DigitalBits Currently Collaborating With Zagg Protocol

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DigitalBits Currently Collaborating With Zagg Protocol

DigitalBits is an open source effort to support the development of companies in blockchains which allows you to utilize tokens in an adjustable chain of DigitalBits box, exchange and trade tokenized assets in the chain, and furthermore provides rapid division and looking.

The original DigitalBits framework combining associations do not yet free different capacities that will almost certainly keep the welfare of the original framework. A vital part actually is done through a hub that controls DigitalBits original blockchain based programs, such as talk to each other. The types of hubs generally all supported via a hub that is offered to suppliers, for example, compliance, coordination, and a RESTful API. In addition, API, SDK, and wallets provided by DigitalBits help organizations, such as the planners of 3 times, making it simple to create and modify their own applications and wallets.

By looking back at the successes and failures of its predecessor, DigitalBits develop a more advanced integrated relationship with merchants.DigitalBits blockchain build networks with which you can tokenize assets, which means creating assets backed by cryptography and can be transferred peer to peer blockchain solutions for transfers of assets and tokens, fast and transparent

DigitalBits currently collaborating with Zagg Protocol to bring the best of breed solution blockchain end-to-end for the company to offer a loyalty program superior to their customers that can drive customer engagement better and satisfaction, DigitalBits is a revolutionary technology, the democratization of society, empowering individuals, and provide financial freedom to the global community.

Platform Digitalbits will be open to anyone and everyone in the entire world, Digitalbits make all loyalty points 100% portable, this will make many companies more attractive, with no intermediary expensive every transaction from the retailer to the consumer will be simplified and much cheaper.

Objective Digitalbits

Digitalbits desire to make a positive impact on client loyalty and business rewards in the future. The current system in situ allows people to collect rewards, however, most of them go unused as a result of it uncomfortable to stay tabs on this item. Retailers are managing problems during this, and customers are not too happy about the loss of rewards based opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Solve the problems inherent in the loyalty program at this time will not be easy. Introducing a distributed platform and can clearly be a positive step in the right direction. instead wanted the intermediary to manage loyalty rewards issued by the retailer to the customer, the mediator is off of the equation altogether.

Indeed, Digitalbits aims to create loyalty points 100 percent all transported. This platform will be a friendly person and all people around the world, who are able to really build a rather attractive for many companies. With no intermediary expensive to modify, transfer of value from retailer to the buyer can be simplified and much cheaper.

Powering all this is often blockchain Digitalbits, which may make the transfer of cross-asset. In addition, everyone will produce new digital tokens that may be transferred on the network at the least value. All of those tokens are often changed for all the different tokens issued at this blockchain through the original quality of this ecosystem.

Digitalbits Currency

As one would expect, Digitalbits has its own currency, which matches the name Digitalbits. These qualities are used to perform cross-transfer valuable asset, allowing users to exchange tokens vary on the chain while not the need for intermediaries. it is not clear whether the extra use cases can go back to these currencies, except for the moment, the main use cases appear sufficient.

Concentration committed and paid is one of the favorable circumstances that disseminated DigitalBits box chain can improve. Currently, more than $ 100 million spent on activities that are significant unused, and approximately 33% of the key issues each year about $ 1.6 billion in this way. It has never been utilized.

The DigitalBits blockchain setting is helpful for everyone. Anybody can make all the assets included in the customized system is called 100% minimized/transmitted sign modernized. At the point when a business organization centered around this system, centered around the token PC as the set number.

Digitalbits blockchain association devoted to each client. Anyone can create assets, also called modern token, which is 100 percent of the minimum / comfortable in a decentralized system is driven. At the point when the business tokenizes their dedication, around the center of this system, the buyer gets the focus like an automatic token.

Customers can trade these tokens of different automatic and, in particular, in developing the closest side chains blockchain called digitalbits or XDB assets. DigitalBits decentralized system does not require working in a specialist to force the exorbitant costs. Interpretation takes only two or three minutes and costs just obvious.

Digitalbits blockchain association devoted to each client. Anyone can create an asset driven, also called modern token, which is 100 percent reduced / compact in this decentralized system. At the point when the effort tokenizes their dedication, around the center of this system, customers get the focus as token mechanics.

Customers can trade these tokens of different mechanical and, in particular, in developing the environmental side chains blockchain called digitalbits or XDB assets. DigitalBits decentralized system does not require the operator to work in force on charges on. Interpretation takes only two or three minutes and costs just obvious.

Advantages of Digitalbits

  • Loyalty rewards points program
  • Blockchain where you can trade and transfer in the chain
  • Multi-hop transfer of assets
  • Multi-asset support
  • Distributed Exchange (DEX)

Core Features Of Digitalbits

DigitalBits boasts a methodology Agent-Oriented Modeling (AOM) consisting of human, hardware agent, and the agent software and is designed to facilitate interactions between the stakeholders of both technical and non-technical system. In addition it facilitates tokenization assets easy to use transactions and plies his trade for digital assets, this methodology was designed to ensure scalability and decentralized systems, supports easy integration with plug-ins and applications built by third-party developers and provides an environment that is reliable and appropriate for transactions where this token traded and can be used for payments and remittances.

DigitalBits network consisting of entities such as DigitalBits core, borders, wallet and a pile of applications and technology that consists of a server that bridge, federation servers, and server compliance. The DigitalBits core is the backbone of DigitalBits platform and the key role played by the node platform of DigitalBits blockchain. The DigitalBits Blockchain fork of blockchain star is designed to have higher transactions per second, proposed cheaper transaction costs and blockchain made specifically for tokenization assets.

The DigitalBits platform has a model of tokenization unique in that the user token set parameters of confidence in the onboarding process, however, the organization platform Certification Service Token Name (TNCS) which is not available in projects blockchain that supports the token as ethereum, star lumen, and a wave , In the above mentioned platform, every tom dick and harry can issue a token with a name similar to the project was established in order to rip off unsuspecting users but DigitalBits platform alleviate this problem validation and authentication of digital assets through TNCS. A Multi-Hop Exchange decentralization also put in place to ensure the liquidity of the digital assets of LRPs program where this token can be easily traded. Another interesting aspect of this project is the ability to facilitate the payment of cross-asset where the holder of digital assets (LRP) can access the service obtained through other LRP Program.

XBD is the native currency of the platform DigitalBits and serves the following purposes: It plays a protective function and safety by serving as a requirement to use the service DigitalBits, it was used for the payment of transaction costs on the platform and the latter plays an important role as a medium of payment and remittance. XBD has a maximum supply of 100 billion units and is currently available for sale in a Coin Initial Offer (ICO), which began on 1 March 2019 and is scheduled to end on March 31, 2019.

Token Distribution

DigitalBits Token Distribution


With what this platform has brought and introduced, it will be possible for every user to use any crypto coins while others have seen cryptocurrencies as a complex form of money will be able to interact better with the kind of money and also be good members of the ecosystem.

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