Dxb Pay – Sustainable And Strong Ecosystem For Investing, Trade And Donation

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Dxb Pay – Sustainable And Strong Ecosystem For Investing, Trade, And Donation

icourban.com – DXB Pay – First digital coin, Bitcoin, is made with a single value proposition to become cash such as assets for electronic payments. Its value is located on the nature of the network that behaves pseudonymously. Then, open blockchains such as Ethereum began with the idea of ​​offering space for distributed computing, producing value for miners, developers, and risk makers that make applications.

The third layer application that can be scaled can plan and achieve higher complexity in their business plan. DXB’s goal is to build several revenue streams and incentives through smart contract technology. Intuitive and fast-acting tokens can be used for various tasks, creating a future open for future technological developments.

In more than a decade, innovation took off like a fire, which leads to more agile solutions that help with the limitations of bitcoin on speed throughput and transactions. The “digital asset” class becomes more widely known, starting to enter other types of entities: tokens, security tokens, stable coin in, and non-fungible (NFTS) tokens related to artwork or digital goods. Bitcoin itself evolved and moved from true peer-to-peer communication. Instead, users contact nodes with greater capacity to get access to the network. Blockchains Onboarded more users for many years, facing several scaling problems, speed, technology, and financial costs.


DxSale is a decentralized, crossing management platform, a token as a service. The aim is to launch a DXB token through initial discount sales, to reach a predetermined limit. After pre-sales, the DXB distribution will only occur through the pancakeswap.

This project is native North America, at a glance you won’t see what’s important about plants. Each tree is a genetic clone of a broad root system located below the surface of the ground. When you see hundreds of Aspen trees, in fact, you only see a factory system.

Interesting projects with great prospects! A good start and confidence, a big team interested in developing projects that are fast and strong. This will certainly be a successful project because it has a great team that is more than eligible and focuses on making this project a success

Pancuedwap is a decentralized exchange based on BSC, which provides swimming pool liquidity to exchange BEP-20 tokens. Pancakeswap will produce the potential to exchange between Binance coins (BNB) and DXB, for the purposes related to the sale of initial tokens, and for swaps, transfers, prizes, and publishing subsequent tokens. The use of pancakes is directly connected to the DXB token structure, to optimize liquidity and avoid risky price fluctuations. Pancuedwap uses an automatic price discovery mechanism that slapped prices on the curve originating from the mathematical formula.

BSC offers interoperability with a wallet that is compatible with Ethereum such as metamask, one of the most widely used add-ons to access decentralized finance, calculation, game, or other blockchain-based operations. Sidechain facilitation offers cheap and fast transactions without attached costs paid in eth. Speed ​​and capacity are the main features of the financial and economic platform of modern decentralization tokens. DxSale will aim for scalability and expansion, without making obstacles because of high gas cost requirements. The platform for DXB tokens is made with the awareness that high costs are actually discouraged by small-scale investors from conducting financial operations. This defect, center on the ethereum, has slowed the cryptocurrency and decentralized financial adoption because the cost of the barrier means that the economic system is mostly open to “whales” or large-scale holders who are willing to play the system by paying exorbitant gas costs.

Speed ​​and capacity are the main features of modern decentralized financial and tokens platforms. DxSale will aim for scalability and expansion, without making obstacles because of high gas cost requirements. The platform for DXB tokens is made with the realization that high costs have actually discouraged small-scale investors to carry out financial operations.

Problem / challenge

The launch of the cryptocurrency raises general and specific challenges. More generally, digital coins and tokens still experience image struggle regarding the potential of their involvement in fraud, money laundering, or other dishonest schemes. Even relatively volatile market prices are often quoted as the main reason for avoiding digital assets.

The cryptocurrency market is saturated with many offers, and new. The project requires excellence to stand out between thousands of tokens. Easy of creating new tokens, as well as DEFI applications and trade curves, the average potential buyer is confused by varieties. Plus to this is the general distrust of several projects, especially because of the history of pulling carpets, which are equivalent to throwing coins and destroying the market.


Cryptocurrency solutions can be very agile through the latest use of technology. DXB is dedicated to resolving some of the main problems of the use of general digital assets, as well as trade defi and algorithmic in particular.

