume of financing for projects of ecology. At the same time, the industry crypto boom, which shows the phenomenal growth of the market cryptocurrency in cryptocurrency 2017. Although capitalization decreased in 2018, many analysts and experts expect that by 2019 cryptocurrency will reach new heights.

Ecostart Ecosystem

EcoStart uniqueness lies in the fact that this project will provide users with a wide variety of useful and necessary functions in a single platform, while similar projects simultaneously ensuring the availability of only a few of them.
The platform includes the following modules:

  • Marketplace brings together all members of the environmental community (green business, investors, volunteers)
  • Fundraising applications – service to make personal digital token as a tool for financing environmental (green) projects approved by experts Ecostart;
  • Cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin own generation POI (Proof-of-Importance, significant evidence);
  • Crypto envoy, made on technology P2P (peer-to-peer);
  • EcoStart Environmental Fund Investment Fund (IEF) to finance environmental projects more (IEF).
  • Expertise and recommendation system (ranked the establishment of the trust of the participant’s platforms).
  • Open API to create applications for the implementation and support of environmental projects.
  • Earth Space Application Monitoring
  • Motivation system (reward) of participants platforms
  • Ecology lottery, 50% of the funds remaining after payment of victory and operating costs will be sent to the environmental investment fund (to the jurisdiction of the types of activities allowed).

The basis of Ecostart Ecosystem is a registry in the form of a distributed database, which stores all data about user accounts and transactions.

Token Detail

  • Token Symbol TER
  • Token Sale Start 10 December 2018
  • Token Sale End 31 March 2019
  • Token Price $0.1 USD
  • The issue of tokens 210,000,000
  • Token for Sale 130 000 000
  • Max circulating supply 150 000 000
  • Token for Sale 110 Days

EcoStart Distribution

EcoStart Distribution


  • 05.2018
    The beginning of the pre-announcement. Creation of an information background aimed at drawing attention to EcoStart, forming a community, a loyal image of the brand and crowdfunding.
  • 11.2018
    Start Pre ICO Launch of a marketing and PR campaign to promote EcoStart. Used channels: forums, news resources, trackers, contextual advertising, promotion in social. media, direct mail, cooperation with bloggers, etc.
  • 11.2018
    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Listing of tokens on stock exchanges
  • 12.2018
    Beginning of the ICO Most of the cash collected during the pre-ICO is sent to increase the effectiveness of the marketing and PR campaign.
  • 02.2019
    Development of the Alpha version of the platform and its testing
  • 03.2019
    Upgrading the basic nodes after Alpha testing
  • 05.2019
    Beta testing platform. Opening a platform for mass users
  • 06.2019
    A release of its own cryptocurrency TerraEcocoin (TECO)
  • 06.2019
    Develop a mobile app on Android and iOS
  • 06.2019
    Audit platforms on Android and iOS. Test the mobile application.
  • 06.2019
    The final launch of the mobile app on Android and iOS
  • 07.2019
    АPI 07.2019 Start an advertising and marketing campaign in key markets
  • 10.2019
    Partners Connections
  • 12.2019
    Creating a Global Ecosystem EcoStart


EcoStart Partners


Why is this project to my attention? The first is a natural treatment. Now even though there are projects that are designed for this purpose, but they are not enough funds. With EcoStart, fundraising successful will become a reality. Second, the project already has a finished product that is already functioning. It will be fully launched in 2019. Third, blockchain own, wholly owned by the team. It is from it that all the commissions from the transaction will be devoted to environmental projects. I think the three components leaves no doubt that this project is only necessary for modern society.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the EcoStart team, I just give you the latest ICO info”