CyberTrust – 5 Benefits of buying CABS Token

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CyberTrust – 5 Benefits of buying CABS Token

CyberTrust Token – CABS (Crypto Asset-Backed Securitized Tokens) is a special token type based on Ethereum E-20 to be released by a company called CyberTrust SA during token sales in November 2017. This token will provide a very secure security and legal banking platform for institutional investors to buy and sell crypto. Initially, this platform will support trading Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin cash. Later, it will be extended more than 20 cryptos prominent by the end of 2018.

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What is Cabs Token?

This is the standard for the Ethereal token. That’s the best-known way to convert a digital asset into crypto securities via a securitization platform. This can be regarded as a utility token and access key.

What is Digital Asset?

Initially, we will only work by using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash. Our plan is to add digital assets to the end of 2018.

Why do investors buy CABS tokens? What benefits does it give to investors? Is it really appropriate for institutional investors to purchase CAB tokens?

Here are 5 benefits to be had by holding CyberTrust CABS tokens.

1. Entitled Ownership

The main drawback of buying raw crypts from cryptocurrency exchanges is that it does not provide legal ownership of the digital currency. To solve this problem, CyberTrust will convert cryptocurrency into a security claim using the securitization process.

To achieve this goal, the company will issue a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) named GCN (Global Crypto Notes) for each cryptocurrency. Each GCN will have a registered International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). GCN will be used as a claim for assets based on Cryptococcus. It can also be sold in financial markets for any Fiat currency.

In this way, institutional investors will acquire ownership rights derived from acquired cryptocurrency.

2. Cold Vault Storage

Institutional investors can store their digital assets offline in multiple locations around the world with the help of a leading wallet provider named Xapo. It not only provides a place to store private secret keys but also provides insurance for all wallet transactions. Investors can use this storage for all types of assets owned by them. Cold dome storage is very safe when compared to software-based crypto wallet because it provides multiple layer protection.

3. Regulated Clearing and Settlement

With traditional bitcoin exchanges, clearing and transaction settlements involve high risk because they do not follow any standards. Here, all GCN settlements are handled entirely by a prominent post-trade service provider called Clearstream (also called “bank of banks”) situated in the city of Luxembourg. Clearstream is one of Europe-based International Central Securities Depositories overseen by regulatory authorities in Germany and Luxembourg.

4. New Financial Products

GCN can be used to build new financial products on top of existing crypto derivatives. A typical example is Treasury Bills (T-Bills).

5. Trading

Cabs Token can be traded freely in key crypto exchanges such as Bitrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and others. It is also possible to exchange GCNs in the OTC market.

With such assets the opportunities are endless. There are almost two million shares with Grayscale BIT. The total value is said to be US $ 1.3 billion. In October ’17, the traded stock would be eighty-five to ninety-five percent of the premium. Grayscale is entitled, auditable, and only forty-nine percent of the Cryptocurrency market. It is an asset that is among the top ten currencies in the world.

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