Dream – Creating More Effective And Useful Ways Of Working Together

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Dream – Creating More Effective And Useful Ways Of Working Together

Dream – From simple websites to entire marketing and development teams, customers may want to quickly solve problems and take advantage of building small professional teams. They may plan to start a business with DREAM and run the entire project, even providing enterprise solutions. Often it looks like a simple project can cause recruitment or recruitment to go wrong at the wrong time. For example, when the real issue is the design of websites and brands, or hiring smart contract software developers to sell tokens without considering that certain product features can pose a legal challenge in the future, recruit a social media manager. Save time and money by making speed dialing with the right consultant and agreeing on ways to get ahead. DREAM is the most suitable team for the project at all stages.

For flexibility, customers can enter the DREAM process at any stage. If the requirements are not clear, you can start with the scope or planning phase. If customers know the team they need, they can skip the initial stage and start with Build. Customers can choose to run their projects privately or publicly and fully understand the community


Dreams are the future of work – a new economy – creating more effective and useful ways of working together. Create opportunities. Successful delivery. Honest, honest, and transparent. Do not compromise on quality. We can do very little, we can do many things together.


DREAM helps solve major problems facing companies and projects, for example, validating ideas, building projects, and bringing together teams. Customer DREAM has evolved from a start-up to the company.

  1. How to set and manage tasks?
    DREAMS assign individuals and teams that qualify for the task. By operating at the task level rather than at the project level, we can provide customers more insight.
  2. How do I know who will be employed, can I trust them?
    The team built using the AI MIMPI model has been proven to work together professionally and personally. DREAM leverages extensive reputation data from multiple blockchain partners to provide unparalleled depth to a suitable system.
  3. How do I determine the scope of my project?
    DREAMS trained by experts, customer interactions, and the results and success of past projects. DREAM the scope of the task and build the project structure.


Dream Ecosystem

Partner ecosystems allow third parties to consolidate services and benefit from DREAM’s customer base. DREAM works with a centralized Web 2.0 platform to drive openness and data portability.

  1. Investors
    Investors can track startup progress in DREAMS. DREAM provides a verifiable transaction process to investors and proven progress.
  2. Accelerator
    Launching of accelerators and incubators can increase the interest and support behind the project by operating as a consultant. DREAMS is an accelerator pipe that can refer to the early stages of the idea and the next stage of the process.
  3. Blockchain
    Rather than operating in remote islands, DREAM is committed to working with partners to standardize the way personal data is shared across the block. DREAMS will build frameworks and APIs to enable partner services to be integrated into the ecosystem.

Dream AI

The advent of blockchain technology has opened up new ways to ensure trust in interpersonal relationships. Machine learning techniques increase the likelihood of learning this interaction on a large scale. DREAM AI goes beyond a simple 1: 1 client for freelance matches, which allows all decisions in project journeys based on evidence gathered from real and successful projects. Customer evaluation interactions, DREAM experts simulate state-of-the-art best practices while learning, DREAM administrators manually review and categorize data samples – all of which ensure the highest quality data. This living and breathing real-life world is the most important part of DREAM AI’s competitive advantage. From the outset, our data strategy has focused on improving proven expertise to improve existing internal and external data sets to quickly launch their intelligence.

Market opportunity

Dream Market Opportunity

DREAM will focus on a successful approach to DREAM Free Platform, focusing on niche blockchain. Dreams will expand into larger and wider markets. While there are great opportunities to gain free market share, MIMPI can also create new markets. Uber boosts the number of taxis with simple accessibility. By making the team build agile and automated project management, DREAM can serve customers who have never been hired on a free platform.

  1. Blockchain
    In the blockchain industry, the demand for teams and talent exceeds supply. Businesses increasingly need to integrate blockchain into their business.
  2. Startup
    DREAM will use its startup network and accelerator to collaborate with customers to further develop and validate the product. Opportunity to capture startup earlier or before failure.
  3. Freelancer
    With early adopters and established adult product customers, DREAM will target freelancer and SMB markets. Especially higher values and long-term projects, not smaller performances. Freelance and performance economics are set to recruit individuals, and DREAM will expand this to build teams.
  4. Business
    DREAM will work directly with the company to complement existing project delivery teams and work with consulting firms as channel partners for businesses.

