CyberMiles – Optimized For E-commerce And For Mainstream Adoption

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CyberMiles – Optimized For E-commerce And For Mainstream Adoption

CyberMiles – New game-changing CyberMiles blockchain protocol has been developed and designed for the sole purpose of optimizing the business, market-related applications. CyberMiles blockchain technology is being developed by 5xlab which is a development lab just finished ICO blockchain they succeeded. With more than $ 30m worth of the existence of a sign they are sold during the period of the ICO, the project is now very much par with their vision. What distinguished the ICO to others is that CyberMiles own work applications and millions of users while the majority of the ICO project fulfill their work product is far later. The project has received recognition from leading venture capitalists. After several years of hard work and team 5Milies CyberMiles team finally completed the data migration 5miles. FYI, 5miles is a peer-to-peer (e-commerce) platform that is extremely popular in the United States with thousands of users are using their platforms already. Follow-up of migration to Cybermiles blockchain traceable from Cybermiles has CMT wallet that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

About CyberMiles

CyberMiles developed by CyberMiles Foundation. Blockchain CyberMiles next generation is designed and optimized for e-commerce and for mainstream adoption. By targeting the e-commerce and online market, with the collaboration of 5miles CyberMiles Holdings Limited will integrate the latest innovations for power blockchain Smart Business Contract in a chain which is very effective to solve the problem of delays associated with existing blockchains. CyberMiles utility Token Token (CMT), is a master token to fund and empower the new e-commerce applications and projects, such as how Ethereum used for the current generation of ICOS. The most prominent of everything is fully compatible with Ethereum CyberMiles, can execute all contracts and Dapps Ethereum smart! Their official website statement said that it is 100 times faster than Ethereum in terms of transactions per second! Throughout the development of the network, CyberMiles Foundation will support government decentralization platform, with strong involvement by members of the ecosystem.

About 5miles

5miles is standing on the business of e-commerce in the world, connecting consumers with the consumer (C2C) in the US. This application is called 5miles top enterprise application and there are up to 10 million registered users in the US, according to estimates exceed the US $ 3 billion in the total value of transactions in 2017.

In addition, the application 5miles also ranked in the top 10 best shopping app in the United States. On average, the 5miles user spends 24 minutes a day for the application, which is an important factor that makes the application 5miles one e-commerce application that is most attractive in the US.

5miles run by Dr. Lucas Lu, former co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Light In The Box, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). , Additionally, Lucas used to be the first executive director of mobile platform Taobao Alibaba.

What role can CyberMiles play as Blockchain Decentralization and contract creator smart platform?

We can say CyberMiles could be a game changer in the blockchain great because it gives innovators, companies, investors, trustworthy network of different but fast. The following are the places that the team CyberMiles identified as potential targets for them:

  • An identifying decentralized management platform.
  • A small business loan market peer-to-peer
  • A more efficient supply chain
  • Troubleshooting false
  • automatic escrow
  • An ICO platform for E-commerce
  • Fast but cheaper than other networks.
  • Cybermiles coins allow the connection of other platforms to work together to develop
  • Virtual Machine level language and platform-level extension to the smart Ethereum contracts to support e-commerce contracts are complex.
  • Token asset interoperability with other blockchains.

CyberMiles team had completed their Testnet on March 30, 2018, and then they migrate from Ethereum blockchain to Cybermiles blockchain own. And now part of their travel teams, developers toured worldwide, winning many awards for being one of the best projects based blockchain out there!

What is the difference CyberMiles and Ethereum?

CyberMiles (CMT) developed specifically for trade and commercial applications. Commonly used platforms tend to be less effective for contracts governing certain commercial transactions because the platform was not born to serve this purpose. Instead, CM is currently being developed to build a smart contract module to maximize the effectiveness of information technology required for the timely completion of the transaction.

CyberMiles is the next generation of smart blockchain to contract. CyberMiles business contracts are intelligently designed to be more powerful than smart Ethereum contracts. This will be the next generation Ethereum (ETH).

