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DocTailor – Smart Contract Applications Improves All User Experience

DocTailor – There has been listed as a major obstacle to the adoption blockchain, including integration issues, a lack of expertise in emerging industries, high cost, volatility, as well as with several challenges not yet solved the problem of consumer protection.

While certain aspects of the problem have been solved by the introduction of work for multi-currency wallet and debit encryption and liquidity select a background, there is still much to be done to solve blockchain adopt the “last mile.” The key is to blockchain for everyday life can be said that the contract to build and deploy smart money’s ability to use various cryptocurrencies do together.

This is already in place by service providers such as Paypal and visa processing digital payment standard, along with smart solutions for both contracts. The contract provides consumer protection against fraud and disputes; what is striking is the lack of cryptocurrency department.

Blockchain intelligent use of the potential contract is held, not only to solve this problem but directly related concerns. contract development and deployment platform of intelligent multi-currency payment can be enhanced DocTailor blockchain tool adoption worldwide level.

DocTailor is anyone who questions Harden blockchain ​​widespread adoption of the technology, because DocTailor want to better implement existing smart contract can improve the user experience for all solutions, so that easy access DocTailor blockchain, good CRIPTOMOEDA total failure and practice, so that the platform will support API integration the third party allows any custom contract clever inclusion in third party systems. SO DocTailor application tool seeks integrated, facilitate and simplify the development and implementation of intelligent contracts, the economic benefits CRIPTOMOEDA as an exciting new way, at the same time the revolution.

The market value of the entire legal documents digitally increased rapidly, DocTailor will be a solution, suggesting that there is a demand for the industry, there are a variety of outsourcing services and solutions to apply, USA DocTailor there is a solution, it was like availability, all critical factors, and business models, DocTailor aims to resolve this gap, improving accessibility for all users of smart contract. For more information, please visit the site and read the white paper for more technical details


In DocTailor The main features of the solution ONE will all automatically verifies identity information and strong party supply stores DocTailor OF THE blockchain ​​can monitor certain personal information, may contract with an intelligent, highly intelligent digital versatile DocTailor contract other identities, DocTailor will be financial contracts banking and smart, because contracts intelligent finance and banking, especially those who are into a variety of treatments in the future there will be more and more records and transactions related to the financial sector, and to seek short-term solutions AECONOMY on the platform DocTailor they can contract AUTOEXECUTABLE has lines of code written in the contract terms and conditions, enabling developers developers MBUSCADE area DocTailor insurance contract insurance intelligent solutions for better, very, science and technology, intelligent I benefit NSURANCE contract is based on the premise that tertanggun g with an agreement Baoxiangongsi between the two, so that all the records of the insurer may in storage blockchain, recycling INSIGHT completed during the specified time period of a program requires PROPERTY contracts intelligent DocTailor will highlight WITH agreement savvy property, and is more common for property owners and institutional buyers and want to have ownership of a permanent or temporary property agreement is generally written between tenants is different from the position of a certain period, Platform DocTailor can also enjoy the contract INTELLIGENT supply chain, intellectual property and contract SO CLEVER registered contract blockchain, declare any person or company can also implement actions not infringing the intellectual property rights owners, while AT, I confirm to attribute the property, so that the SIMPLICITY DocTailor like this because intelligent application, the STRONG

Everyone today by contract and play MATCH intelligent DocTailor IRA gives agreement smart player is an agreement to participate in gambling, agreements smart player, BASIC things on both sides, especially cash, has a chance to win prizes or in any amount, entire game contract smart may matter relating to the activities of legal gambling that the game laws, only SO will correlate with enough DocTailor solutions, contract intellectual property rights intelligent and full, SO AN contracts intellectual property intelligent registered to blockchain, claim to any individual or company can apply actions certain -Action not infringe the intellectual property owner, at the same time, confirms the author property, which DocTailor IRAR will allow authors to effectively belongs to them receive acknowledgment of your work because it will follow that IMUTABLE blockchain ​​technology, hypo contractors TS intelligent tek DocTailor replace, because there MUTUARY and write smart mortgage agreement between regulated by blockchain ​​his CREDIST agreement by each part of the commitment to each other, so we can see how different IRAR DocTailor solving problems with multiple solutions and attract people willing to work with the Ministry of Science of the possibility of the highest quality requirements

DocTailor practice violates individual legal documents, the establishment, and implementation of the contract are based on self-tuning intelligent platform blockchain. The platform is designed for lawyers, organizations, and individuals, which aims to enable them to create and send customized intelligent legal contracts and agreements blockchain, regardless of their experience.

Through this ecosystem, the company not only simplifies smart contract but also significantly reduces the cost and time. DocTailor, by an experienced team, creates blockchain use of new technologies and revolutionary. Therefore, taking advantage of blockchain technology platform to increase innovation and undermine the existing pattern of a single legal document.

Additionally, DocTailor equipped with “Smart Recommendations”, the user can use it to automatically identify and isolate files, contract or agreement may need to change to meet the shape of the other part of the intended target. Users are also able to modify, replace or remove the mandatory project to create a single, personal, intelligent individual contracts.

Use technology blockchain, DocTailor tends to focus on the user experience, ensuring that even if the contract easily changes the files that still need to be the parent body of the license, if they need to change and update. This technology also helps to keep the words of the project in the form of precise and clear consistency, to ensure that the structure remains the same legal instruments everywhere.

