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DRIFE – Nexgen Ride Hailing Platform

DRIFE – When encryption glory currency soared, the proliferation of counterfeit and fraudulent trade practices in the field of encryption, compiled and distributed at high risk, exaggerated the threat and consequences of a key investor.

Confusion, confusion and deter investors start looking for the best way to ensure, through the use of currency encryption to invest in some real value of assets and collection-high yield is one of the results of the fruitful results and upshots bear fruit, they are expected So did my research and in the meantime, I found that I really put my faith in the project: DRIFE. Below you can read the analysis and decide for yourself, you want to send a few cents to the pot.

Drife Technologies expressly disclaims any loss directly or indirectly or damage whatsoever be liable for the obligations arising directly or indirectly: dependence contained in this document, there are errors, omissions in action or not produce it or not accurate information or analysis the proposed information to form the basis for investment decisions, and there are no specific recommendations addressed. Therefore, this document is not an investment advice or a lawyer or a solicitation of any investment security. With the progress of the project in view of the position put forth in this document and plans can change.


It was in 2009, the taxi industry has been one of the traditional so-called interference uber company. It is the passenger and the driver of innovative ideas associated with the platform. In subsequent years, other companies appeared like Ola in India, Didi in countries such as China, ahead of Singapore, Careem Dubai.

The Solution Provided By Drife

First of all, in terms of cost. So far, the transportation costs are still relatively expensive and there are more than 25%, special services for companies, especially conventional taxi service. online transport is also still in the driver complained tariff rates so far (from various countries online media sources) the issue of tariffs. In addition, the nozzle is also believed that the benefits of bringing their business.

This situation is due DRIFE blockchain used as a base platform, no third party involved in the service, the high rates of understanding the diversified company. After there will be transparency and user-friendly interface transactions. All can access detailed data disclosed in the payment of customs duties.

Secondly, there is a lot of time and poor service but little attention. DRIFE think reputation is very important for the survival of the company. Passenger safety is also a very important aspect. Report abuse or harassment has also been a lot of doubts. Therefore, there will be a complete detailed information about drivers, including the views of the previous passenger. All passengers response will be stored and distributed. This application also features an SOS call can be used in an emergency.

Third, focus on service. Technical and transportation services centralized system should be used to make a number of risks, including mining costs and theft of personal data. We all agree that the personal data if the transaction is very precious and valuable. Therefore, DRIFE provides a transparent system, the driver of revenues, passengers, the amount of commission can be seen as a whole. Blockchain This technique can also automatically protect user data.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralization objects to be transferred from the central agency partners to focus drive. With the power of technology Blockchain, Platform DRIFE and strive to bring new models to sit scheme share and resolve tribal issues have emerged from the middle of the company’s current model. Development platform not only helps target DRIFE but also improve the care available to all as a driver of revenue, the overall value tariffs, network security rider, and transparent government stakeholders.

Drife Ecosystem

Development platform not only helps target DRIFE but also improve the care available to all as a driver of revenue, the overall value tariffs, network security rider, and transparent government stakeholders.

  1. Major Components
    Come see DRIFE of the four main components of this project to stand out at a glance.
  2. No Commissions
    DRIFE aims of the existing commission-based platform, with a focus on the new economic model, ie 100% of the ticket price from salary ‘Knight’ directly to the “driver” to a decentralized network.
  3. Incentivize Social Platform
    DRIFE provide additional incentives for network users contribute to improving the platform through social interaction and networking.
  4. Governance
    DRIFE believe that the financial and operational decisions to participate in the democratic platform network participants.
  5. Security
    DRIFE value drivers and security efforts, to carry out security checks on drivers before in various forms, in service, check-in and at the same time. DRIFE also provide community infrastructure broadcasting SOS signal for help.

Sustainable Driver Income

The goal is to eliminate the excessive transaction costs, reduce review (decrease side DRIFE interference), and reset the value back to the community, to improve transparency, governance, and responsibility back to society.