Token Details

  • Token: ERC20
  • Code / Symbol Name: DREAM
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Decimal: 18
  • Dream value: $ 0.05
  • Fixed supply: yes
  • Burn token: no
  • Mint token: no
  • Royalty: no
  • Improvements in other encryption: no


  • Richard Foster
    CEO and founder
    Organize and raise funds for finance arranged payment companies. He has 12 years experience as Cisco CCIE Free Network Architect in the financial and energy sector in London. Get insights into payment systems, launch an online marketplace, and develop the technology. Founder and CEO of Moneo.io’s blockchain talent website. Active investors and supporters of the blockchain encryption and technology community.
  • Amiditz
    Chief Financial Officer and Founder
    ACCA Chartered Accountant, Financial Modeler, and Management Consultant. KPMG vice chairman in London for 12 years. Awarded the Jon Lopategui Award for Finance and Macroeconomics at Kingston University in London for outstanding performance in the monetary economy.


  • Frank Fichtenmueller
    Psychologist, Head of Scientist Data SmartRecruiting full stack of AI developers, analysis and application of intelligent Web recruitment technology personnel to identify and employ top talent to gain highly specialized interdisciplinary positions. Expert level for Javascript, Python, Tensorflow, Node, and Postgres. Chief Technology Officer of the AI legal launch.
  • David ‘DC’ Collier
    Technical Supervisor
    The public trading game company listed on the Nikkei Index has served as chief technology officer for 25 years. Three tech startups were established and two successful exits. Rikai Labs chat robot machine built and designed.
  • Edaan Getzel
    Design supervisor
    Four years of design, build and produce a fun learning English learning experience.
  • Li Weiqi
    The owner of the product
    Two years experience in designing and making robot chat for companies like Visa, Pernod-Ricard, and Mead Johnson.
  • Pavel Feklistov
    The main developer
    Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Swift software architects. Bitcoin payment system and blockchain integration. Develop Moneo.io, payment system and KYC / AML platform while enjoying a bottle of Novyi Svit (Crimea Champagne). Develop a dream.ac platform.
  • Venkatesan Subramanian
    Blockchain Architect
    Develop a full developer of Ethereum DApps stacks since late 2015. Contribute to the Jere Ethereum project suite. Active in the blockchain community in Toronto, organizing and leading Soliditas programming workshops. He has more than seven years of software development experience and a master’s degree in computer science.
  • Li Jiela
    Solidity Developer
    Ethereum developer and blockchain consultant. Technical content and research provided include technical articles, white papers, the market feasibility of cryptocurrency, and papers on the application of blockchain technology. An active supporter of the Crypto community in Toronto and assisting in Ethereum development. Co-founder of Silicon Valley Hardware Ventures, Quality Engineer from Fortune 500, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering / Advanced Degree in Computer Science.
  • Danylo Kolesnychenko
    Product manager
    Experienced graphic designer, web designer and UI expert with six years experience. Responsible for Moneo and DREAM landing pages, websites, user interfaces, and all brands. Focus on Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and design of blockchain white paper.
  • Sergei Mitrovofov
    Infrastructure engineer
    11 years as a system and infrastructure architect. Focus on the cloud, database, DevOps, security, and high load information systems. Responsible for infrastructure security design and deployment of Escoin bitcoin payment systems, as well as DREAM administrators.
  • Matt Culver
    Token Sales and Compliance Manager
    Four years of IT experience and telecommunication and MBA candidates. Experienced trading managers with expertise in technology, business development, and market consulting.

