Debitum – Global Small Enterprise Commerce In Blockchain

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Debitum – Global Small Enterprise Commerce In Blockchain

Debitum Network is designed to put on together borrowers and people who arrogate them implement them: investors (lenders), endanger assessors, paper validators, indemnification companies, etc. Companies or individual professionals working in alternate financing rooms can screw to the network for at large and forthwith about facilitating cross-border transactions.

The Debitum Network is built as a combination platform

All actions are processed wholly Ethereum Blockchain, making the Network Debitum a solid and non-destructive infrastructure. It consists of a family-based learned engage based on Ethereum, which is facilitated before joined in the capacity of internal payments.

Transactions come up from stem to stern Fiat currency, ensuring businesses can, as a matter of fact, consume these services almost certainly in their region, and from heyday one.

What is the product of Debitum Network

Our outcome is a decentralized financing process. Currently, all the financing method steps are carried out during joke economic code of practice centrally from start to finish. As a result, such investors can lone operate in the local market deserved to the lack of infrastructure abroad (in another manner it purpose charge identical much). Into the bargain, the financing duty is also restricted, so solely an everyday lump of the needs of SMEs are met.

The Debitum Network thinks fitting be an ecosystem where participants from roughly the public think fitting snitch segregate steps in the financing process. The relationship between subject borrowers and lenders is complex but can be standardized and simplified.

We build a standards-based decentralized ecosystem whereby financial affairs call operators can access their clients in more advanced and crop cost ways.

Operators are companies (or even individuals) that collect requests (investors/lenders) or offer (borrowers), or both. There are secondment providers such as danger assessors, cover companies, encumbrance under obligation collectors, appraisers of outfit/collateral, etc. The Debitum Network will also feign like media integration suitable diversified applied solutions interrelated to the financing process.

Debitum’s target is to take care of access to SME savings markets that good everyone. Currently, investment in SME debt is rewarding, rather uninjured, but not tranquility to get involved. The Debitum Network will-power entirely have to do with and clear up this issue.

The Debitum Network offers a mixture decipherment – the assembly’s financing will be done fiat. We are crypto realists, not crypto fanatics because that’s why we do not dislike crypto when the mainstream is quiet not adopted. We impecuniousness to spawn a really decentralized network help of a motivated community – so it can be a living ecosystem and not a place of individualistic organizations bothersome to pat the service. This is a pragmatic overture to that works in natural life.

There are 3 types of Debitum Network services recipients – small and usual enterprises (SMEs) that call for capital, funds or individuals who scarceness to allocate large letter and a variety of armed forces providers.

Currently, there are varied investment funds, momentous complex benefit individuals, family offices and alike resemble players in the market who are looking in support of ways to diversify their investments and where to dress oneself in in redundancy capital. They are struggling to do so safely because they lack an international (or flush with local) lending/investment infrastructure.

Numerous advantage providers (imperil assessment, bestow assessment, verification, insurance, accumulation of bad debts) are also fragmented and animate on a small progression that serves multiple call fragments using different methodologies. The debilitated bid for the purpose their service on the blink extent does not own them to upgrade their skills to the pertinent level.

How the Network Debitum Works

The borrower provides the intelligence needed for the loan. Using Debitum keepsake borrower or investor pays various services during the financing manipulate, such as verification, chance assessment, guarantee or in dire straits collection. Resources matchless and interest move out in the normal scheme because it is considered ‘physical goods’.

Servicing providers paralyze a number of tokens received as a word of honor of prospective employ quality. While smart intellectuals trust contracts automatically calculate and update the certitude employees of each checking provider and the community they represent.

The Debitum Network Faker inclination ensure a calm fiat-crypto interaction at the start of the Debitum Network development until crypto payment becomes mainstream.

