DIW – Smart Contracts Based On Escrow

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DIW – Smart Contracts Based On Escrow

DIW owners can access the Internet anonymously and access secure stores where they can safely store all their “virtual life” including confidential documents such as passports, contracts, electronic medical records and incoming data.

Organizations and individuals worldwide will be able to participate and exchange services in a global catalog. Access to the network is only granted to the true owner, and their accounts are certified by completing KYC documentation. This transaction will be conducted in a completely transparent manner, and all network participants will be able to see their real-life performance in the form of a storied rating.

A recent report shows that 75% of companies (included in the global survey) are victims of fraud and 69% of companies suffer financial losses. DIW plans to integrate and resolve all of the above issues by introducing a global and decentralized network based on the block system as well as its ecosystem and currency.

Provide website owners with safe troubleshooting and secure media, use a decentralized DIW login platform to receive payments in the primary currency, legally or encrypted. DIW payment gateways will be a number of e-commerce sites, including an easy-to-use checkout system integrated with open source content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

The tactical approach is used to successfully solve progress problems. The planned application place and DIW phase are split into five phases:

  • Digital storage is secure
  • Fiat payment gateway and cryptocurrency
  • Global Directory DIW
  • Hosted payment
  • Healthcare

DIW proposal project

In collaboration with the upcoming ICO, DIW plans to bridge and resolve all of the above issues by introducing blockchain and a decentralized global network with its own ecosystem and currency.

To access the network, members will get SecureVault, where they can store all their “digital lives”, including identities, passports, KYC and KYS, financial contracts, medical records and entry details. Global organizations and individuals will be able to join and exchange their services in global directories. Networks will ensure that their identities are verified and details are accurate. Transactions will be fully transparent and all members of the network will be able to see the actual performance of each member in rank.

DIW token will be used and received through the network in transactions between members for greater security. Additional security services, such as digital contract based hosting services, will also be provided. To complete all of this work and follow the cryptocurrency trend, DIW plans to launch its own payment gateway that will be easily integrated into e-commerce and cryptocurrency websites that enable the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.


DIW’s unique concept plans to end the following problems that plague our modern world:

Encouraging data leakage: The more sensitive data tapped or even stolen around the world, affecting everyone – individuals and businesses – sometimes creates unimaginable consequences both online and offline.
More online fraud: Finding credible and professional individuals and businesses to collaborate with the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year more and more people and businesses are deceived, leaving unqualified products, services, and even worse, none. A recent report shows that 75% of companies included in the global survey have been victims of fraud, of which 69% have suffered financial losses. Attacks on individuals are more frequent because they are not adequately prepared and therefore more vulnerable to attack.

Using cryptocurrency: In just 12 months, the total market value of all cryptocurrencies increased significantly. However, cryptocurrency is only used to encrypt communities and online exchanges, not “real life,” so its use is limited.


DIW plans to bridge and resolve all of the above issues by introducing a global blockchain based network and combining its own ecosystem and currency. DIW holders will be able to access the network anonymously, access Secure Vault, and they will be able to safely store their entire “virtual life”, including sensitive documents such as passports, contracts, electronic health records, and login information.

DIW tokens will be used across the network for transactions between members and improve security. Other services, such as encrypted storage solutions, hosted services based on digital contracts, and hardware purses for enhanced security will also be available to premium members. Most importantly, DIW plans to launch its own payment gateway that can be easily integrated into e-commerce sites that receive Fiat and cryptocurrency to use cryptocurrency in everyday life, while the DIW token is the best payment.

The DIW project is a revolutionary and decentralized identification infrastructure that enables registered, individual, or organization account holders to securely create their online identification profiles to provide the ability to store, access and exchange sensitive, encrypted data.

Secure Digital Safe

DIW allows secure storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, passwords, bank accounts and credit cards, documentation, KYC or KYS passes, as well as other valuable digital data in the platform. decentralized forms are highly encrypted, secure and private. This platform also allows account holders to share their data safely in whole or in part.

Payment gateway for Crypto and Fiat currencies

Providing Security Media and Security Troubleshooters for website owners to receive payments, in major currencies, fiat or Crypto, using DIW’s decentralized connection platform. DIW Payment Gateway will be an easy control system integrated with many e-commerce sites, including those using Open Source CMS like WordPress and Joomla.

DIW World Directory

DIW plans to place a global repository where account holders, whether individuals or organizations, will be able to register their services and expand their reach. This directory will feature a smart scoring system that increases trust and transparency among account holders.

Escrow Is Paid

Another key feature of the DIW platform is a smart escrow contract service that will protect transactions between parties. DIW escrow services are paid, easy to use but at the same time sophisticated and smart, ensuring that all transaction conditions are met before releasing funds.

Electronic health records

This will be the disappearance of the entire project to ignore the critical security needs associated with electronic health records. Our vision is for DIW to incorporate this sector by enabling secure storage and confidential EHR distribution encrypted between account holders and validated laboratories, pharmacists, doctors or other health professionals with additional options to take advantage of the intelligent Technology contracts that have been demonstrated in DIW fabrics.

Funding Allocation

The breakdown below suggests a rough estimation of how funds raised during crowdsale will be allocated:

  • 60% will be reserved towards project design and development
  • 15% will be allocated for sales, marketing, and community management
  • 10% towards operational costs, including office rental, equipment, servers, etc.
  • 5% for legal consultation / expenses
  • 5% towards administrative expenses
  • 5% towards the redundancy fund

DIW intends to introduce DIW tokens that account holders may use to trade with holders of other DIW accounts, including businesses and individuals. Members may also use other currency forms (regardless of legal currency or cryptocurrency) to trade. DIW ICO provides 100,000,000 DIW tokens. Of this amount, 72% will be given to the public. Private ICO will run for selected contributors, which will be approved by DIW.

To know the latest information about DIW project you can visit the link below:

Website : https://diwtoken.com/
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Telegram : https://t.me/diwtoken
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