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DRIFE — NexGen Ride Hailing Platform

DRIFE — Today I propose to discuss the scope of logistics. Namely, a field that brings you our priests, for example, from home to work or vice versa. Yes, you guessed it, it will be about the direction, such as taxis. Everyone knows the problem of the lack of modern machinery and a large number of orders. Like, I thought, why not go to work in a taxi, if the order is completed, and some competitors. But not all so simple. People do not want to work in a taxi for a couple of reasons. One reason for this is a very large number of intermediaries. And as you know, a broker fee for their services is not a small percentage of the number of orders, and the taxi driver into a smaller salary. Furthermore, there is a problem, because of your high commission dispatchers, who send the order to you. Yes, on the one hand, because it is also necessary to make, but, unfortunately, this percentage is quite high, and it turns out that the total output of all these steps, the taxi driver’s life remains a dime, and it and the cars do not fix it. For this reason, the scope of which is very much affected. Here must be a big decision that can change this area to the root. The solution could be a project called DRIFE. Now we’re about it and talk.

About Drife

DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing stage fueled by blockchain with the purpose of enabling quality makers and extractors inside our biological system — these incorporate the drivers, Commuters, and engineers network. DRIFE wants to upset the current plan of action and evacuate the corporate mediators associated with the exchanges.


In under 10 years, over 1600+ digital currency stages based on the preface of the blockchain innovation currently exist. New startup endeavors, incredible creative advances, and enhanced adaptability highlights from the first blockchain have inspired wonder. In any case, over 90% of these tasks need a useful application or utility. The majority of them are made as sub-chains or sidechains utilizing the intensity of more effective frameworks. In spite of the open doors being concurred by the blockchain venture, selection for the majority of these stages is still distant on the grounds that:

ICO Problem and Solution

Here is the means by which DRIFE takes care of the issues of current Ride Hailing stages.


Nowadays, there are many serious problems that are specific to the taxi industry. These problems faced by not only the customers who use the services of private transport but also the drivers and business owners. Among the main problems that can be identified as higher prices for customers and high commissions for drivers, passengers unauthorized collection of personal data and the extraction of this financial benefit, the high level of state control over the market. in the global market today, there are some well-known players, some of which are known throughout the world, others are market leaders in their respective countries, but not in other parts of the world. All the main players behind the scenes is a price war with each other, which adversely affects both the other market participants, as well as ordinary citizens. Each of the major players tends to monopolize the market in its territory, displacing competitors, to be able to set any price for transportation.

As for us, we were more or at least did not experience any problems. For the driver, the vehicle is an investment instrument in which they invest and earn on its operations. But the problem is that it does not always get the money to pay for the cost of vehicle maintenance, and certainly not always the driver could earn them to regularly update the vehicle. When the taxi market has just started to get acquainted with modern technologies and move into the digital space, the driver can earn good money, because the competition is low. But in the future the number of operators increased, the natural competition lowers prices for services and not to scare passengers, employers have begun to take a greater percentage of the drivers.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralization goes for moving the concentration from a focal specialist to the driver accomplices. With the intensity of the Blockchain innovation, the DRIFE stage endeavors to convey another worldview to the ride-sharing situation and unravel the crowd of issues that have risen up out of the current model of unified business. The development of the stage not just

Adds to the goal of DRIFE yet, in addition, improve the general esteem gave to every one of the partners concerned like driver’s wage, rider’s charge, cybersecurity, and straightforward administration.

Practical Driver Income

Our point is to dispense with over the top exchange expenses, diminish control (lessen obstruction from DRIFE side) and redistribute an incentive back to the network, upgrade straightforwardness and return administration obligations back to the network. ANN thread

The DRIFE stage is produced with the expectation of comprehending the ebb and flow worries in the drivers’ locale, close by upgrading the nature of rides for the client.

Drivers are offered impetuses to acquaint new drivers with the DRIFE stage; which will thusly frame a social network of drivers, claimed by the drivers themselves. The outcome is disintermediation of installment to any middle person between the driver and the client. This will rouse the new drivers to suggest different drivers until the point when a basic number of drivers as characterized by the system are available on the DRIFE stage.


Blockchain usage makes a completely auditable and legitimate record of exchanges that is permanent and unforgeable. With an easy to understand interface to get to the equivalent, straightforwardness in installments and passage computations can be accomplished. Bitcointalk Ann

Symbol of Honor

Not at all like the rating and assessment frameworks utilized by officeholder players, DRIFE gets an imaginative and all-encompassing way to deal with measure the administrations given by drivers and reward them likewise.

Drife Platform

Drife Platform solves all this through the ecosystem problems. It contains the functions that are not available to users of traditional centralized business model. The main benefits that participants receive Drife ecosystems associated with a distributed registry technology and the creation of a transparent ecosystem. The main goal of any organization – to create a loyal customer audience. In the case of the taxi market: client – the driver and passengers. For a long time, the prices of services grew and at the time of the commission can be up to 25% of the nominal value of the service. With technology blockchain all transactions and operations are recorded and stored permanently in the registry is distributed.

