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Digital Ticks – Crypto Exchange Supported With Commodity

Digital Ticks – The main idea of the company is to create a decentralized platform application for traders and ordinary users to purchase a variety of assets, including digital currencies and commodities. This will be the first time to provide exchange functions and plans to add more positions in the future. First, you can trade in gold and silver, and possibly exchange cryptocurrency.

An important point of maximum efficiency of traders is to provide convenient trading tools and knowledge and experience in the field of stock trading. Confidence in your abilities, knowledge, and skills – You can securely open your account on any stock market and start trading in real life, using a convenient trading platform for you.

The merchant’s effectiveness is a mechanism for understanding the stock market and for calculating the ability to influence factors that increase or decrease stock prices. The basis of the course prediction is information about the dynamic changes of various stock prices over the time period before the forecasting time.

It is not a problem for professional traders to identify such market conditions and thereby make good transactions in a timely manner. This estimate is usually short-term. In this case, traders should be very careful and ready to make quick decisions when the market changes.

Professional traders include everyone working in the bank, various funds. They operate on behalf of their organization and cooperate with their capital. These people receive special economic education and start work. However, there are traders who work for themselves. They invest some money in their work and receive income from it. In fact, they do not work elsewhere, so they can be associated with professionals.

Private or amateur traders are representatives of various professions. The sole purpose of their work in the financial markets is to create additional income. Of course, these market participants do not have special education. They have been trained independently.

They strive to start creating opportunities for additional revenue sources in financial markets. Therefore, the current number of fans is increasing rapidly. There are always new people, some people who are already members of this group can stop working over time. Not everyone can succeed, some people are disappointed with this source of income, and some people just shrink.

The problem of cryptocurrency exchange

  • Lack of liquidity is a concern for all traders in the market as it increases investment costs and complicates trade. This is especially true because not many people buy and sell assets on the exchange, creating a small depth in the market.
  • Customer service is a big problem for the business community. Submission of customer service is very slow, and they do not even respond to the date of the request, long-term withdrawal, the issue of acceptance and exchange of funds locked, nor directed. When dealing with large amounts of money, it’s important to have a professional team to solve customer problems.
  • The Cryptocurrency Exchange, which introduces large amounts of customer funds, has been the target of hacking and internal fraud. This security issue makes this exchange unsafe. Of course, customers need a safe and reliable exchange to avoid hacking and fraud.
  • An increase in the number of new registrations, a sudden increase in the number of inappropriate infrastructures, unstable connection quality, and transactions that reach their order limit per second can cause delays.
  • Closing the exchanges without any information may cause traders to not order or change orders to bear significant economic losses, especially when the market is very unstable. User transactions stalled and they could not withdraw funds from the exchange, thereby losing confidence in the exchange.

How Digital Ticks (DTx) Provide Solutions

The Digital Ticks team respects and protects the privacy and security of the customer’s wallet. Funds that do not require withdrawal are immediately deposited into the enclosed free storage space. The team will follow best practices and save most of the backup in the freezer, in other words, not on the web server or any other computer.

Digital signature shares using hierarchical signatures (often called multi-signatures). Only two of the three registered signatures are compatible with Blockchain technology and can be canceled through the Multisig wallet. Digital Ticks Exchange does two-factor authentication (2FA) when logged in and unencrypted assets. In addition, the stock digital trading platform will use DDoS protection exchanges to protect users from any form of hacking.

While this is an interesting way to make money, there are still some disadvantages:

  • Without all guarantees – the results of the stock exchange cannot be guaranteed to anyone, nor can it guarantee the security of funds
  • Central exchange, which increases the possibility of data theft and phishing attacks
  • Saving money on broker accounts is a dangerous financial loss
  • The delay in procuring and selling production orders, this is a very important profit item.

The token holder of the platform will have the following benefits:

  • Redeem 50% discount
  • Exchange listing fee
  • Get analytical calculations, reports, possible results
  • Increased trading volume during the exchange
  • Digital Ticks officially registered Estonian companies with at least 10 years of asset and derivative trading experience

Digital Ticks Feature

  • The platform will provide the following features:
  • This will provide transactions for various asset passwords that appear in different market segments.
  • This will allow the exchange of encrypted assets and trading options.
  • The trading platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by even the novice trader.
  • The trading platform will help traders take advantage of the volatility of cryptographic commodities and asset markets
  • This will include advanced security features that will prevent phishing attempts and DDoS attacks.
  • The system is powerful enough to handle the transaction of a large number of password assets.
  • Users who start trading on the system do not have to pay a transaction fee at first, and highly trafficked users are motivated.
  • Because the system will be based on the blockchain framework, users can have confidence in the fairness of trading results.
  • There will be fast responding customer support to assist merchants with system transactions, which will ensure that users receive real-time help when they need it.

Various exchange functions

Merchants may choose to place multiple orders to various devices at the same time through a special window provided by Digital Stock Ticks. In addition, merchants will be able to easily view multiple instruments on a single screen, referred to as portfolio views.

  • Digital Ticks Exchange facilitates merchants by providing OCO trading options (one cancels one or one cancellation to cancel all).
  • Digital Ticks Exchange will provide additional features called hotkey shortcuts, which will make it easier for merchants and traders to trade and trade.
  • Digital Stock Ticks will provide transaction fees for high-volume merchants. The stock number will provide the Manufacturer with a cost incentive. Digital Ticks Exchange believes it will provide participants with more liquidity by reducing transaction costs. Digital Ticks Exchange will announce a competitive transaction fee on the site.
  • Digital Ticks Exchange provides registered users with easy-to-exchange features. Digital Ticks Exchange will provide registered users with some device compatibility through cross-platform transaction advantages.

DTx Token

The DTx token will be available for purchase by the public. The DTx token is a token utility. The strict limit of 128 MM DTx tokens will be created and will never be added. The DTx token will be a compatible token ERC20 and built on Ethereum blockchain technology.


  • Name: DTX
  • Platform Token: Ethereum ERC 20
  • Purchase Method: BTC / ETH
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Sales Period: 25.03.2018 -14.04.2018
  • Selling Price: 1DTX = 0,30USD
  • Public Sale Period: 15.04.2018 -15.05.2018
  • Public Sales Token Price1DTX = 0.375-0,700 USD
  • Soft Cap: USD 5.7 Million
  • Hard Cap: USD 30 Million
  • Unsold tokens will be burned after the Token sale expires

Digital Ticks Distribution


Digital Ticks Roadmap

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