DEEX – Cryptocurrency Exchange That Provides A High Level Of Security For Your Funds

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DEEX – Cryptocurrency Exchange That Provides A High Level Of Security For Your Funds

DEEX – We are pleased to inform you that today is the exchange of securities DEEX beta first released. The updated features include the display market (market) and registering new users (registered) interface that is more convenient and intuitive. We have done a lot of work to optimize the exchange and fixed, making it difficult to handle a large number of errors for you. Note that the new version of the launch of the trading platform, we left the alpha version of active use.

In investment cryptocurrency deex, while the retreat since the market price, because no one believed that if they invest in deex then one week coin to exchange, they will receive the X100, but deex is a long-term investment in people, and how will deex growth, cost sign will increase, there is no doubt that the price of the sign will go up, now why do I say. Deex not only exchange cryptocurrency, but it will also be a complete ecosystem, including to secure ICOS, to create a fund of self-encrypting, cards cryptocurrency debit, third-party applications that are integrated and platform services APIs dissolve blockchain transparent platform to create a network crypto matters truth.

The project has a bounty program deex We are very pleased with the budget of $ 100,000, announced the launch of a new bounty program. Who wish to participate in the development of the project can participate in this company. Bounty is a good opportunity not only to inform other fans DEEX encryption, there DEEX together to be part of the future spread. You can find all the details of our official theme deex Bitcointalk and tokens already in the market cap. DEEX has been trying to get a list coinmarketcap long period of time. All the necessary data is sent to the list, however, does not occur and the location of the token. And now, before the launch of the beta version, we need to help people than ever before.

About The DEEX Project

DEEX cryptocurrency transaction is the first eco-system, have created the underlying platform itself is a simple and convenient interface for a successful transaction security and speed of technical graphene and Bitshares solidarity. This is a unique mechanism, not only professional but also a simple user. Deex will run on the most advanced platform Bitshares blockchain 2.0. In the first stage, Deex will be ready for using the bitshares exchange machine. The second phase of the project is to develop and create their own machine graphene connect with customers and global cryptocurrency similar (token) from the BTS on Deex platform. Cryptocurrency market is “growing volatility” phase, beginning in late 2016 and is likely to continue in the medium term. Sharp fluctuations in prices and market conditions amendment is a natural development stage.

Deex project to make their exchange, it will be a competitor of all securities transactions centralized tasks. Deex have a very strong team, development projects, the token has been listed on other exchanges, and the list of negotiations are ongoing with other exchanges, and when and pedestrians are preparing to launch a test version of a foreign currency exchange, the beta came out, I thought the price will rise token, it’s just waiting for the finished product, I am sure, success in Deex, I recommend ciphertext Deex mark.

The new week began with a good mood and good luck! We must make the world a better, more modern, more comfortable and better! Everything starts small, but if we all support this initiative, we will achieve great results together. Only working together will allow us to achieve high ambitions. Modern technology allows us to achieve high results. Let’s make the world more modern technology and common development!

Cryptocurrency much about the world news every day. Many experts say things are different for each person, their own theories. But cryptocurrency market faster and more powerful! I found a company, I think it would be a great success, which is the company DEEX! I believe cryptocurrency is the future, we all need to know what is happening in the modern world. Join us and be the first!

human life, cryptocurrency number of direct interest is growing rapidly. This applies to professional players and casual users. Since the advent of Bitcoin, from the first encryption community has developed thousands to millions of fans around the world. Nine months of 2017, all cryptocurrency increased more than 700%, from $ 18 to $ 146 billion, one billion (according to the data to Japan in November 2017 9) total market capitalization. Compare the maximum correction time from the beginning of the year (July 2017 capitalization of $ 6.19 billion), more than three times the rate of growth to deliver – a more fundamental assessment.

Decentralization Is A Modern Trend

It depends on a lot of the reason the stock is still very popular because they provide the “ready” a variety of features, such as the accumulation of years of practice focused on our customers. centralized exchange can only have one serious drawback, which we are very sorry, and based on the fundamental nature of the modern world cryptocurrency play an increasingly important role. The disadvantage is that centralization, which is the thrust of this platform.

Centralized System Faces Several Important Indicators Of The Following Risks:

• Security.
There is a clear center, where defeat attackers. Dana hackers, of the total history of kidnapping MtGox, Bitfinex etc. estimated at several hundred million dollars.
• unfair competition.
For example, BTC-E and A. Vinnik, the BTC-E charged with fraud, theft and money laundering.
• the risk of sanctions.
According to the US sanctions, there are many customers from different countries, these sanctions apply, you can withdraw their money from Poloniex Exchange.
• political risk.
the recent dramatic changes in the ICO and crypto exchanges China policy in Beijing.