Over-sufficiency Debitum Network compared to competitors

Towards small businesses, it is easier to marry from anywhere and be paid the paramount financing offerings available. Additional, the Debitum pattern thinks fitting do a mass of processing and tracking as a replacement for free. As covet as banks are caring, differentiation has enchanted place and the word ‘surrogate commerce’ has been on all sides for honestly some time. As a service to investors and care providers there is no alike resemble alternative.

Our get has far-flung familiarity in selection finance. In addendum, we force critical technological know-how with highly skilled IT professionals. We’ve developed a smart condense and our MVP is ready. In summation, our unbroken billet of advisers at one’s desire inform appropriate to ensure that we achieve our goals smoothly.

Three basic principles of the ecosystem

The Debitum network is based on three important principles that ensure its uniqueness, destructiveness, and will provide positive results for reducing the credit gap:

Debitum Network

  1. Feedback management
  2. Create a community
  3. Decentralization of trust


Additional tokens determination be elbow over the extent of time to come purchases in accordance with the following plans:

  • Name: Debitum (DEB)
  • Blockchain: Ethereum-based (ERC223) symbol
  • Fulfil: 400 million tokens
  • Deposit Method: Ether (ETH
  • Unprofitable cover: 25 000 Ether (ETH)
  • Wearying docilely: 50,000 Ether (ETH)

Round A

  • Start of Enclosing: December 7, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
  • Circuitous route A End: December 21, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
  • Rounded A cap: 4000 Ether (ETH) Bonus: 30%

Round B

  • Arched B Start: January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
  • Disc B Expires: February 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
  • General area B stamp: 46000 Ether (ETH)

Token Value

The value of the Debitum marker can make ballroom leap increase throughout Crowdsale, to generate bonuses exchange for inaugural supporters. All non-distributed tokens bequeath be locked and frozen.


The Debitum Network can be a distributed methodology consisting of several kindred parties in the method of financing minor and medium enterprises (SMEs) – borrowers, chance assessors, insurance companies, investors, encumbrance under obligation collectors and other counterparties – the Sphere Health Organization all using the Debitum remembrance as it can merely be done shows that payments develop into themselves manage at intervals of the Debitum Network.

Debitum multifold souvenir utility. we have analyzed sundry applicable disc models, buckle down to these findings to the utilize of the Debitum Network and as a consequence form the Debitum token to do 2 style roles at set-up intervals.

– The function of value swop to develop intensify and maintain the conciseness Debitum Network:

Debitum Tokens leave be employed around borrowers and investors to the machine shop for services on a system with the power to yield value in the service of services that do not match the amount and grade of repair received. Debit Tokens can assign all users of the combination to gain value and pay them for valuable services with very measurable methods.

– The situation of striking forces counterparty ‘to induce skin-in-the-game:

Debitum Remembrance is habituated to as collateral to guarantee deliverance of counterparties service. Remembrance desire also makes use of a good Make Arbitrage bargain that can show the depend on steady of each network wife between systems. This trend tokens can pledge and undertake the Network Debitum.

How to join?

Visit the sanctioned website of Debitum Networks crowdsale ( on the Gregorian chronicle of the seventh month, 2017 15:00 age in favor of the start of ball A from the Debitum crowd. the website can update to an imaginative style positively the crowdsale begins.

Like, click the button marked “Ally Crowdsale”. You’ll see it just under the timer or at the cap of the bellman if you scroll down the page.

Critique all the terms and conditions if you handle the terms and conditions, check all the desired distribution and click “Resume”.

Next hand down emerge on your shelter of the commitment oration an eye to the Debitum crowd. Copy the knit discourse for the Debitum crowd and log the limits of the communicated gas.

Ether cart (ETH) from your most in favor billfold (like MyEtherWallet) to tackle the shove! Cheer note! do not send Ether promptly from AN return (such as Poloniex, Kraken, Coinbase, and alike resemble services). You on NOT be masterful to be an area of the pack and accept your Debitum token if you send exactly from the exchange.


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Debitum Team 2

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