DAV – Revolutionized the Transportation Industry in Blockchain

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DAV – Revolutionized the Transportation Industry in Blockchain

DAV platform gives anyone the ability to trade automated transport services in a decentralized way.

These software-based platforms will be implemented into an autonomous vehicle and enable them to communicate, discover and trade using DAV tokens with a liquidity guarantee, thanks to the Bancor protocol.

What is DAV?

DAV is an open source software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell transportation services in a decentralized market. DAVs are integrated into every vehicle (car, buzz, ship) so that these vehicles can use a digital currency called the DAV token to find, communicate, and trade with each other. It has established a decentralized manned transport network and is an infrastructure for tomorrow’s autonomous transport network. DAV accomplishes this task through the DAV protocol, which connects vehicles, users, and service providers to the network.

This can help DAV network blockchain technology to provide very cool items for this feature. What is this platform – this single market has a large number of options for automated vehicles from around the world. So if you have your car, and it will not be used until you can give it to someone else to hire a token for this project. It’s very profitable and innovative. Everyone will be satisfied.

The future of blockchain


  • Driving Hailing DAV Decentralized Ride Hailing
    Drivers and passengers can now use blockchain to communicate directly with each other without intermediaries participating in the revenue


  • The city traffic is convenient DAV Convenient City Transportation
    Convenient transportation around the city and get a DAV token for your bicycle or scooter


  • Delivery is distributed  DAV Decentralized Manned Deliveries
    Send and receive packets by pressing the Disperse Man-In-Delivery button on the DAV network.


  • Delivery of autonomous drones DAV Autonomous Drone Deliveries
    Drones communicate with service providers, cost, and maintenance


  • Independent operator DAV Autonomous Carriers
    The supply operator picks up the materials, navigates to the destination, and pays the service fee


  • Share autonomous driving DAV Autonomous Ride Sharing
    Pick up a self-driving car or share your car on the internet and get a DAV token


DAV Technology

DAV is an open source software framework, open source hardware and a decentralized free market where everyone can use DAV tokens to buy and sell autonomous transport services. Our technology consists of three main components:

Problems and Solutions

There are many possibilities for autonomous transport, such as the use of drones for product delivery. For all big companies like Amazon, food chains like dominoes have spent a lot of effort and money on building a fully automated delivery system. This transportation system requires extensive research to make the product cheap, solid and compact for storage. This further means that unless these companies have millions of dollars to research, their system will soon become obsolete.

The narrow interests and economic competition have made these companies focus on their own isolated systems, which hamper global progress. Since there is no reason for cooperation, no adult companies divide the results of research with other companies, and small companies to come still are not.

Through open procurement of DAV platforms and decentralized agreements, DAV can set up new collaboration platforms for these companies to collaborate and work together in automation systems.

More about the DAV platform

To transform the transportation industry today into a more autonomous industry, an interconnected global network must be built. There is no better way to build a truly transparent global platform than blockchain.

The DAV software platform will enable anyone on the network to buy or sell autonomous transport services in the decentralized DAV market, or simply order the product and ship it to you via automatic drone. A recent study shows that once more automakers are entering the road, the trend of “car ownership” will now turn to the selection of automated “on-demand” rental vehicles. Removing drivers on the road can mean job loss, but for some countries or global prospects, this means more hands, making steering progress and decreasing.

What is the purpose of the DAV token?

The token DAV is essential for a truly fragmented transport market. Tokens use smart assignment contract transfers. This contract is executed automatically so that the correct number of tokens will be paid to the owner, the service provider, and the insurance company in a timely manner through an agreed process to address potential disputes. Economically, users need a DAV token to participate in the innovative DAV platform. Currently, owners and service providers who see the value of a decentralized transport ecosystem will benefit from the historically low barriers to market entry (supported by the DAV platform) and operational optimization. For AV owners, the same situation will trigger the market again in the next few years.

Whether you need to send packages, gifts, flowers, or food, you can order drones quickly, all of which are needed. In addition to this, you can easily get on this platform, buy tokens and sales, which can be done on multiple exchanges.


DAV Roadmap


DAV Team 1 DAV Team 2 DAV Team 3

And Open Source Contributors

DAV Team Open Source


The DAV platform is a good idea and an initiative to build decentralized transparency for automated vehicles in the future. This platform provides many uses for the transportation and consumer industries. Transportation is a basic necessity Since the first car was built, I believe that researchers always dream of making cars without drivers. However, ever since the car entered the market, the auto industry has become stagnant. Recent technological advances have made this dream possible. Companies like Tesla have almost completed their automated vehicles, which will soon be launched on the market. The transport revolution is on our doorstep, and the DAV platform may be exactly what it takes to be accessible to the general public.

To know the latest information about DAV project you can visit the link below:

Websites: https://dav.network
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the DAV team, I just give you the latest ICO info”