Digital Ticks – Crypto Asset Exchange And Trading Options

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Digital Ticks – Crypto Asset Exchange And Trading Options

Digital Ticks – Today, let’s learn and experience all about Digital Ticks ICO. If you do not know anything about them, do not run away, which is why I will change them in the next few minutes. Before I start, I just want to mention quickly that I will include a link to everything I might do so that you can do your own research or whatever you feel is necessary. I think it’s best to put all the information in one organized way in one place instead of emphasizing what you want to find or difficult to understand on the web. All these links will be placed at the bottom of this page to make things easier.

Digital Management

A team of experienced industry professionals works hard to make digital reality possible. The focus is on creating a stable and secure trading environment. At the same time, the system trading algorithms will ensure that traders can take full advantage of password asset price changes. Jitu Bajaj is CEO of Mayur Poddar, CEO of the company. Others play different roles in teams, such as Project Counsel Pooja Juneja.

Should you invest in a digital label?

With the expansion of the crypto-assets market at an exponential level, this type of trading of assets and commodities is very feasible. The reason for distinguishing this mode from other modes is the transaction algorithm and trading algorithm that traders do in a safe and profitable way. The company’s ICO program will start in its public sales forum. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to invest in a plan and get token ownership in the system. When the system starts and the token request increases, this will only allow the token holders to gain more profit from their ownership of the joint venture.

Digital Ticks feature

  • The platform will provide the following features:
  • This will provide transactions for different asset passwords that appear in different market segments.
  • This will allow the exchange of encrypted assets and transaction options.
  • The trading platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be easily understood even by novice traders.
  • The trading platform will help traders take advantage of the volatility of cryptographic commodities and asset markets
  • This will include advanced security features that will prevent phishing attempts and DDoS attacks.
  • The system is powerful enough to handle the transaction of a large number of password assets.
  • Users who start trading on the system initially do not have to pay transaction fees, those who trade in large numbers will be motivated.
  • Because the system will be based on the blockchain framework, the user can be confident with the fairness of the transaction result.
  • There will be fast and responsive customer support to assist traders in trading with the system, this will ensure that users receive real-time assistance as needed.

This quality is exhilarating. They have made sure to give us all the information we need, as a team, and as a company. They act transparently, so they have the trust of investors and potential users they deserve, like you and me.

On their website, you can visit the “Team” section by clicking on the image or name of each team member and you will be directed to their professional LinkedIn profile. Here, you can consult and analyze as much as you can about everyone’s expertise. All this makes us see what they need to easily achieve their goals. I can add that they have a trader experience, making it a “trader trader” experience and ultimately stimulating the trust of all of us.

Digital Ticks is the official registered EU company in Estonia. Their website even gives us a link to this legality certificate in the form of an official e-commerce certificate. It shows us all the important details and information about the company “Digital TicksoĆ¼”, including their own registration code. I keep writing code and using their other links to e-commerce to check for myself. I accidentally entered the code, everything was all right. The team keeps giving us all this information. It’s transparent and reliable from the start.

Digital Ticks are the first products of an encrypted exchange and are designed specifically for traders. Ticks Digital Exchange not only switches cryptography but also a provider of a proprietary platform for semi-algorithm. DTX will be a powerful set of powerful features, including all the basic trading functions that junior traders need for a professional trader. DTX requires additional precautions to avoid various hacking behaviors such as DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, and vulnerability assessment of execution and penetration testing. DTX uses powerful behind-the-scenes technology to handle the high volatility of the underground trade market, and in commodity markets that can handle up to 1,000,000 transactions per second, WOW! Digital Ticks Exchange will not charge transaction fees for the first few months from the beginning, so traders can exchange zero transaction fees. DTX will provide transaction-based incentives for high-frequency traders (HFT) so they can maintain high trading profitability.

BTX will use multisign. Multisig is a technology used to add additional security levels to cryptocurrency transactions. Only when two of the three signatures match the data in the Blockchain technology, the multi wallet can be used to attract funds. BTX will use DDoS distributed denial of service protection to protect users from hackers. DDoS attacks are an attempt to acquire existing assets in the application network so that source users cannot access them.

The DTX platform will have many interesting features:

  • The cryptocurrency pair is encrypted
  • Paired product password
  • Spot trading
  • Futures
  • High-frequency trading and algorithm
  • Transfer (in the chain) exchanges
  • And will have many other interesting features.
  • DTX will provide products for all types of encrypted assets as well as encrypted assets. DTX also supports the trading of coins/goods such as BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DTX, GOLD, and SILVER. BTX will also increase more exchanges in accordance with the requirements of the Business Council.

The DTX exchange fee will be discounted as follows:

  • In the first year, 50%
  • In the second year, enjoy a 40%
  • 30% off for the third year
  • In the fourth year, enjoy 20%
  • In the fifth year, 10%

Key Features Incorporated

Here I will talk about the platform itself, which is the most prominent feature. I do not think I need to learn more because they have given us detailed information through their official white paper business model. Look at their website anytime. I completed this process myself, it’s an interesting reading, all you need to know, not too broad.

The features I would most like to mention include:

  • High-frequency trading and algorithm
  • Spot and futures trading
  • Latency is very low
  • Decentralization
  • High security

The Digital Ticks Team ensures that all major problems of the current encryption exchange are resolved. This is mainly due to delays, customer service, and security. They plan to solve this problem by releasing the Digital Ticks exchange platform. What I am most interested in most is the top-level security measures they will apply so we feel safe when trading through them. We are talking about multi-signature wallets, anti-DDOS attacks and two-factor authentication (2FA). Let’s face it, security is a top priority because if your money is safe, you will not want to know, I know most people will not believe the exchange holds their money, because they are easily Attacked by everyone. Well, here’s why this exchange is one of the reasons why we all change the rules of the game.

Referral Program

Digital ticks will provide incentives to high-frequency merchants as I mentioned earlier. Mass merchants will expect that all transaction-related charges will be discounted, and all users (without exceptions) will receive their unique referral link. This referral link will be used to invite new arrivals to the platform. When used, the user will receive a link to borrow normally sent to all 5% per commission exchange of Digital Flea from (I mentioned at 0.1% of 5%, which applies to every transaction you invite someone). I think the latter is pretty great because it will always apply. You are actually just sitting on your ass, because this is not your transaction, so no fees are required.

The picture above is another gift or gift that Digital Ticks will invite more people to join. You use a referral link to buy their token, and give the link will receive 5% of the purchase amount, but this time assigned to from 10% Recommend.


  • Name: DTX
  • Platform Token: Ethereum ERC 20
  • Purchase Method: BTC / ETH
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Sales Period: 25.03.2018 -14.04.2018
  • Selling Price: 1DTX = 0,30USD
  • Public Sale Period: 15.04.2018 -15.05.2018
  • Public Sales Token Price1DTX = 0.375-0,700 USD
  • Soft Cap: USD 5.7 Million
  • Hard Cap: USD 30 Million
  • Unsold tokens will be burned after the Token sale expires

To know the latest information about Digital Ticks project you can visit the link below:

Telegram Group:
ANN thread:

BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Digital Ticks team, I just give you the latest ICO info”