DocTailor – Connecting Between Cryptocurrency World And The Real World

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DocTailor – Connecting Between Cryptocurrency World And The Real World

DocTailor – We all know how much effort you need to collect the necessary documents for the spending, so to speak, to sell machines aphids home. To do below, object many cases, and pay a lot of money. But it may be a positive result will not exist. Now, in the era of technology crimes would not blockchain this amazing technology translation files. Unfortunately, until now no one is interested. But with the advent Doctailor project, things can change. And instead of a place to another in sheet-fed operations, we can only use this project, which will save us not only time and nerves but also a considerable amount of funds services.

To start using the service project Doctailor, you need to register and verify your account. Secondly, we have to choose and give the work a certain number of tariff. After that, select the type of file and cooperation. For all of the tools and worked with him on the platform.

Once you have the documentation and tools are selected, the type of work can be adjusted by itself. For this purpose, some things to work with your organization, you should consider.
Based on the final stages of signing a document on the implementation of the contract by the intelligence of all parties.

What Is DocTailor

DocTailor is a platform that allows a lawyer, organization, or who are willing to adjust the agreement, put it on both sides blockchain smart contract, without the support of any developments. The platform is capable of connecting between the cryptocurrency world and the real world, as many of the requirements of the sector and DocTailor platform, there are many advantages. This platform is very intelligent and reliable.

DocTailor project has been resolved, you can use the advantages of a big problem in the real world. For example, who wanted to arrange a lease agreement, two people can use this service in the world, in order to ensure for everyone when the two sides have decided through transparent blockchain technology, then all of the protocol is the responsibility of both. As an alternative, consider for example the use of funds in trying to convince received donated to charity. For this type of contract, which is defined as “smart contract”, each donor can continue to monitor donation and encourage more contributions and rewarding well for all those who need it.

What is the key to solving the problem DocTailor

Related to the interests of consumers, which is another problem that must be solved in order to protect

  • Lack of experience in emerging industries
  • Integration issues
  • High cost
  • Cheerfulness

DocTailor Digital Smart Contract

Therefore, all transaction data, including individuals with access to contract data intelligence allows traders to automatically after certain conditions are met, they have a case, including the cost of restoration DocTailor digital payments, insurance contracts, as well as market transactions of digital identity audit record IDs of all payment and transaction data holder has full intelligence contract will be sufficient to maintain the privacy and security features.

Finance And Banking Smart Contract DocTailor

smart banking and financial contracts, in particular, are increasingly being seen as the future of various business records related to finance and transactions. They may have their own line of code written in the terms and conditions agreed to contract independently. DocTailor creates a smart contract, which is very useful for the future and your money transaction record to prove a very useful smart contract.

Smart Insurance Contract

Insurance is a field of the great benefit of this technology, an intelligent insurance contract is the premise of the agreement between the insured and Baoxiangongsi based. notes insurer can be stored in an insurance contract to make intelligent blockchain idea and considering a very creative time is useful for both sides to ensure the safety of the designated time to insight.

Smart Real Estate Contract

Real Estate Intelligence agreement is a contract, usually written, between the property owner and the buyer gets/wanting, distinguished from the more common lease with a specific time period for this technology to connect the permanent ownership / temporary and tenants can buy any property you want to rent a house.

Smart Contract Supply Chain

Contract intellectual property intelligent recorded in the blockchain, which states that individuals or businesses can take certain actions without violating the intellectual property agreement the owners, but also confirms the signs blockchain ownership rights of property ownership and written about the author and brand the only agreement to market.

Gambling Smart Contract

Gambling Intelligent contractual agreements, participation in betting. In the smart gambling contract, both sides bet something, especially money, to win a prize or the number of opportunities. Gambling smart contract can enforce the relevant legal gambling activities, gambling is legal, can easily be made public gambling, no problem, this smart gamble contract has the advantage that gambling is more popular and prevalent.

Contracts Intelligence

Contract intellectual property intelligent recorded in blockchain, which states that individuals or businesses can take certain actions without violating the intellectual owners of the agreement of the property, at the same time claiming the property to the author of ownership is completed, and in the future where Intextuar protocol is transparent to the user, may dominant intelligence contracts by applicable law.

Smart Mortgage Contract

A smart mortgage agreement is the terms of the contract between the lender blockchain mutual commitments made by the parties on loans and write.

How DocTailor ICO Works?

Allegedly, DocTailor provides a viable long-term solution to solve the problems that hinder the adoption of broad blockchain technology. Focus on wine currently available underlined contract application users experience an intelligent platform provides a convenient blockchain, cryptocurrency, and intelligence contracts.

Chain (token, such as Gamblica PodOne equi-based unit provides a platform for the integration of third-party API, allowing any smart custom concept is simple contract system you integrate third-party support. Let reap the benefits of intelligent design and installation business simple and trouble contract with cryptocurrency economy.

Use Of Doct Token

Token Holders: The Company will pay a quarterly 5% of the total revenue earned from the platform, all holders of Doct Token. The token owner can freely convert their reward DocTailor token in Doct or ETH.

business users. Each department can use the token Doct secure and reliable decision-making cryptocurrency.

Members encryption: Cryptonions can also use Doct token, lie down on the use of the service platform. For example, they can send cryptocurrency on-site, in the shops and services.

Platform users: If you are a lawyer, and use this platform, you can use the token to create intelligent custom extensions legally binding contracts, and create a suitable business opportunity. But also a symbol that allows you to earn royalties, they will choose their other proposed users looking for similar requirements.

What it Doct Token?

DocTailor has cryptocurrency itself is called Doct, and other items that can be used to access functions Pay You » (PAYG). Based on the correspondence cryptocurrency Ethereum ERC20 this standard. Users can use the service to buy a document of a single law, but also not integrated into other platforms keepsake function.

If you are using Doct token, not paper money, the company will add extra time to your account and provide you get exclusive templates and documents.

In addition, the company also will be part of the gift comes from a user token in income and profits and motivate owners of the user platform. Will produce 500 million (500 yuan) Doct token, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 50000000 provided for the first user
  • 50 million prize money provided to ICO
  • 300 million will be token available
  • Doct holding the token can be converted by the BTC and ETH. 1ETH token will be equivalent to 2700 Doct.
  • So, ICO- number of tokens including Doct want to invest in a unique Cryptocom.
  • ICO common 20% bonus on the day 10, 30% bonus
  • The second 10 days 10% 20% bonus on bonus
  • 5% bonus, 15% bonus, the rest of the day
  • ICO is now alive will receive a bonus of up to 30%!


Based on the characteristics and advantages of DocTailor, it is clear that the platform has the necessary features, the most important and essential unique selling point (USP), in order to achieve the objectives of smart changes to existing contracts landscape. Platform-specific focus on user experience and accessibility makes DocTailor the most viable candidate since the destruction of the existing contract system.

However, DocTailor success is largely dependent on the greater use of blockchain, not only individuals but also organizations and legal professionals. As a platform is created, to make DocTailor rely on user data. However, the adoption of blockchain said to soar in the coming years, more than executives claim that their business is half of a significant deficiency in the future they do not have to use blockchain competitors.

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