Economic projects including the use of internal digital currency payments, the use of which will be beneficial for all the participants of the ecosystem. Drivers will be able to attract new drivers in the community in exchange for a fee and without fear of competition. Customers will also benefit from a loyalty system that is designed to reward passengers for using the platform. The most important thing in this ecosystem does not need an intermediary, which generally take a good part of the profits, without performing useful functions. Payments between all members of the platform will be carried out directly, which leads to the formation of a fair market price for a taxi service.

Platform developers of four major components, which are the basis of the ecosystem:

  • There is no commission
  • Social activity participants
  • Unit Decentralized
  • Transparency and safety

Sustainable Income

Our goal is to eliminate excessive transaction costs, reducing the sensor (to reduce interference from DRIFE side) and the redistribution of value back to the community, increase transparency and restore responsibility of government back to the Community. For that DRIFE Platform developed with the purpose of resolving concerns in the community at this time of the driver, by improving the quality of travel for customers. The driver is given an incentive to introduce new drivers to the Platform DRIFE; which in turn will help shape a community social drivers, which is owned by the driver himself. The result is disintermediation payments to an intermediary between the driver and the customer. It will inspire other drivers to recommend other drivers, this driver as defined by the existing network on the platform DRIFE.

Motorists who use DRIFE platform will be able to build and promote the growth of their own fleet. It encourages all drivers in DRIFE to start a new business for themselves, as an entrepreneur with a partner DRIFE, individual income, without sacrificing any earnings inside to get a commission.

Main component

Their stage is designed to compensate generously with motivating forces to improve biological systems. Through DRIFE engineering, they are fully able to offer the best administrative practices to enable all partners in our economy to get the most extreme utility of achievement from their perspective.

Driver: It’s interesting biological communities their drivers to get a general admission paid by tourists because of our “no bonus included.

Residents of the periphery: it attracts riders through DAPP them to have the best meetings in the street as far as the stage of selection and variety Highlights among their trip.

Engineers: it improves the designer to create a gadget that is useful and attractive to growing economic scene.


DRIFE options to keep the driver as the driver preferred since they are free, are not available. On the occasion that a rider has wonderful participation with a special driver, the client can do is give criticism eligible for the driver. In the case of the preferred driver is in the region, it is unlikely that the client can realize this and require another trip with this similar driver. A building system, especially in support of the driver, would be a useful tool for creating customer relationships, moreover, in the long run, keeping the driver with a particular company. Another question in the survey, in order, audit and information gathered together can be controlled in accordance with the wishes of the association. This can be deceiving, and reach the poor administration of transmission.


The highlight of our economic model is 100% drive-level, which is paid to the driver both in the token DRIFE or in other currencies/cryptocurrency. Our financial model takes care of generating revenue for incentivizes drivers and other stakeholders to participate in building the ecosystem. As will be discussed later, the token DRIFE a token utility that will power the platform and create economic value, how it serves as currency to pay for the trip and how utilities are traded in the foreign exchange market. This, given that all stakeholders in our ecosystem to some extent entrusted to an economic empowerment project, which includes a financial gain. Part of our goal is to encourage participation and incentives of each member of the community facilitation in proportion. The economic model we are focusing on the creators of core values ​​in the ecosystem: driver, passenger, developers, and investors (adoptive parents).

Why ICO?

The point of the Drife ICO is to make the blockchain-based taxi stage and give the capital that will empower Drife, as a taxi benefit organization, plans to build up a stage and to contend on same terms with existing worldwide taxi stages.

ICO Tokens Details

  • Tokens Offered :163M
  • Soft Cap (Public ICO) : DRF 4M
  • Hard Cap : DRF 39 million
  • Private Sale : 20th October 2018
  • 50% : $0.13/token
  • Pre-Sale : 10th of December 2018
  • 20% Bonus : $0.20/token
  • ICO-Sale 1 : 1st of January 2019
  • 15% Bonus : $0.21/token
  • ICO-Sale 2 : 1st of February 2019
  • 10% Bonus : $0.23/token

Drife Funding Allocation

Drife Funding Allocation

Drife Token Allocation Forecast

Drife Token Allocation Forecast

The Roadmap

  • Q1–2018
    Platform Idea
    The idea of Decentralized Taxi
    Conversion of the idea into Business Plan
    Community Development
  • Q2–2018
    Website launch
    Listing of Drife to EOS index & other EOS projects
    Social media profiles
  • Q3–2018
    Listing Drife
    DRIFE Technical Architecture on EOS Blockchain
  • Q2- 2019
    Drife to go live — Phase 1
  • Q1–2019
    Pre Launch & Exchange Listing
    Beta version of Dapp & Drife launch
    Exchange Listings
  • Q4–2018
    ICO Preparation
    Demo version of Dapp
    Drife campaign
  • Q3–2019
    Phase 2 Launch
    Drife to go live — Phase 2
  • Q4–2019
    Phase 3 Launch
    Drife to go live Phase 3
  • Q1–2020
    Growing Globally
    Enhance Technology

To know the latest information about the Drife project you can visit the link below:

WEBSITE: https://www.drife.one
LIGHT PAPER: https://www.drife.one/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Drife-Lightpaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/drife_official
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Drife_official
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/drife.official
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@drife_official
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6hDbqlihawJTGlmYa4P2Tg
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027608.0


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Drife team, I just give you the latest ICO info”