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DABANKING – Decentralized Game Center

DABANKING – In 2008, the open-source software in the form of presentation of findings cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto. So DABANKING with the mandate of the previous model of payment and foreign exchange transactions through real change new stuff.

Bitcoin offers tremendous advantages, such as freedom, security, and control the user a high platform itself, is completely transparent. All profits from the currency bits, enabled by technology Blockchain.

Blockchain Game Market

In recent years, we still see a strong rise and the rapid growth of the gaming industry. 10/2017 According to the report, 2.3 billion users in the use of the service industry, generating a lot of revenue $ 105 billion per year.

2013 marks a phenomenal breakthrough technology development blockchain: the birth of the Ethereum platform (ETH) invented by Vitalik Buterin – a Russian developer. He has successfully integrated intelligence for Blockchain contract agreement today, which makes Blockchain technology to a new level when the currently known Blockchain 2.0 or Blockchain practical.

At the end of 2017, the technology Blockchain really resonates not only with software developers, but also to your attention from the government, major banks, financial funds, investors, almost all social classes attract hundreds of billions of dollars to make financial markets fertile and promote continuously Blockchain many projects.

Today, a common problem in the development of the game is not able to prove the existence and ownership of the asset of the game, causing a lot of scams. smart-contract allows users confident that they will receive when they are bound blockchain asset/goods for verification.

Now exchange the item in the game is a lucrative industry, an estimated $ 50 billion dollars and is expected to increase rapidly. Token irreplaceable “only” given to one of the most important contributions blockchain gaming industry. Each sign has a unique identifier representing the type of virtual assets. This virtual asset can buy and sell at any spread trading platform, eliminating unnecessary risks and costs of third parties. This figure things may have something very scarcity of leather from the game to the virtual card.

DAPP Potential

In 2019, distributed applications (Dapps) are becoming increasingly popular because they offer superior advantages over traditional applications, in particular, based on the crowded platform Blockchain there. In addition, should #Dapps peer network, not just the ability to run from a traditional server, therefore, information from users who are not subject to control or business entity.

Dapps are due to gain unprecedented application through greater transparency, stability, and security to provide users with the maximum use of the privilege.

Catch up with this trend, DABANKING project was born a noble mission to become a platform to create and develop tools Blockchain user experience is the transparent, equitable and optimal spread of entertainment services to build Dapps environment.

Blockchain game development technology and can provide valuable features such as:

  • Tracking and verification of digital asset ownership.
  • Reducing the cost of a third party.
  • Secure payment system based blockchain.
  • Blockchain integrated to improve your traditional games, the gym is a competitive game.
  • High fluidity easily exchange digital assets

One of the lottery program DAPP DABANKING FomoJackpot, the first product based on the technology and game DAPP blockchain together collectively FomoGame, which helps participants after a tiring day, not only entertaining but also increase farmers’ income while simple methods.

DAPP FomoGame system independent, built on the ecosystem Ethereum Blockchain DABANKING. It promotes justice and is completely transparent to the user, to help users in the ecosystem DABANKING best experience for all applications.

FomoJackpot provides a very small amount of 0.002 ETH opportunity for players to win votes.

Blockchain technique is to create a peer network based on Internet protocol so that any computer on the network server distributed network discovery, very different from the traditional centralized network.

At the end of 2017, the technology Blockchain really resonates, not only software developers but also by governments, organizations and large banks, pay attention to the financial funds, investors and almost all social classes, has attracted hundreds of billions of dollars to create fertility financial markets and promote projects Blockchain line.

Some projects are successful enough practical Blockchain like Tron, EOS, Steem forth. Gradually approaching completion, opening the era of distributed applications (Dapps).

DAB Mining Policy

  • In the first phase, will be used to create a community of users Ethereum Blockchain #DABANKING #DAB distribution algorithm theory of POC (proof of contribution) token-based. It is “dedicated prove” key mining algorithms ETH sign to “reserve fund value” for the token DAB.
  • DAB is a community development DABANKING Platform token, DABANKING exchange itself when DABANKING Blockchain blockchain officially announced.
  • In the smart token DAB DAB maximum total supply of 200 million contracts, and DAB token by using the “wallet mining industry,” the only way to get by.
  • DABANKING developers can not have another way to get a token DAB next to “use” Mining wallet “as a regular user.

DAB Mining token

Mining, users must buy tokens “Treasury discount” DAB and (based on the price Coinmarketcap.com) at different times (maximum time “Treasury package” up to $ 5000) by the developer is allowed ETH minimum and maximum $200 package.

Developers will DAPP feature set, you can buy a maximum of packets at different times

Note: The value of the “Treasury discount” calculated and confirmed at #ETH blockchain deposits. Price at the time of deposit only to the reference price, the deposit, if the ETH until the price rises, trade confirmation, the value of the package will increase, but if the price drops ETH, will reduce the value of the package. And the reduction of no more than 3%, if the prices fluctuate by more than 3% reservation deposit failure, ETH will be restored, users should run again.

Community Development

You can use more pins DAB, if you use 800% of the value of an existing package, through the use of the development of the mining industry “gold purse”:

  • When introduced directly by industry members sign your registration mining DAB link (called F1).
  • You will receive 50% of the value F1 package to get rid of “golden wallet”, with “green wallet” equivalent.

For example: If you introduce a $ 10,000 Treasury packaging buyer, you will get $ 5,000 50% for the “golden wallet” to “green wallet” and your money will be transferred to the “golden wallet” reaches zero.

The gift you buy the Value Pack F10 from F2 increased by 10% from the “golden wallet” them to “green bag” to meet two conditions:

  • Buy of the entire F1 “Treasury package” of the total amount is your first time purchasing a package worth at least 300%.
  • You have 2 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F2
  • You have 3 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F3
  • You have 4 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F4
  • You have 5 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F5
  • You have 6 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F6
  • You have 7 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F7
  • You have 8 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F8
  • You have 9 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F9
  • You have 10 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F10

You are charged 5% more from F11 to the whole system below you when you meet the 2 conditions:

  • The total volume of the entire system of the Ministry of Finance package of at least $ 200,000.
  • Level and the arrival star3

Distribution Plan

DABANKING Distribution

  • 90% DAB Token Reserve Fund
  • 3% Marketing
  • 3% Product development
  • 2% Partner (exchanges, Advisor …)
  • 2% Reserve DAB token (Swap DAA token…)


DABANKING intended for long-term development, a decentralized application platform for users to bring entertainment services, force feedback. The development team has come up with a long-term strategy DABANKING strong ecosystem, enabling millions of customers to experience our services.

Phase 1:
  • Q4/2018-Q1/2019 : Build a development team, prepare a detail plan and prepare technology foundation.
  • Q2/2019: Officially introduce game ecosystem on DApp and start to develop DAB Token mining community.
  • Q3/2019: List DAA Token and DAB Token on free exchanges and integrate new games.
  • Q4/2019: Open the Swap port from the DAA Token to DAB Token for users. Add new Game Dapp.
Phase 2:
  • When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will officially announce its own #Blockchain and conduct swapping DAB Token to the new DABAKING Blockchain.

To know the latest information about the DABANKING project you can visit the link below:









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