DXB starts with the premise of avoiding as many new buyers as possible with unethalities. Therefore, DXB is not built with the idea of ​​”agriculture”. Instead, each transaction is charged 7%, the section sent to the collection of Pancakewap liquidity. The only thing to do by the DXB owner is holding a coin, and accepts a portion of the back costs, in the form of BNB tokens.

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DXB feature

We support each other and other communities, and we have fun doing it.

By contributing to charity, we remind ourselves of our duties to make this world a better place for everyone. We are building 101 schools around the world.

The future will come, and we are ready for it. The DXB payment gateway carries a new payment feature in Cryptocurrency.


DXB services start immediately after the initial token distribution. The underlying assets will work to improve some of the weaknesses of the tokenization, the most important thing is the price and volatility risk. The DXB foundation will be a predictable schedule and token distribution.

After the spread of DXB assets to initial adopters, the project will move to the defi stage, as described in the previous section. Partnership with the Smart Binance Chain and the exchange of PancuEwap algorithms will support the initial stages of trade and build liquidity.

Token Sale

DXB tokens sales have the aim of achieving an orderly, organized, and democratic distribution of tokens. Token sales will start exchanging values ​​and laid the foundation of the Crypto-fueled project economy.

Sales tokens will be carried out through the DXSALE entity. The process will begin with 14% pre-sales from the supply. Every additional token remaining from pre-sales will be automatically sent to the Burn address, reduce inventory even before the pancakewap list. Sales will also be equipped with a 10% airdrop to facilitate wider adoption.


Parameters for DXB:

Initial supply : 500,000,000,000,000 (500 trillion DXB)
Transaction fee : 7%, down to 2% in perpetuity upon reaching token burn schedule goals.
Burn address : 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Standard : BSC-20
Network : Binance Smart Chain
Wallet : MetaMask, Trust Wallet, any Binance Smart Chain supporting wallet
Exchange : PancakeSwap

Token Model

Outside the Token technology side, maybe the most important feature of the cryptocurrency startup is tokenomics or token models. Tools for controlling supply, demand, and turnover are the basis for finding market prices and increasing the economic value of real tokens.

DXB is designed to supply short-term startup energy and long-term value as a special payment channel for several potential partners. The initial phase will begin with a large supply of 500 trillion tokens. Supply will be repaired, previously arranged in smart contracts, without printing functions available.

From the initial position, the supply of tokens will only decrease gradually with various combustion mechanisms and cost schedules. DXB will burn early liquidity in a series of recurrent grilled cycles. Every month, a small portion of the supply will be sent transparently to the address that locks tokens without a way to restore them. Burning monthly tokens will be proportional to new ones.

Adoption tokens, meaning that faster adoption will also grow the DXB value even faster.


The full features of all DXB-related products will arrive over time, hinging on adoption and general market conditions. Over time, the project will have a dedicated marketing and development project to hit the promised milestones. The roadmap will be a mix of pre-scheduled events based on a smart contract, and achievements pending patented technology and marketing efforts. The tentative roadmap includes the general sequence of events and community building.

Stage 1

  • Safe & Fair launch of DXB Token
  • Listing DXB on DEX
  • Initial token & LP burn
  • White Paper and Website Launch
  • Coingecko & CMC listing
  • Community growth
  • Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Use Case Development

Stage 2

  • Marketing and social campaigns (Large scale)
  • Dex/cex listing
  • Community governance
  • Start charity distributions (Description follows)
  • Explore DXB/ other pairs trading
  • Launching DXB Trading platform
  • Use Case Development

Stage 3

  • Contract auditing
  • NFT Farming
  • Ecosystem development (Use Case soft Implementation)
  • Launch of novelty merchandise for DXB token
  • Implementation of community ideas
  • Exploring DXB DeFi App

Stage 4

  • Expand Use Case Implementation
  • Launch strategic partnerships
  • Launch DXB DeFi App / Crypto Payment solution
  • Explore investment and local trading platforms across the world
  • Explore other use cases to bridge the gap of the crypto universe with the real world
  • Multifunction use cases

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