DABANKING – Welcome To A Brand New Gaming Era

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DABANKING – Welcome To A Brand New Gaming Era

DABANKING – Even before this, we can understand what #Dapps do, we must be familiar with the underlying technology – blockchain. Briefly, blockchain connected by password verification “block” edited record ledger. It is a truth consensus digital storage. The key is to understand that this account is not stored in a centralized location or managed by a single entity, so distributed. Verification system block resulted in irreparable added and old trade always keep everyone sees new transactions, therefore, transparency and flexibility. Blockchain use of open source software technology called Dapps.

DABANKING potential market Blockchain Dapps game Blockchain technology enables distributed applications more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient and has better incentives than the current software model of the structure.

DABANKING project was born with a noble mission to open Blockchain become a tool platform, to create an environment of transparency, fairness and the best user experience scattered entertainment services to build Dapps

Objects And Advantages Using DABANKING

DABANKING is a project to create DAPP, consisting of experts and palm blockchain technology, games, applications have grown to fill the gap ecosystems, and #app of the company, aims to eliminate and become common game development problem is that today’s development can not be proved the existence and ownership of the asset in the game, which can cause a lot of fraud. smart-contract allows users to ensure that they will receive when they are bound #Blockchain validated asset/goods.

With the game, #DABANKING #Blockchain technology development can bring valuable characteristics, advantages, such as:

  • The title tracks and validates digital asset type.
  • Reduce costs to third parties.
  • Blockchain secure payment system based on.
  • Blockchain integrated into your game to improve the competitiveness of traditional games.
  • Easy and highly liquid exchange digital assets

And when you use #DAB platform #DABANKING, you must have:

  • Metamask wallet already installed on your computer or mobile phone TrustWallet;
  • Having #Ethereum #ETH is available at Metamask or Trust wallet;

Blockchain Betting Market

DABANKING Gaming Blockchain Market

In recent years, we still see a strong rise in the gaming industry and rapid growth. 10/2017 According to the report, 2.3 billion users use the service industry, generating a lot of revenue each year $ 105 billion.

A common problem in game developers is currently unable to prove the existence and ownership of the asset of the game, causing a lot of scams. Smart contract convinces users that they will receive when they blockchain constraints, and proven asset/goods.

game item exchange is now a lucrative industry, which is estimated at $ 50 billion is expected to increase rapidly. “Unique” is one of the signs of non-fungible blockchain to the contribution of the most important gaming industry. Each sign has a unique identifier indicates the type of virtual assets. Virtual assets can be bought and sold on decentralization trading platform, eliminating unnecessary cost and risk of a third party. These figures can project anything from the appearance of the virtual card games and high rare.

FomoJackpot allows players the chance to win a very small amount of 0.002 ETH sound.

Blockchain technique is to create a network of a distributed network-based peer network protocol that allows any computer on the network is a server, make a big difference to the traditional centralized network discovery.

2013 marks an important milestone in the development of breakthrough technologies blockchain: Ethereum of births created by Weitalike · Bate Lin (ETH) platform – the Russian developer. The Blockchain technology to a new level when he has successfully integrated intelligence for Blockchain current contract, now called Blockchain 2.0 or utility Blockchain.

At the end of 2017, the technology Blockchain really resonates not only with software developers, but also from the government, major banks, financial funds, investors, almost all social classes full attention, attracting hundreds of billions of dollars to make finance fertility market and promote continuously Blockchain many projects.

Some projects Gongyongshiye Blockchain quite successful, such as Tron, EOS, Steem as nearing completion, distributed applications open era (Dapps).

Learn how to use the DAA and DAB TOKEN

Blockchain technology is considered to have revolutionized the entertainment industry. With this in mind, DABANKING and wants to create an environment to use the platform to build DAPP blockchain. DABANKING is keen to build a new game in the ecosystem DAPP, can help to effectively develop the entertainment market, and provide the best service for avid gamers.

However, it is important to understand the game and learn the ropes of how to use DAA and DAB token to get a large amount of revenue.


DABANKING Blockchain Ethereum basically used to build user groups. This is done by allocating DAB algorithm theory-based POC mark (evidence of contribution) from.

It is “dedication certificate”, ETH lock “reserve fund value” token TOKEN DAB mining algorithms. DAB player can get a token by using the “mining wallet.” Total maximum supply in the contract DAB smart mark of 200 million DAB.

Mining DAB token, users need to purchase a “bond package.” “Package Treasury” can be purchased with a minimum amount of $ 200 ETH – oncoinmarketcap.com price is based on – and the largest packages by developers at different times of up to $ 5,000 is allowed.

How DAB token value is expected to increase

Over time, this time the minimum DAB difficult process for extracting wallet sign mining; who wanted to press the need to use the DAB users sign purse value of mining up to 400%, compared to the user’s purchase treasury package so I can affix the mark.

In addition, in order to further increase the value of DAB-labeled package will use intelligent TREASURY purchase contracts with a locked reserve fund, the amount of the value tag received ETH DAB is no way people can not even change the developer.

Distribution Plan

DABANKING Distribution

  • 90% DAB Token Reserve Fund
  • 3% Marketing
  • 3% Product development
  • 2% Partner (exchanges, Advisor …)
  • 2% Reserve DAB token (Swap DAA token…)



DABANKING intended for long-term development, a decentralized application platform for users to bring entertainment services, force feedback. The development team has come up with a long-term strategy DABANKING strong ecosystem, enabling millions of customers to experience our services.

Phase 1:
  • Q4/2018-Q1/2019 : Build a development team, prepare a detail plan and prepare technology foundation.
  • Q2/2019: Officially introduce game ecosystem on DApp and start to develop DAB Token mining community.
  • Q3/2019: List DAA Token and DAB Token on free exchanges and integrate new games.
  • Q4/2019: Open the Swap port from the DAA Token to DAB Token for users. Add new Game Dapp.
Phase 2:
  • When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will officially announce its own #Blockchain and conduct swapping DAB Token to the new DABAKING Blockchain.


DABANKING focused on improving online gaming platform game, it will change the gaming industry, and it is already on the ground, with the help of technology blockchain, they will be made transparent at every step, they also hope to advance to gain access, and cryptocurrency day DABANKING improve security voice user accounts and fraudsters are sure to reverse the gaming industry for the better.

To know the latest information about the DABANKING project you can visit the link below:









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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the DABANKING team, I just give you the latest ICO info”