Devolve – Create Security, Transparency, And Efficiency In The Real Estate Investment

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Devolve – Create Security, Transparency, And Efficiency In The Real Estate Investment

Devolve – Changes in the level of inequality of production and internal strife developed and developing countries on the global landscape and economic geography and more severe. With the new model of regionalization, the lack of cash flow is the basis of international cultural differentiation. While globalization has led to greater capital mobility, which is a measure of equality between all countries can not. Capital across international borders in the autonomy of the physical assets of foreign investors for long-term investments was allocated to areas with the highest production output, the ability to generate a faster rate of global economic growth. With the most untapped opportunities, developing countries are more likely to benefit the most. Help in different areas, in order to eliminate short-term liquidity asset pricing inconsistencies make fund investors an accurate global positioning information and make effective investment decisions with a real value of their assets. global real estate investment firms are concentrated in developed countries, such as the height of the US, UK or Japan and major cities such as New York, London and Tokyo are concentrated. From the theoretical work of both capital flows into the stock market, we can speculate that drive and influence to shape the distribution of cross-border capital flows into the real estate market directly.


Devolve delegated to reshape the real estate industry to provide new business models take advantage of the access to create, improve efficiency and reduce costs appear dispersion technology. Empowering people worldwide have trusted, transparent, technology, Devolve Developers will give up a lot of the traditional barriers to the creation of a fully global economy truly mutual peer support network to increase the flow of global capital.

Our Mission

To create security, transparency, and efficiency in the real estate investment blockchain technology and global e-commerce transactions provided by the new model.

Our Vision

To improve the real estate through the establishment of an effective system of ecological development of international capital flows, increased accessibility, and real estate investment opportunities, and participate in the global real estate economy simplifying be the new global standard.

How does Devolve Developer platform work?

Devolve platform is a multi-faceted platform that will serve the needs of the real estate industry. The first iteration of the platform will focus on the open gateway, allowing developers to all project participants. Our revolutionary platform provides a decentralized market promotion and trademark development projects. the construction project will be classified, and provide indicators to enable the token holder platform to make informed investment decisions. Is the first-time buyer or an experienced investor, an individual can enter the global profitability achieved from tradition-bound of the real estate market is unique.

Real Estate Education

In the real estate industry is a multi-billion dollar real estate development is the most individual investors the opportunity to ignore the challenge to ensure the institutional investment firms and qualified investors to hold large capital requirements and increase profits inherent risks. developers will facilitate Devolve of risk threshold, and real estate development, and open access to the results of this high-opportunity, which will increase the participation of individual investors. Participation is growing, there is a need for education and awareness, lack of experience and a lot of people are not familiar with development projects for real estate investment. Devolve of developer tools and resources committed to the promotion, providing customers with the understanding and deepen development when the only industry in this market, which will lead to decisions that knowledge.

First Development

Historically, real estate, the risk of loss to the length of time that you stick to your property is minimized. When the market improves, so does the value of your home, and as a result, you build equity. Never alter the risk in the stock market, there are many factors beyond your control, it can affect your investment. real estate to give you greater control over your investments, because your property is a tangible asset that you can use to take advantage of a large number of sources of income while enjoying capital appreciation.

There will always be at your house in the land value and value. Almost no other investment can net tangible assets away from you, such as stocks, may fall to zero, or the value of new cars declined. Homeowners insurance plan will protect your real estate investment, so make sure you get your asset protection so the best policy in the worst case.

You can get tax relief on loan interest, property investment, operating costs and expenses, property taxes, insurance and depreciation (even if the value of the property gains) and other cash flow benefits. End of the year is a very busy time, real estate because many people want to take advantage of the tax benefit at the end of the year!

Real estate investment is not only secure financial investments, which are investments that can provide years of joy, happiness and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

What is the motivation for the developer to be decentralized, through a decentralized system, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of forming the real estate industry platform? Devolve investors Developers will be the platform of real estate is safe and reliable because the developer was placed under each area blockchain technology use, reliable and professional support team. So investors need not worry about their assets.

