Dimensions Network – Hybrid Trading Platform For Better Future

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Dimensions Network – Hybrid Trading Platform For Better Future

Dimensions Network constructing a digital money exchanging stages. Their stage will bolster standard coin sets, Options, Futures Contracts, Exchange Aggregator and significantly more. They suspect an incredible enthusiasm for these new subsidiaries and a significant rate of profitability. Pushing ahead they grow our administrations onto a decentralized network and offer their clients cryptographically secure subordinate exchanging, and in the end an ongoing value-based money by us.

The ICO surge has arrived, with many new activities flying up each day. And keep in mind that some ICOs will be the following huge thing, some are destined to fall flat from the get-go – telling who’s identity’s no simple assignment. This article is a piece of a progression of surveys made by the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department as an open administration.

Dimensions Network offers another method for taking a gander at digital money exchanging stages, supporting standard crypto sets, alternatives, prospects contracts, and significantly more, as per the organization. Strike Coin (STC) token holders will partake in the stage advancement, accepting 15% of the exchanging charges produced to their Ethereum address.


  • Category – Cryptocurrency trading platform
  • ICO Date – 18.11-18.12.2017
  • Total supply – 240 million Strike Coins (STCs) – 60% token sale, 20% business partnerships and advisors, 10% founders (2 year token lock up), 10% employee incentives
  • Maximum raise – 150,000 ETH (1 ETH : 800 STC)
  • Available payments – ETH
  • Founded – 2017
  • Blockchain platform – Ethereum
  • Regulation – China, Singapore and USA residents are restricted to take part in the token sale

Innovation and Features

Dimensions Network needs to actualize three separate periods of improvement. The first is building a concentrated stage for crypto subsidiaries and producing income. The second stage is to use decentralized networks to repeat the first stage, expanding the level of straightforwardness and security. Amid the last stage, an organization needs to present an ongoing value-based cash.


Dimensions Network Team

Stephen Mullens (CEO) – Corporate manager from the energy sector. The expert on corporate governance, risk management, research and remote operations. C, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML

Rin Chwe Me (Head of Operations) – Entrepreneur. Director of Snovits

Manu Datta (CTO) – Technologist, project manager and senior developer for major international banks including Standard Chartered, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, CLSA and Lehman Brothers


Dimensions Network Advisor

Dimensions Network expect that STC will pick up prevalence on account of the reward framework. As indicated by the projections made inside the whitepaper, yearly bounties ought to waver amongst $8.21 and $10.95 million before the finish of June 2020 and amongst $27.72 and $87.60 million inside the following 5 years. The projections, be that as it may, accept that after the initial a year of operations, a day by day exchanging volume will surpass $100 million, putting the stage in the best 10 of crypto trades.

Be that as it may, the focused space may look stuffed, and the organization recognizes only two different elements having the comparable advertising. It is presently in the beginning times of advancement and is concentrating on decentralized exchanging arrangements as it were. Until the point when the full dispatch of the Dimensions Network stage, which is booked for the finish of 2018, the focused condition may change significantly.

Advantage Of Dimensions Network

1. Dimensions Network offered moved subordinate trading things close-by our predictable Cryptocurrency Exchange, for instance, Regular Trading, Margin Trading, Shorting, Options Trading, Futures Trading

2. Dimensions Network developing an Exchange Liquidity Aggregator (ELA) to enable our customers to buy and offer at the perfect cost, from the perfect exchange at the time, using only our stage. With our ELA feature, customers can trade on various exchanges with our stage, saving them the time and push to enroll in different exchanges

3. Brisk and Scalable, Dimensions Network Trading Engine is created using Erlang to ensure the best versatility and steady openness. The Erlang vernacular is used by the overall stock exchanges to ensure the availability of their phases under unprecedented stacking.

4. Multi Blockchain Support, Dimensions Networks supports blockchain assets over different blockchains. We will dispatch with help for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT for Coin Pair Trading, Options and Futures.

The stage will fortify standard coin sets, Options, Futures Contracts, Exchange Aggregator and extensively more. The stage as a future-thinking bio-network suspects a wonderful energy for these new subordinates and a huge level of advantage. Moving accelerative, the stage will manufacture their associations onto a decentralized system, and give the stage’s clients cryptographically secure subordinate exchanging, and finally an advancing regard based money class of the stage. They portray that takes after looks at the operation of the assembled stages with the decentralized with Dimensions as intelligent examination.

ICO Details

Dimensions Network ICO Details

ICO will start on the 24th of January, 2017 (06:00 UTC) and will end on 24th of February, 2017 (06:00 UTC). After ICO raised help may be distributed to different parts of the wander. The pie that takes after gives an unrivaled once-over. To get tokens or share in the stage information diffusing circle, click https://dimensions.network/en/

Token Strike Coin (STC) and Token Sale

Dimensions Network Token Details

Strike Coin (STC) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to play out various capacities. Initially, the token will be utilized to disseminate prizes to our token holder. Some portion of the exchanging charges created by Dimensions Network will be imparted to our token holder as a ‘blessing’.


Dimensions Network Presale

To Participate in Pre-Sales:

  1. Make sure you use the appropriate Ethereum purse
  2. Visit the official website of Dimensions Network
  3. Send ETH to the address of the official presale contribution
  4. Check your StrikeCoin balance
  5. To join Pre-Sale you can follow this link https://dimensions.network/en/ico/presale


Dimensions Network Roadmap

To know the latest information about Dimensions Network project you can visit the link below:

WEBSITE : https://dimensions.network/en/
WHITEPAPER : https://dimensions.network/static/home/doc/DimensionsNetworkWhitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2261537
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/DN_STC
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/dimensionsnetwork/
TELEGRAM ANN : https://t.me/DimensionsOfficial
TELEGRAM Q&A : https://t.me/DimensionsTalk
REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionsNetwork/

BTT Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH : 0xF4919c366c3ad386f0A5Abe322d6cDe0238CeB28