The Difference Between Forex And Bitcoin You Should Know

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The Difference Between Forex And Bitcoin You Should Know
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Difference Between Forex And Bitcoin

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, the investment trend in 2021 will remain bright. The Populix study involved 3070 respondents, which proved this. In a pandemic, around 44% of respondents can find the best type of investment to replace income. Investment options that are often sought after by the public include forex exchange and Bitcoin.

So, what is the difference between Forex and Bitcoin? From the perspective of capital, price, market, and profit fluctuations, this is a difference.


There is basically no benchmark for forex exchange and Bitcoin. In principle, the return earned is proportional to the capital issued.

If you spend a lot of money on Bitcoin or forex exchange, you can get a high income. To get even bigger returns, always check for price changes and take advantage of the limits that are safe for you.

Forex Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuation And Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value varies, so you need to make smart predictions. To stay up to date with the Bitcoin price, you can now click on the Bitcoin price. Compared to forex exchange, the fluctuations in prices are less noticeable within 24 hours.

So, What Will Affect The Volatility Of The Bitcoin Price?

First, the price of Bitcoin is influenced by market demand and the availability of sellers. If demand exceeds availability, Bitcoin price will go up. Conversely, when the availability of Bitcoin in the market increases, its value decreases. That’s because selling is more than just buying bitcoins.

Second, when there are multiple users, Bitcoin’s value will go up. As the number of Bitcoin users decreased, the price went down.

Apart from the two factors above, user psychology also affects the price of Bitcoin. For example, when the value of Bitcoin continues to increase, users will buy more. At that time, the price rose to its highest point. This triggers the user to sell for a profit.

In fact, the selling trend is that Bitcoin price is going down. Therefore, people who are worried are also selling Bitcoin until the price continues to fall.

Forex Exchange And Bitcoin Assets

The next difference between Forex and Bitcoin is asset trading. If you make forex exchange transactions, the assets used are the currencies between countries. For example, suppose a trader uses AUD to buy $1,000 at the current exchange rate. Then, when the US dollar price goes up, he exchanges it. This means that the trader is considered to have made a profit.

At the same time, Bitcoin assets are a form of cryptocurrency with multiple currency pairs. The exchange can be cryptocurrency or the same fiat currency.

Source Of Transaction Decisions

Trading decisions in forex exchange transactions are influenced by conditions in the country/region where the currency is used. For example, given the situation in Europe, the Euro currency tends to be used in forex exchange transactions.

However, to make the euro pair against the dollar one should pay attention to the sentiment from the US economic data. By looking at economic data, users can find out the things that affect market interest in the US dollar.

At the same time, Bitcoin transaction decisions are usually influenced by news about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For example, the president of country A announced that he would use blockchain technology. A few days after the news was broadcast, the Bitcoin price soared.


Compared to the forex exchange, Bitcoin’s market scale is relatively small. At the same time, the forex exchange market is huge, making it the most liquid market in the world.

However, Bitcoin is able to dominate the market every day, reaching up to $928 billion. In fact, as of January 2021, 68% of the cryptocurrency market is controlled by Bitcoin. Hence, Bitcoin is still the most popular investment tool in the future.


Of course, the objective of investing is to get a profit from the invested capital. The profit of these two investment instruments is obtained through the difference between the buying and selling prices. Bitcoin takes advantage of its price fluctuation which makes Bitcoin price soar all the time. Then, if you invest in Bitcoin, you don’t need a lot of money compared to a forex exchange. Since Bitcoin is partially purchased, start with $50.