Real Estate Development Strategy

Real estate development is a process of tangible property by building enhanced value creation. Priority goal is to achieve the best developers to generate capital appreciation in the real estate development process. There are several activities and business developers can use and decentralization Developer will develop the best strategy to reduce the risk of producing maximum results. There is a strategic development life cycle four high-level real estate:

  • Activity One: Land Reserves
    land reserves are passive investing, where undeveloped land is ruled by the use of future market trends of interest based on the increase in the potential for development in the future. It may take more than 10 years of long-term investments to add value.
  • Activity Two: repartition
    According to the municipal approval process within one year, the original value of the land can be improved with the concept, to partition, special financial arrangements, updated and accurate investigation, findings or environmental correction. As a short-term investment, good results can be obtained by re-packaging the construction site.
  • Activity Three: Development
    a) Land Development
    The land package built by the level of infrastructure such as roads, utilities, and improve water gear and recreational facilities improved. Within 24 months applied to increase the production of basic properties.
    b) The Establishment Of Development
    The developers of the building will be build by constructing a vertical construction will cause the unit, the branch buildings constructed on the property. This phase can last 2-3 years depending on the size of construction projects.
    c) Produces Manager
    Once construction is completed, the building manager would either rent out the property market, to manage or sell the property. Although the stage of development is a long-term investment, the highest return on revenues generated by this strategy.
  • Activity Four: renovation and redevelopment
    Or entities with substantial economic shrinkage attributes reconstructed by eliminating these deficiencies in order to create value. Work repositioning the property, to the rebuilding of the property and repurposes made to restart its development cycle.


Development of a decentralized business model to reshape the real estate industry through a decentralized system, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Empowering investors to provide a safe, credible and transparent platform, eliminating many of the traditional barriers to decentralize the development and design of a fully interconnected global economy, helping to improve the flow of global capital.

This platform is the first delegation of high-quality systems, through the support of hard assets in large-scale real estate development attractive. Although the real estate market which is mainly produced a higher yield than the retail market, which is under heavy exploitation by private investment, due to high barriers to entry. Blockchain and intelligent use of technology contracts, the Devolve of the developer by bringing together all kinds of projects illiquid contracts, and improve cash flow and increase the accessibility of the stock build up reward token position marks a major development project tradable production.

Investors can participate in the real estate wholesale market with the distribution of their digital assets back to the token (ABT) is aligned to their unique investment needs. With total autonomy, investors have the flexibility to decide when to participate in the project how much to allocate for the duration of the project and its contribution to the project.

The Resolution Of Devolve

  • Affordability Capital
    Decentralized development of digital platforms, particularly in democratization and eliminating any significant amount of capital requirements allowing transfer token profit development projects higher. Blockchain intermediaries provide digital automation technology and reduce costs, improve service, and create higher profits for you:
  • Access To Global Investment Opportunities
    Distribution technology allows access to development projects of our global inventory
  • Flexible Life Cycle
    Intelligent management services contract, reducing processing time and user autonomy, get additional tokens and reassign jobs
  • Mobility
    Devolve developer API allows users to easily switch between projects easily allocate selling tokens in exchange
  • Ecosystem Efficient
    Symbolic set of real estate assets, it can be easy to replace and change created a market

Real Estate Activities Compliment Distributed Applications

By using standard real estate transactions and processes, derived from a structure consisting of a centralized system. Blockchain underlying technology for producing dispersion-approved applications (DApps) interacts with the help blockchain art user interface or application. As an open software platform to achieve blockchain dispersion, DApps utility power is generated by using protocols or algorithms sign.

DApps provide an innovative way to embed a recording contract through the development of intelligent autonomous decentralized groups, the ability to conduct transactions through the prevention and control of money change function combines the use of token fraud. By providing another way to make money-saving resource assets, given the increase in the value of the assets Competitive pricing pressures, users benefit from a larger market. DApps provides three characteristics required to improve the current state of real estate transactions – flexibility, transparency, and flexibility.