BitShares 2.0 – Basic functions of DEEX.

BitShares 2.0 is a high-tech, decentralized, based blockchain platform, “smart contract” for the global internet space for economic activities to provide services in all areas.

The Bitshares 2.0 Platform Provides Users With A Number Of Undeniable Advantages:

  • Decentralization;
  • High performance – up to 100,000 transactions per second;
  • Cryptocurrencies have a stable price (BitAssets / SmartCoin) transactions;
  • Account for the dynamic corporate environment;
  • And regularly scheduled payments – and plans to pay a regular basis;
  • Recommended award scheme;
  • Assets issued by the user (UIA) – assets through the platform created by the participants;
  • Transfer Account name – the name of the natural account;
  • Delegated Authentication consensus placement (OPC) – proof of participation in the commission.

The Deex And Function Mainly Explained

  • The BitShares 2.0 platform can achieve the following main functions DEEX Exchange:
  • Innovative security encryption technology, which allows the minimum commission for the transfer of funds to all competitors;
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Create your own encryption assets and trade them.
  • Token purchase investment and participate in the distribution of profits expected by the company to the next;
  • Create ICO mechanism (primary coin/token placement);
  • With disability organizations algorithms ensure maximum security and reliability of all transactions the in blockchain network;
  • Create an escrow account;
  • The mechanism uses a special gateway (Gates), the funds for the transfer of funds between Fiat input / output of different trading platforms and payment systems.

DEEX Key Advantages Would Be As Follows:

  • Friendly interface with most modern browsers are compatible;
  • Desktop application transactions;
  • IOs and Android mobile applications;
  • Detailed and constantly updated files;
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • A large number of transactions;
  • The ability to recover a lost password;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Low cost;
  • Referral Program a high level;
  • Broad trade index;
  • Trading robot;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Debit card encryption;
  • ATM network encryption;
  • High mobility;
  • Individual hardware encryption and token cryptocurrencies cold wallet.

The Primary DEEX.CORE Tokens Share Will Be The Following:

DEEX.CORE tokens share

  • Since October 26, 2017, up to the amount of 13,440,179 (3,410.44 ETH or the speed at the end of the total sales of $ 2.5 million) DEEX.CORE sale sign November 24, 2017. In the next token will play with a special sign of the exchange premium ICO.
  • From February 2018 until the end of January 1st, 2018 This year the event will remain (minus the purchase presale token) to the ICO in the amount of 100 million tokens. The cost was $ 0.2 tokens.
  • Other DEEX. issued early Token ICO / ITO placed before the full disposal problems and resettlement is planned.
  • For a project consultant DEEX (labeled 7%), retention tag will be frozen for half a year.
  • The minimum limit for collecting tokens will not be given.

DEEX RoadMap

  • 26.10.2017 – the launch of pre-sale;
  • End of November 2017 – launching MVP and DEEX testing on the BitShares base engine;
  • November 2017 – February 2018 – customization of the basic engine, improving the design and usability of the functionality for users, translating into additional languages, introducing the possibility of password recovery and two-factor authentication;
  • January 2018 – February 2018 – registration of a legal entity for the exchange on Singapore;
  • January 10th, 2018 – the main ecosystem token launch of the large ICO DEEX.CORE;
  • January 2018 – ICO for the first project in our ecosystem – a secure VIPPLE messenger;
  • Early January 2018 – the launch of the DEEX.FUND crypto block system and the first tranche of the ICO fund;
  • January 2018 – the launch of the mobile exchange application;
  • February 2018 – the launch of branded ATMs based on the offices of our partners and investors in Spain, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Malta;
  • March 2018 – December 2018 – transfer of the ecosystem into its own blockchain system based on the Graphene engine.


DEEX Smartcoin coin (token) is cryptocurrency, where the price of other assets, such as US dollars (BITUSD) or gold (BitGOLD) support. Smartcoin always set to 100% or more of the total cost of some of the reserves in bitshares stock cycle (BTS) on. Reserves of major currencies Bitshares system (BTS), which Smartcoin coins can be converted at any time at a rate that is determined based on market price. As with another cryptocurrency, intelligent coin coins freely traded, divided, and not particularly limited.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the DEEX team, I just give you the latest ICO info”