DataBroker DAO – Connect Users Of Data Sensors Without A Hitch

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DataBroker DAO – Connect Users Of Data Sensors Without A Hitch

DataBroker DAO – Many investors interested in the DataBroker DAO project expressed concern about the similarities between DataBroker and IOTA. For some reason, they think that the first tries to compete with the latter.

DataBroker DAO: Analysis and Review

It has been designed as a market for IoT data sensors. The platform is designed to connect users of data sensors with users of data sensors without a hitch. In addition, they use telecommunication infrastructure based on LoRa, GSM and SigFox operating sensors to connect networks. The creators and project managers are working to become the second market for sensor data for the Internet of Things. You do not know that DataBroker DAO is also known as Amazon and eBay IoT sensor data.

What is the idea of creating DataBrokerDAO?

Today, the Internet of Things has a $ 600 billion global market, including purchasing, selling, installing and maintaining sensor data. Then, the software packages obtained for explanation and data enrichment have contributed greatly. By the way, this investment generates data which is then used by the owner of the sensor data for initial use or enhanced by an understanding of value-added and resale trading. The DataBroker DAO is actually the first attempt to bridge the gap between sensor data owners and potential customers, and they can take full advantage of the telecom infrastructure and run all sensor networks based on SigFox, LoRa, and GSM.

How does the DataBroker project work properly?

Today, it may be the control of the Internet or even our conscience. The data sensor takes over almost everything, and today we are here to discuss how to improve the industry and make the data censorship business more viable. Similar to other ICOs such as Repux, Dragon, iOlite, SafeHaven, and BunnyToken, this project is a market that is activated on a blockchain platform to integrate tokenization and decentralization into the system. The concept of the project is to stimulate sensor data for the Internet of Things and convert the sinking costs into a regular revenue stream.

Since the concept of a new era can make virtually any living environment smarter, we also need to know how we receive all this information on the device’s screen in the blink of an eye. This device collects data through sensors. Each device has a very specific set of goals, but fitness trackers will not track your car, but heart rate, jump count, lazy time, and so on. This is why data can only be used for one drive in silos and not for other areas or destinations. DataBroker DAO project authorities hope to reduce the various owners of sensor and buyer data to one platform and monetize their participation.

How should this project work?

The main objective of this project is to start a distributed market for IoT sensor data, which will further reduce the consumer and owner of sensor data to the platform. The entire system must run on the blockchain, including sensor owners, network owners, and data processors.

Companies today are aiming for more advanced things. Most of them basically need sensor data to improve all of their operations. The result is a one-way data network. DataBroker DAO is designed to enable anyone and anyone to access this data at low to low cost, including individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Their plan is to push humanity into a genuine “intelligent life.”

You should invest in this project. If yes, how is the process?

Investing in any area for any purpose involves risk factors, as is the case with the Crypto market. However, the project focuses on data distribution privacy, which is why they plan to build a market where various data and consumer owners come together and participate. For example, if you are considering selling fitness tracking data for TV ads, you are free to do this. If you are considering buying smart device data from almost any type of owner but staying in one area, joining DataBroker DAO is a perfect choice.

In another brilliant example, let’s assume that there are farmers who want to buy sensor data to see weather forecasts for a particular region. Farmers can provide the most information to help them plan their harvest. This can ultimately bring higher income to a particular market. You do not know that there are currently 9 billion IoT sensors operating around the world. In this figure, most of them are fully used and worth 600 billion US dollars in the global market.

Industries that have strong requirements for sensor data

Environmental Research

How do you invest in a promising project like this now?

Any good project should undergo a large scale investment before it can be put into production. The same applies to the DataBroker DAO. They also come to the scene in the form of token sales. Because their previous ICO sales were a big deal, here’s how they plan their main sales stages.

  • Start date: March 19, 2018
  • End date: March 26, 2018
  • Token Symbol: DTX
  • Token Distribution: 60%
  • Token rate: 1 ETH = 1000 DATA
  • Suggested Reward: 5% token for sale

DataBroker Token Sale


  • Matthew van Niekerk
    (Co-Founder & CEO) – Established and withdrawn from two companies in Japan, and subsequently earned an MBA in Belgium. After that, he joined the major financial institutions as the COO consumer financing business line. Platform leaders serve as broker and crowdfunding platforms. Innovation.
  • Roderick Vandeville
    (Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer) – After Roderik founded Belgium’s largest e-commerce computer store in 1999, he worked in the IT development department while CTO developed traditional marcom agents into digital power.
  • Frank Van Girtruden
    (Director of MarCom) – As a marketing and communications professional with nearly 20 years of experience in advertising, publishing, sales, automotive, FMCG, and ICT, Frank works in advertising agencies and advertising sites before boarding DataBroker DAOs.
  • Elsmeet
    (Project Manager) – Els worked as an account manager at various financial institutions until she returned to first love and communicated.
  • Cassandre Vandeputte
    (Solution Analyst) – Prior to joining SettleMint this year, Cassandre won his lines at Block Innovation Accenture Lab.
  • Tom De Block
    (Blockchain Architect) – Entrepreneurship continuity with active companies in Belgium, Spain, and Eastern Europe, and background quality assurance for major European financial institutions.
  • Veronica Murguia
    (Investment Advisor) – Experienced Venture Capital Development Consultant, with a history and track record of working in the initial investment services and startup industry.
  • Silke Van den Broeck
    (Blockchain Developers) – After working on some Belgian startups, Silke decided to use his experience as a full-fledged developer to help bring SettleMint technology to the next level.
  • Rutger Bevers
    (Full Stack Engineer) – Rutger is very interested in building digital products that are very innovative and beneficial to society.
  • Magomet Tsanajev
    (Content creator) – During his marketing and communication studies, Mago found his love of Blockchain technology.
  • Charles de Bergeyck
    (Chief Financial Officer) – A financial professional who has worked in a small company for 20 years, working in large companies in the United States and Sweden, with entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial experience.
  • Astrid Janssens
    (Assistant Management) – Always work to find the best administrative solutions and tasks to accomplish organizational tasks. Energetic troublemakers are always willing to help or support.
  • Peter – Jan Bronn
    (developer blockchain) – An enthusiastic encoder, emphasizing queue, caching and distributed system performance
  • Rama El Awad
    (Block Chain Consultant) – Experience of people management, rapid synthesis of conflict information, and based on new learning.


The project will benefit from this project, mainly including censor owners, network operators, smart city initiatives, scholars, agricultural departments, and sensor manufacturers.

They will all be allowed to monetize their data and convert sinking money into a source of income. Network owners will be allowed to increase the speed and scale of the business. In addition, smart city initiatives and the agricultural sector will be able to limit the upfront costs of densely populated cities with appropriate censorship and turn to spend into profitable investments.

When it comes to the agricultural sector, only 10% of farmers are skilled in technology. What they do is use a temperature measurement sensor, humidity, wind and air pressure. Finally, of course, institutions will be able to get millions of sensors and buy data directly from their owners. In this market support blockchain, the cost is also cheaper.

Therefore, if you are considering investing in ICO, you can choose DataBroker DAO project. It’s not just token assignments that make sense, but their goals should also be supported. Smart cities will contribute to building smarter planets.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the DataBroker DAO team, I just give you the latest ICO info”