Dexa Coin – Global Money Transfer & Instant Messaging APP

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Dexa Coin – Global Money Transfer & Instant Messaging APP

DEXA coin – A revolutionary application that will simplify the way we send and receive money around the world while allowing people to communicate through a built-in function of social messaging. The main objective of the coin is Dexa send and receive money faster and safer, more devices process convenient and accessible smartphone anyone can operate. This is achieved by the use of technology blockchain, will be completed apply for currency exchange unprecedented assistance. By eliminating the middleman, we will simplify the process of sending and receiving money. We provide an easy way to follow, and smartphones will enable a basic understanding of money anyone with low cost, complication-free transfer.

Currently, it is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to arrange the transfer of funds, and in this space, a few companies have experienced, because of high costs, security issues, slow process, lack of traceability and other DEXA coin will change all this negative publicity!

What Is Dexa Coin?

DEXA coin is a revolutionary new business which simplifies the sending and to remove the presence of a number of steps after more traditional methods provide a simple mobile payment received during money worldwide. It makes the whole process of cash transfers is not only easy and fast. DEXA coins using blockchain technology has brought a revolution in the world for cash transfer. money transfer companies and banks, even in this modern world, still using traditional methods, which are not only time consumption are also full of discomfort. Dueto money transfers the use of traditional methods, poor customer satisfaction, and therefore the whole process.

DEXA coins hope that through the introduction of “instant messaging” to take further. This feature will also allow users to connect and communicate with each other. brilliant and unique features not available the competitors and feature which will open the door to all kinds of opportunities and possibilities.

Blockchain Technology

This method of advanced technology and instant address pressing financial problems. Although there are traditional methods of moving money and a lot of personal and business use, the need for new technology has emerged. The blockchain advanced technology and equipment, to provide a solution to the current needs of modern systems take advantage of this demand. Blockchain use technology to redefine the entire process for users to transfer funds. This technology will allow the transfer of blockchain paid very easy to ultimately lead to an increase in overall productivity. In addition, while the conventional method requires authorization and release of the payment process, which eliminates the need blockchain main reason for the traditional method middleman altogether it is very time-consuming. The structure which makes the entire process occurs in a very high-end factor – excessive speed and low cost. The transfer of funds on a global scale secure, fast. Anyone who is familiar with the benefits of smartphones will be able to take from their applications. According to the CEO Dexa coin, The CEO Mr. Altaf application is a simple, user-friendly and secure. CEO, Mr. Aertafu to ensure that the entire process will be transparent, without any interruption.

The Problem With Traditional Methods

Imagine, you have to transfer money from one place to another, say, the United States of force? If you send a friend $ 100 in the US, how much do you think he will receive? You do not know. It’s not easy, because to guess some applications companies transfer the money hidden costs. Also, because it causes you to send money originally intended to reduce the overall number of hidden costs of exchange rate countless, along with his cuts. Even the money transfer operators (multinational operators) to provide free of charge, the tariffs will always be too thin and eventually make up for a lost commission. In addition to the high commission, there is another factor, which makes the whole experience of regret. These factors include the structure, rules, regulations and the overall price of technology, organization.

In addition to these factors, the privacy and security of customers multinational operators do not provide the required level, because of information and sensitive financial transactions.

Several methods shortage of currency movements over the conventional Although, there are a great individual and businesses that still prefer the traditional way just to get stuck wasting a precious amount of time.


On the client – a traditional dynamic operation of the network database server is no longer valid and the entry of the influx of money transfer business. decentralized control transfers the main components of elimination eventually the attendant risks that include centralized control content access. All other coin issues to eliminate the middleman and the accompanying DEXA conventional methods remittance and transfer of funds. There are only two players in the transaction and provide complete transparency. Due to the use of smartphones is an increase of more than 2 billion users, sending money home has never been easier in 2016. In just a few strokes on the screen, one can easily send money to friends and family. It will cost a lot less, take less time, money and does not require physical delivery. In addition, the person will be notified through their application of all transactions. With blockchain as the core technology, which enables the transfer of funds at some point almost instantly, and allowed to run around the clock in one year, 365 days.