DRIFE platform and to address the current problems in the community of drivers, with the improved ride quality of the construction of the customer’s intent. Driver reward to introduce new drivers for the platform DRIFE; which in turn will contribute to the formation of a community-based society, which is owned by the driver himself. The result is disintermediation paid to an intermediary between the driver and the customer. This will stimulate new driver to recommend other drivers until the critical value drivers for the network defined by the presence on the platform DRIFE.

Use DRIFE driver platform to be able to build and maintain their fleet drivers of growth. This will encourage DRIFE all drivers to start a new business in itself, be a partner to get employers DRIFE personal income, any gains without compromising form of commission.


Blockchain achieves the creation of a comprehensive audit of transactions and ledger effective is indelible and cannot be forged. Calculate and pay a fee for access via a user-friendly interface such as transparency can be achieved.
Stored in the EOS Blockchain, contains all the data about the trip, each commuters review and feedback will be stored in a large book distributed information workers can see all the details of the driver

Badge of Honor

Different from the rating and evaluation system is currently used by the player, DRIFE bring an innovative and comprehensive approach to measuring the service provided by the driver, and the corresponding rewards

Our Tokenomics

Drife token, DRF is a utility which will also serve as a money sign in our platform. It will be used to make payments go up, please visit the platform that rewards loyalty and our surveillance functions.

  • Blockchain type: EOS
  • ICO Token Type: ETH ERC-20 Compliant Token
  • Token symbol: DRF
  • Total supply: 325 Million DRF tokens
  • Economic model: 1-3% annual Inflation (depends on decision-making by the community)
  • Whitelist: Yes
  • KYC: Yes

ICO Tokens Details

  • Tokens Offered: 163M
  • Soft Cap: (Public ICO) DRF 4M
  • Hard Cap: DRF 39 million
  • Private Sale: 20th October 2018
    50%: $0.13/token
  • Pre-Sale: 10th of December 2018
    20% Bonus: $0.20/token
  • ICO-Sale 1: 1st of January 2019
    15% Bonus: $0.21/token
  • ICO-Sale 2: 1st of February 2019
    10% Bonus: $0.23/token

ICO Tokens Details

  • Tokens Offered: 163M
  • Soft Cap: (Public ICO) DRF 4M
  • Hard Cap: DRF 39 million
  • Private Sale: 20th October 2018
    50%: $0.13/token
  • Pre-Sale: 10th of December 2018
    20% Bonus: $0.20/token
  • ICO-Sale 1: 1st of January 2019
    15% Bonus: $0.21/token
  • ICO-Sale 2: 1st of February 2019
    10% Bonus: $0.23/token

Drife Token Allocation

Drife Token Allocation

Drife Fund Distribution

Drife Fund Distribution


Drife Roadmap

The Team

  • Firdosh Sheikh: Co-Founder & CEO
  • Surya Ranjith: Co-Founder & CFO
  • Abhijit Roy: CTO & Architect
  • Mario Pacudan: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Arpit Sharma: Chief Operating Officer
  • Andrew Willis: Chief Strategy Officer
  • Debraj Ghosh: IT Infra Consultant
  • Mudit Marda: Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Abhilash Verkey: Marketing & Research
  • Emmanuele: Content & PR
  • Syed Adil Nawaz: Product Designer
  • Samarth Jain: Legal & Compliance

The Advisory Board

  • Giovanni Casagrande: Board Advisor
  • Abhishek Singh: Advisor


In less than a decade, based on the premise blockchain technology, there are now at 1600 + Platform cryptocurrency. Just starting a business, a great innovation, and improve the scalability of the functions of the original blockchain has caused fear. However, more than 90% of these projects is less than the practical application or tool. Most of them are produced using more efficient power systems in sub or side chains. Although the company blockchain has been given the opportunity, through to most of these platforms are still out of reach, because: There is a lot of real-world use has been completely disrupted.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Drife team, I just give you the latest ICO info”