CyberTrust – How Investors Buy, Sell and Secure Cryptocurrency

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CyberTrust – How Investors Buy, Sell and Secure Cryptocurrency

CyberTrust – Currently people are suffering from cryptocurrency fever. Recently many developers are creating new, highly creative projects to create a new useful cryptocurrency. People can feel tremendous benefits, ranging from buying products, services, services, advertising, buying data, and so forth. Behind it all, it turns out that some banking industry is also interested to adopt this technology of digital currency, but they experience some obstacles such as, accounting restrictions, tax regulation, feasibility test and others that become a big investor bottleneck.
Introducing CyberTrust

CyberTrust is a platform that allows giant institutions or investors to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets easily and securely. CyberTrust will address existing issues such as ownership of cryptocurrency, overcoming the risk of an abnormal clearing, overcome the judicial recovery process in case of problems and protect digital assets from thieves in cyberspace. On the other hand, CyberTrus also offers a security service for crypto assets owned by an institutional. For services offered by CyberTrust, users can only use CABS Token to transact.

The CABS Token is a mandatory token the institution must have as fuel to obtain Crypto Derivative services (titled, audited ownership, clear tax implications, risk-free release & settlement, strong security, and storage).
CyberTrust Role

A few steps will be taken to serve as an early starter of this running platform. Some programs will also continue to ensure consistency of CyberTrust itself.

Some steps that will be done are as follows:

  • Create a Global Crypto Notes (GCN), so that each GCN owner has a legal claim for an underlying crypto asset (eg BTC, ETH, BCH). All Global Crypto Notes each have ISIN, the International Securities Identifier Number.
  • Create three Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV): each for BTC, ETH and BCH
  • Off-chain wallet storage provided by Xapo which to secure private keys and also owned assets. Rather like the assets in the freeze for security and have insurance.
  • All Clearing and Settlement for GCN will be made by Clearstream, known as “bank of banks”, to permit safe and regulatory trade opening.
  • Financial SPV will be audited by Ernst & Young S.A., starting in Q1 2018. SPV Administrator is Luxembourg licensed entity Creatrust S.A
  • Opportunity

With 1.87 million shares, Grayscale BIT currently has a total value of approximately US $ 1.3 billion. Currently (beginning early October 2017), GBTC shares are traded at a premium of 85-95% of the underlying Bitcoin value, which is 185-195% of the current price of Bitcoin.

While Grayscale offers auditable and auditable types of ownership, which is in demand by the institutional market, only for BTC, which, apart from a share of 49% of the total cryptocurrency market, is consistently the lowest-yielding asset of the above 10 cryptos. For example, while Bitcoin has increased by more than 300% by the 2017 year on year, while its Ethereum siblings have increased by more than 3000%.

The availability of a limited number of CABS tokens will result in token prices continuing to rebound along with high market demand. And if market demand is not as expected, token holders can use the services of premium CyberTrust and also keep crypto assets safe from fraud and theft.

CABS Token and Initial Token Offering (ITO)

CABS Token is a token issued by Cyber Trust based on Ethereum ERC20 technology. The name CABS stands for Crypto Asset Based Securitization Token. These tokens can be stored and transferred easily, anywhere and anytime. The main use of the CABS token is to purchase the premium services provided by CyberTrust. For BTC holders, ETH and BCH will require this token as a cost of purchasing services in CyberTrust.
CyberTrust also holds Token Sale event, which is called ITO or Initial Token Offering. The ITO program is aimed at interested investors and wants to support the formation of communities and the platform and liquidity of the CABS Token. ITO means the platform will sell the CABS token which can be purchased using a certain currency.

ITO Period is November 27, 2017 – December 21, 2017. But the team also held a Pre-Sale event held on November 14, 2017 – November 17, 2017, for investors who come early with a cheaper price. Currency received is BTC, ETH / ETC, BCC / BCH, USD, CHF, EUR. The normal price for 1 Token CABS is 0.5 ETH. The total number of CABs sold is 600,000 CABS Tokens. While the total token supply will depend on the number of tokens sold. By the formula, Total Supply = Tokens Sold x 150%. So the total token supply total is 900,000 CABS.

CyberTrust will not only securitize Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. And it is possible to secrete potential types of cryptocurrency in the future. Structured products are designed for investors looking for exposure to traditional assets, which are synthetically structured in crypto power terms. Potentially, higher yields can be generated, but through increased risk levels, not through diversification of traditional financial assets

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