Dogezer – Platform To Create Your Own Startup Together

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Dogezer – Platform To Create Your Own Startup Together

Dogezer – On the off chance that you have ever wanted to begin your own particular tech business and you have a strong thought. Dogezer is the platform for you since it has all the fundamental apparatuses incorporated into it to enable you to construct the essential group from any piece of the world who have the range of abilities you have to manufacture your undertaking and transform it into a win. The majority of this without the need to raise any assets, believe it or not, no requirement for an ICO, ITO or any gathering pledges movement.

With Dogezer, a business visionary from Africa, who has a plan to assemble a crypto trade in his nation to make it simple for his group to get engaged with digital currencies can launch his thought into a completely working trade without every one of the cerebral pains associated with beginning up such a task.

What is Dogezer?

Dogezer is another age joint effort platform where individuals cooperate and make imaginative items. It incorporates the greater part of the vital devices for individuals to cooperate on imaginative ventures, with the capacity to utilize venture particular tokens to compensate comes about and boost the joint effort.

Why Dogezer?

The torment point Dogezer is attempting to address is the troubles in the execution of the new tasks or thoughts in the market.

Passing by the conventional strategies, with a specific end goal to execute a thought, you should have legitimate financing and a group sufficiently committed to make the venture a reality. Today, keeping in mind the end goal to secure assets, you have to go the financial speculators or begin an ICO if the thought is identified with the blockchain innovation. The cash raised is then used to pay the group and if the undertaking turns into a win, the financial specialists should be paid back with enormous returns that they anticipate.

Securing stores from investors isn’t simple, a ton of endeavors are required to persuade them and influencing them to have confidence in your thought. Beginning an ICO isn’t simple it is possible that you need subsidies so as to begin the fundamental advertising effort and getting starting group onboard. All these are real agony focuses on a startup and Dogezer tries to address these with their answer.

What does Dogezer offer?

Platform to make your own Startup

Dogezer is attempting to change the customary method for how new tasks are subsidized and how the group is onboarded onto the undertaking by giving a platform where you can give the points of interest of the thought or item you are endeavoring to actualize. Dogezer will give a portion of the accepted procedures which will help you in characterizing the vision of the undertaking, income age and income sharing models of the venture. This will undoubtedly enable individuals keeping in mind the end goal to choose whether they would go along with you so as to enable you to actualize your thought.


Gaining Incentives: With Dogezer, you can work with different new businesses globally. You can get installments in crypto, fiat, or offer value and future benefits.

Startup Generation: You can make your own startup with Dogezer and complete them with superb improvement groups far and wide. Clients can pay individuals who help their new companies with value or with venture tokens.

Pay Using Company Specific Coins: Why squander the exertion of endeavoring to pick up financing when you can make a group with fellow benefactors and pay them your own particular undertaking tokens? Dogezer gives this approach which helps startup organizers skirt the time it takes to raise money their activities and work on their next thoughts.

Dogezer utilizes DGZ token which enables clients to take an interest in its platform. To start with, you utilize it to pay specialists who dedicate time to your venture. At that point, once your task begins to get sales, at that point you can purchase coins for your group and appreciate assemble achievement.

The benefit-sharing particulars are caught as tokens that the platform will create particularly for your item. For instance, in the event that you expressed that: “My item will acquire $2 million dollars worth of income and I will spend half of that $2 million (i.e. $1 million dollars) to pay my group”, at that point the platform will create 1 million tokens for you. Every token will be mapped to $1 dollar of future income.

Advantages Using Dogezer

So a marvelous strong thought flies up in your mind, you begin stressing over the financing and how you will assemble a group, how you will pay that group to manufacture your undertaking. Stop! Why are you focusing on yourself, Dogezer is all over is a working alpha as of now, you can discover it here. Head over yonder and :

  1. Make an undertaking
  2. Compose an item vision
  3. Plan income
  4. Guarantee to share the income
  5. Get venture particular coins

Once these means are finished, you procure your group ideal on the platform. Your group will assemble the task and you pay them utilizing the venture particular coins. Once the undertaking begins producing income, you purchase back the coins from the colleagues and all of you appreciate the accomplishment as a group! It’s that basic. With Dogezer, each colleague is a prime supporter and they will be significantly inspired to put their best exertion in building the undertaking. Singular patrons turn out to be early financial specialists to imaginative organizations with the slightest hazard conceivable. Best of all, every one of the devices required for programming advancement and joint effort is coordinated into the platform so everything should be possible inside the platform for straightforwardness and responsibility.

Ability Marketplace and Payment Model

Dogezer will give a specialist commercial center from where you can discover people who have the sufficient ranges of abilities required for the activity and contract them. The colleagues will be paid in tokens in light of the income sharing model you displayed.

Another favorable position of utilizing Dogezer platform is that since the installments are done in tokens which are specifically connected to the income produced by the venture, the group will be profoundly energetic keeping in mind the end goal to make the task a win as their profit will be straightforwardly corresponding to the undertaking’s prosperity.

Tools for Developers

All the business related to your task will be finished utilizing Dogezer platform where they will give every basic apparatus required by an engineer:

  • Version Control System similar to GitHub
  • Documents Editor similar to Google Docs
  • Task Tracker similar to Jira and Asana
  • Cloud Storage similar to Dropbox
  • Integrated Messaging similar to Slack

Token Sale Information:

  • Accepted Payments: ETH, BTC
  • Maximum Token Supply: 98,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $1 Million
  • Token Sale: February 15th, 2018 – March 8th, 2018

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