Cybermiles optimized for e-commerce applications. It will provide a vast library of smart business deals involving e-commerce. This has created a strong CyberMiles able to build commercial applications decentralization.

As ETH from Ethereum, applications made from CyberMiles can use the CMT to release their own ICO. The amount of more than $ 1 trillion is the size of the market for e-commerce applications.

CyberMiles can support tens of thousands of transactions (TPS) per second through the most advanced stage combines the ideas of the most advanced and the most advanced features of Evidence Stake (PoS) machines have consensus. According to the charter signed a contract, today Ethereum only supports 10 polling stations.

Because CMT is optimized for the use of e-commerce, it is designed to simplify the payment authorizations such as Ripple (XRP). XRP arranging deals between big banks while the CMT task is to regulate transactions between e-commerce and financial units where each unit is equipped with the same ability and strength. each unit has the right to start a conversation.

CyberMiles Features

CyberMiles advertise all these aspects for his blockchain-based market;

  1. An experienced team:
    5miles have a great journey leading companies clean, and they have launched one of the largest consumer markets in the world.
  2. Commercial applications:
    CyberMiles has stated that the ecosystem is equipped for industrial use, and smart contract can be used to solve real market needs. They diagrams to combine these modules into their current ecosystems 5miles to prove its use in a large and lively market.
  3. Open Collaboration and Development:
    5miles plans to build a market where the contract CyberMiles CyberMiles module can be a licensed application or at the same time developed with different platforms.
  4. Striking a balance between efficiency and Compatibility:
    blockchains traditionally emphasized decentralization and compatibility across the entire network with the price of efficiency. This may limit the attractiveness and usability for the end application. CyberMiles, on the other hand, will focus attention on industrial applications and use protocols to ensure an excellent balance between effectiveness and compatibility vertical community.

Overall, CyberMiles see the platform as the best ecosystem for improvement – especially among business enterprises looking for solutions that effectively P2P market.

CMT Wallet


It is believed that after the process TestNet Travis, CyberMiles team will provide a better application of what can be done Ethereum. TestNet on March 30 will CyberMiles proof safe function. As they say, CyberMiles safer than Ethereum, unable to stop the bug common smart contract and also supports on-chain governance process that sounds like it is really a big project. Dr. Michael Yuan, on his blog saying exactly what we will see when CyberMiles TestNet Travis served. “After Travis TestNet goes online, we will be working on some very interesting features to improve CyberMiles blockchain beyond what can Ethereum do. For starters, we are building a virtual machine highly optimized and enterprise-ready to support many business contracts from. box at a very high performance we are also working on bringing the asset to blockchain Ethereum us – not hard blockchain Ethereum fork, but in a collaborative way so that the assets can be exchanged easily in blockchains “. Quite impressive and is looking forward to things.

The final goal of CyberMiles is to revolutionize how E-commerce and the market works. With so many newcomers, exciting projects with innovative ideas in technology blockchain and trust them to me to think CyberMiles decentralization platform reaches its destination as mentioned in the whitepaper nominal them so they will be a great attraction for the user’s blockchain. We know that CyberMiles contact-based smart programming language which is the most popular out there such as Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, etc. This is another great things from the team CyberMiles because most developers from various projects can smoothly use contracts intelligent CyberMiles Token to running their code on the platform CM.

Cybermiless (CMT token) has been registered in Binance, Okex, and CoinMarketCap, this time in Binance CMT transaction volume greater than Okex (722 BTC). Price on Binance fluctuated at 0.039 USD. It is expected to add to the floor in the future. You can buy and sell Binance CMT on the floor now.


CyberMiles is blockchain platform built by 5miles, one of the leading consumer markets to consumers in the world, in partnership with 5xlab, a technology company blockchain. The goal is to create a platform caters specifically for commercial use and market. The platform consists of a smart contract, virtual machine, intermediate-layer software stacks off-chains, and other features.

To know the latest information about the CyberMiles project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the CyberMiles team, I just give you the latest ICO info”