Devolve of development will take full advantage of technology DApps initially added to the token holder and projects of real estate development. The DAPP will manage a distributed network of computer nodes revenge funds transfer and utilization, facilitate distribution and data applications smart contract to manage utilities associated with transactions in the real estate information tag. In the future, DApps will be used for e-commerce transactions, transfer of ownership of real estate, buying activities related to real estate real estate, property registration and so on.

Why is Devolve Developer Innovative

Developers will be the creation of a decentralized access to global real estate and shares in the pursuit of a new global standard for open international private equity fund-high yield. For the investment of private capital can be achieved through the transfer of technology priorities blockchain.

And excess capital seeking global diversification of foreign investors increased demand for real estate investment environment will be significantly expanded to create more opportunities. decentralized development of the innovative real estate platform, to meet greater opportunities for the short duration of the investment community and a new type of risk hedging liquidity needs.

Our competitive advantage is that we and the international real estate developers who will participate in blockchain our global platform for real estate development, including the transfer of land registration and more of a strategic partnership. Decentralization developer provides an integrated solution by providing real estate market transactions:

• development projects are very profitable
• property registration and transfer service
• Solvent Positioning easily traded real estate assets
• obtain accurate property information

Blockchain Technology Disrupt The Real Estate Market

blockchain transferred between individuals to develop new models of value on the Internet. This is a new platform of trust, is a global, open, really without limit and equality. No need for personal control of financial, wealth, opportunity and ability of barriers to trade with anyone in the world access. This is compared to the economic impact of the new password financial ecosystem by the lack of traditional financial methods. Traditional physical real estate transactions with various entities involved in the interaction, but if blockchain creates opportunities through technology, available exclusively through digital platforms, providing high-value assets unconventional trading practices. In blockchain induction platform for the smart contract will allow labeling of digital assets in real estate industry is gradually sanctioned real estate transactions and commercial activities.

Smart Contract To Change The Real Estate Transactions

The use of digital channel processing activities in the real estate industry, real estate transactions is usually unconventional battles dealing with the various entities involved in the off-line surface. Blockchain transfer this landscape presents transfer digital assets secure and transparent platform. By introducing intelligent contracts, real estate assets and transactions can be distributed efficiently through the trust built-in book management service intermediary no longer needed.

Related to the sale and purchase of the property transaction procedures as already sufficient benefit from the use of this platform blockchain technology in the real estate industry is actively accumulated. Stakeholders in the development of an intelligent appreciation of the contract, so the advantages of the real estate transaction process long and substantial improvements obsolete, to create transparency, efficiency and cost savings.

Intelligent contracts, protocols, and algorithms are arranged to define additional to the contract between self-realization on the part of the network’s management contact information. Information management protocols and algorithms to determine compliance, and proper securing of transactions, transparent, efficient, without expensive intermediaries.

Requirements in intelligent demarcation agreement contracts and automated management requirements. Protocol specification and implementation of the conditions is that it is the first deployment in blockchain constant address provided, postulate required for payment of real estate security and intelligent technology governance inherent in the contract.

Its decentralized development will utilize dedicated to the development and application of intelligent revenge contract blockchain, promoting greater convenience and transparency of the concept in the real estate market.

Token sales

Ongoing Devolve development potential contributor to sell tokens to get the real estate market for high-yield. Devolve of development to ensure that development projects currently covers three continents and sustainable growth across the entire portfolio of industry participants necessary partnership.

  • DVX is an ERC-20 token
  • SOFT CAP: 100M DVX
  • HARD CAP: 600M DVX
  • WHITELIST PERIOD: December 15, 2018 – Target is met
  • PRE-SALE PERIOD: Coming Soon – Target is met
  • PUBLIC SALE PERIOD: To Be Determined
  • TOKEN PRICE: $0.75 USD per DVX


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