Dexa Coins App

Dexa coins applications, with advanced technology, the two sides together smoothly, the transfer of financial payment from the whole experience hassle-free. DEXA APP coin comes with several features, which together consist of the entire transfer process easier for users. Several unique features have been included to provide a competitive advantage for the implementation of the application. Some of the interesting features of the application are described as follows:

  1. Send And Receive Money Around The World:
    International and domestic remittances. You can send and receive money without delay or wait any time or whatever you want. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. That is all. The introduction of new technology makes the entire process of transfer of funds.
  2. Instant Payment:
    DEXA coin mobile platform to transfer money locally and globally. It can use any instant in time anywhere. Plan to go out for dinner? NFC and QR latest technology allows simultaneous multiple transactions in different countries.
  3. Integrates Your Bank Account:
    Application coins accounted for most Bank Dexa enables seamless and rapid integration. It allows users to connect to their applications such as payment cards: Visa Card and Master Card or from the application money to your bank account, and vice versa.
  4. Security:
    Applications Dexa coins, to ensure maximum security of financial information and financial information from users. This application has a variety of functions, which ensure the security of digital money and your wallet will not be affected by the level of trade. unparalleled security is one of the priorities Dexa coin, the team is fully committed to providing its users a secure platform. Unlike other moving companies money, blockchain use technology not only makes currency trading easy but also safe.
  5. Privacy:
    In addition, added to all the security features in the application, also protects your privacy. Applications Dexa coins to ensure complete privacy of its users. instant messaging, with “end – to -. encryption end” This restricts the access of third parties, and to ensure that these messages are still concerned between the two sides. It is better equipped to detect and resolve unauthorized access to property payment transactions.
  6. Instant Messaging Features:
    This provides a competitive advantage of Dexa coins and makes it stand out amongst the competition feature “instant messaging.” IM is a social function, which allows users to stay with family, friends or anyone of them to send money to the touch. In particular, it can help them get and give an update on the transfer of funds. Although this feature can be used by people of various personal, business users who need to maintain or establish a business relationship with the customer, and the need to maintain multiple clients simultaneously is very useful for a variety of touch payment manager. It provides its users to communicate can not be achieved unmatched by other platforms.

DEXA Coin Provide The Right Solution

Commitment DEXA coins to make transactions cheaper and convenient, there is a system, which will allow it to send and receive money instantly around the world.

Blockchain system makes everything simple, safe, cost-effective, since decentralization, without intermediary service.

DEXA coins, a revolutionary application that will simplify the way we send, access to capital throughout the world by harnessing the power of technology blockchain. Anyone familiar with the use of smart mobile devices should be able to do this easily. APP is designed to be simple, user-friendly and secure.

This application will also incorporate “instant messaging”, which not only allows the user to put too much money and they communicate with people but also to socialize with friends and family.

Token Sales Details

  • TYPE: ERC-20
  • CONTRACT: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb
  • DECIMALS: 18
  • TOKENS FOR SALE: 5% (5 Billion)
  • PERSONAL SALES: 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD
  • TOKENS FOR SALE: 10% (10 Billion)
  • PRE-SALE: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD
  • The Pre-Sales Date will be announced shortly.
  • TOKENS FOR SALE: 35% (35 Billion)
  • GENERAL SALES: 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD


Dexa Roadmap


On the client – a dynamic database server running a traditional network is no longer with the influx of money transfer business efficient current waveform. decentralized control will be one of the key components of the transfer of funds, the elimination of the end for centralized control, including the accessibility of content can take risks.

DEXA coins eliminating the middlemen, and equipped with remittances and the transfer of conventional methods all other issues. There are only two players in the transaction and provide complete transparency. By using smartphones increased by more than 2 billion users in 2016, to send money home has never been easier. In just a few strokes on the screen, but also nearly made it easy to send money to friends and family compliments. It requires far less cost, less time-consuming, requiring no flesh out the money.

In addition, through all the transactions being conducted by APP will be notified. With blockchain as the core technology, which remittances can almost instantly at any given time, and allow it to run a year around the clock, 365 days. At a later stage for the measurement currency project plans to develop on a global scale to new markets, such as the implementation of a prepaid card may be useful for those who do not have bank accounts.

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