ICO would like to see more, which is how? If so, please click here to view the project aims to ICO DocTailor upcoming list:

  • Case with integrated business infrastructure to create real value
  • Be sure to use the token and DocTailor DOCS or another cryptocurrency
  • Extending the payment without any problems, while maintaining and cryptocurrency money fiat
  • Enhance and improve the comfort of clever contract development, acquisition, and distribution
  • Deployment of intelligent management and monitoring contracts and blockchain
  • In order to increase the availability of individual contracts, intelligent
  • According to the need to work on P2P, B2C, and B2B

Therefore, with this platform DocTailor aims to develop a new ecosystem, will help to achieve blockchain use its resources to the best use in the legal industry. In fact, it looks like a new breath of air for businesses, allowing them to begin using the basic technology and reliable Blockchain.

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To DocTailor main user groups:

  1. Lawyers and law:
    DocTailor support lawyers and other legal professionals an easy to use interface that allows them to quickly create customized documents required for the optimal use of resources.
  2. Personal:
    Individual users can use this platform to create documents according to their specifications. They can also use an existing template to keep legal documents and language structures typical specifications.
  3. Branch:
    DocTailor enables companies to quickly and cost of transactions. development and more business users can create documents with new services to customers.

What is the key to solving the problem DocTailor

Related to the interests of consumers, which is another problem that must be solved in order to protect

  • Lack of experience in emerging industries
  • Integration issues
  • High cost
  • Cheerfulness

How DocTailor ICO Works?

Allegedly, DocTailor provides a viable long-term solution to solve the problems that hinder the adoption of broad blockchain technology. Focus on wine currently available underlined contract application users experience an intelligent platform provides a convenient blockchain, cryptocurrency, and intelligence contracts.

Chain (token, such as Gamblica PodOne equi-based unit provides a platform for the integration of third-party API, allowing any smart custom concept is simple contract system you integrate third-party support. Let reap the benefits of intelligent design and installation business simple and trouble contract with cryptocurrency economy.

To learn more about how to view the ICO plan. Advantage ICO DocTailor Program Guide function

  • Selection of proposals:
    This function allows the user to have prepared from various sectors of the elaboration of the program previously selected by the lawyer’s unlimited data bank.
  • File Format:
    This feature allows users to upload a variety of formats (eg, Word in, HTML, XML, and PDF) documents created on an external platform.
  • Document management contract:
    Using this feature, the user can perform an online store and manage all documents, contracts, and agreements.
  • Combined with the concession:
    Users can use this feature to modify and make recommendations that uniquely combined an existing document template contract, agreement or document options.
  • Companies:
    Blockchain checks all the templates and structure of the files before loading them on the platform, which allows users to use it. Templates are stored in the blockchain to ensure transparency and clarity.
  • Smart contract:
    Users can also use the automated check or law enforcement or negotiation solutions, convenient, agreement or contract.
  • Build File:
    This feature allows users to create customized legal documents, agreements, and contracts in a short time basis, based on the contents of the documents required.
  • Tracking:
    Create and send a warning they are frequently updated documents.
  • Authentication and signatures:
    Users can use this feature to monitor the participation of recipients and inform if necessary contracts, documents, or electronic digital signature of the agreement or any other type of authorized counterparties.

What it Doct Token?

DocTailor has cryptocurrency itself is called Doct, and other items that can be used to access functions Pay You » (PAYG). Based on the correspondence cryptocurrency Ethereum ERC20 this standard. Users can use the service to buy a document of a single law, but also not integrated into other platforms keepsake function.

If you are using Doct token, not paper money, the company will add extra time to your account and provide you get exclusive templates and documents.

In addition, the company also will be part of the gift comes from a user token in income and profits and motivate owners of the user platform. Will produce 500 million (500 yuan) Doct token, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 50000000 provided for the first user
  • 50 million prize money provided to ICO
  • 300 million will be token available
  • Doct holding the token can be converted by the BTC and ETH. 1ETH token will be equivalent to 2700 Doct.
  • So, ICO- number of tokens including Doct want to invest in a unique Cryptocom.
  • ICO common 20% bonus on the day 10, 30% bonus
  • The second 10 days 10% 20% bonus on bonus
  • 5% bonus, 15% bonus, the rest of the day
  • ICO is now alive will receive a bonus of up to 30%!

Use Of Doct Token

Token Holders: The Company will pay a quarterly 5% of the total revenue earned from the platform, all holders of Doct Token. The token owner can freely convert their reward DocTailor token in Doct or ETH.

business users. Each department can use the token Doct secure and reliable decision-making cryptocurrency.

Members encryption: Cryptonions can also use Doct token, lie down on the use of the service platform. For example, they can send cryptocurrency on-site, in the shops and services.

Platform users: If you are a lawyer, and use this platform, you can use the token to create intelligent custom extensions legally binding contracts, and create a suitable business opportunity. But also a symbol that allows you to earn royalties, they will choose their other proposed users looking for similar requirements.

How can you get with DocTailor?

If you want to make money DocTailor, you need to create an intelligent platform, the individual contracts, and agreements, and then share these files with other users who are looking to apply the same terms and conditions.

If you do not know which is the better investment, you can learn how to invest in ICO Conclusion

DocTailor consider the advantages and characteristics, it is clear that the platform will revolutionize the legal industry, on the other remaining ICO ICO is no modern world is encrypted, such as integration (Kelta Hotel Bunnytoken DateCoin distinguish the function.


Based on the characteristics and advantages of DocTailor, it is clear that the platform has the necessary features, the most important and essential unique selling point (USP), in order to achieve the objectives of smart changes to existing contracts landscape. Platform-specific focus on user experience and accessibility makes DocTailor the most viable candidate since the destruction of the existing contract system.

However, DocTailor success is largely dependent on the greater use of blockchain, not only individuals but also organizations and legal professionals. As a platform is created, to make DocTailor rely on user data. However, the adoption of blockchain said to soar in the coming years, more than executives claim that their business is half of a significant deficiency in the future they do not have to use blockchain competitors.

To know the latest information about the DocTailor project you can visit the link below:

ANN Thread:


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