Dogecoin Investor Becomes Millionaire in 2 Months

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Dogecoin Investor Becomes Millionaire in 2 Months

An investor dogecoin has shared how he learned cryptocurrency memes and poured all his savings to go after small encryption became a millionaire story in more than two months. He said he was inspired by tweets about dogecoin’s Elon Musk.

Sneak Peek A Doge Millionaire’s Story

Glauber Contessoto, 33 years old working in a music company in Los Angeles, has shared how he was, he became a little story dogecoin more millionaires than two months.

He invested more than $ 180,000 in dogecoin on February 5 when it costs about 4.5 cents, the investor makes an interview published Friday in the receiving CNBC. He studied cryptocurrency memes and technoking Tesla Elon Musk who tweeted several times about the Doge-inspired Reddit.

Contessoto explained that he was interested in some reason dogecoin of. In addition to Reddit’s love about the community dogecoin, he said, he appreciated the password is the meme inspired by Shiba Inu “Doge” meme. He is also very optimistic about the growth of the coin, that it could help build “on behalf of Fortune” to convey to the family of his future. “I grew up really bad, so this is a big deal for me,” he said.

In addition, as many holders of dogecoin, he said:

One of the reasons why I put my savings into dogecoin is Elon Musk …… I think the guy is a genius.

To invest in DOGE, Contessoto sold all his property, including shares of Uber and Tesla, and devoted all his savings to cryptocurrency. Then, he borrowed money from bond investments through the implementation of Robin Hood.

Many experts have warned that investment in the dogecoin. Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital, for example, told CNBC on Sunday dogecoin “literally has two entire supply 30% of their own.” He added that it also has an extensive and well Bitcoin financial eco-system, and dogecoin no, which does not have a supply cap as Bitcoin does.

This is because the investment, even from his friends, one of them holding cryptocurrency warning alert is a huge risk to Contessoto: “Man, this is a pump-and-dump [Program] will be zero, finally.”

After about two months, on the night of April 15 dogecoin prices began to soar. Then, jumped 400%, to reach $49 billion, and a market capitalization of 16 April dogecoin finally reached a record high of about 45 cents. Contessoto on April 16 Robin Hood balance of $1,081,441.29, which is posted for others to view on Reddit.

Insists he does not intend to sell dogecoins in the short term, he said:

My plan is that once I hit $10 million, and then I will come up with 10%. It is to continue to grow.

Dogecoin price is based on data from currently $ 0.284006. Despite the recent decline in prices, Contessoto said Doge’s balance is still more than one million dollars.