Advisory Committee

  • Darren Camas
    Chairman of the advisory committee
    Senior consultant Emurgo, Cardano venture capitalist, market-driven global blockchain platform # 2. Former CEO of BitNexo, BBVA was crowned as the top FinTech startup in Latin America in 2015. With an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency, TradeHill, the former head of BizDev, is the world’s first multi-currency exchange encryption in 2011 and manages the startup encryption in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Daniel Shapiro
    Artificial Intelligence (Ph.D.)
    Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc. Co-founder and CTO. CTO with a broad background of research, development, commercialization, and creation of high technological value. Establish startup skills through software and hardware products, people management, project planning and government grants. Daniel has 27 publications, 16 awards and 4 certifications, and his technical knowledge is vast.
  • Fabian Vogelsteller
    Ethereum developer, ERC20, founder of Lukso
    Fabian is a long-time open source developer, author and developer of many open source projects, including Mist Ethereum browser and Ethereum wallet. Together with Vitalik Buterin, he proposes a standard token of ERC20, which marks a new era of iconic investment and mass ownership.
  • Bertrand Theaud
    Blockchain legal specialist
    An experienced lawyer who has worked as a corporate partner for international law firms for many years. Now he is a partner of his boutique law firm in Shanghai. In addition, aviation enthusiasts have successfully launched and retired from companies involved in airline pilot training. Recently, his interest in entrepreneurial projects has led him to develop expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially as an adviser/consultant to ICO.
  • Adam Dosa
    Blockchain Developer
    Active developers in the blockchain field contribute to business and community projects. Collaborate with district0x, Aragon, Spectre.AI, Blockmason and many other blockchain organizations. FinTech, venture capital background, and machine learning.
  • Avadhoot Kulkarni
    Marketing specialist
    Co-founder and chief marketing officer of Indorse, a decentralized professional network. Good in building strong brands and communities. Expertise in end-to-end marketing – from strategy to execution. Embrace the thoughts of growth, innovation and continuous learning, and ultimately bring it into blockchain.
  • Adrian Smith
    Business strategy (Ph.D.)
    Ph.D. and master’s degree in professional research, overseeing doctoral degrees, and writing business plans for new companies that have accumulated millions of dollars from VC. Successfully withdraw from startup itself. Use machine learning, algorithmic calculations and other techniques to lead projects in complex predictions. Leading market analysis and production of DREAM and Moneo business cases.
  • Sean Hynes
    business consultant
    CEO of Esports Gold. Previously, he worked at Khweer Shacklock, KPMG, and ACA Chartered Accountants at M & A, with experience in corporate finance, auditing, and accounting, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Suggest some ICO customers from concept to successful release. Professional analysis, modeling, and evaluation.
  • James Wales
    Initial Investor and CMO of Moneo.io. Initial investors and supporters of DREAM. Experienced entrepreneurs and growing hackers are attracting their first startup for 1 million euros. Founder of GarageBeer.co, Spain’s most successful crowdfunding campaign lifted 1.5 million euros. Now, he witnessed tech startup in Barcelona’s comfortable bar stool.
  • Paul Gordon
    Blockchain Strategy
    CEO of Quantave blockchain startup: the institutional portal for digital asset liquidity. Former HSBC London derivative trader. Member of the Board of Directors of the British Digital Monetary Association, Coinscrum, London – The largest digital currency collection group in the world.
  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Blockchain and platform security
    Since childhood, he has become an ethical hacker, security expert, blockchain developer, marketing manager and social media, and project manager. Jorge Rodriguez is very interested in technology and is considered one of the world’s largest security experts in CryptoCurrency.
  • Poseidon Ho
    Strategic consultant
    X-Capital co-founder and managing partner, an accelerator for a distributed technology startup. 20x return on investment from Token Fund and 200x investment from arbitration of algorithmic encryption. He has worked globally at MIT Media Lab, Microsoft Research Asia, and the San Diego Zoo. Full scholarships for data science (drop-out) at Washington University and Tsinghua University. 10 major hackathon marathon awards.
  • Nate George
    Strategic consultant
    Encrypt investors, researchers, and strategists. Cryptoasset Fund Manager. Encryption fundraising expert and sales consultant token.

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BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Dream team, I just give you the latest ICO info”