CurioInvest – The Latest Automotive Sector Investment Platform

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CurioInvest – The Latest Automotive Sector Investment Platform

Curioinvest – Currently the crowdfunding system is synonymous with online fundraising activities provided funds for social programs are no longer. Because if we keep track of the crowdfunding means that the fund-raising activities, this event has a very wide range of uses, or we can say, is not to restrict a particular purpose, no exceptions. Therefore, at this time so many who have creative ideas of entrepreneurs crowdfunding project covers the entire business or finance. Therefore, we can analyze and highs, some people no longer need to spend a lot of time searching for potential investors.

To do crowdfunding, of course, also have to have a full or platform can be trusted by the public. This is because, in addition to not restrict the target, crowdfunding let us invest or give them money. Therefore, this also leads to Curioinvest crowdfunding concept of the business enterprise.

Curioinvest presented in the business, which involves the car as an asset or a main agent commercial success of new sensations and warrants. Currently, the Panel may have been designed with all groups of investment procedures. As we all know people who have different characteristics. It’s not only when viewed from a pattern of behavior, but also has its own level of economic capacity. See Curioinvest also have high expectations, investment measures are designed not only to collect network, but also to expand the network.


However, no matter how promising at first glance, it also has a number of related issues. All aspects of every car collector affect a large number of acquisitions. For the current problems have a full understanding, I propose to consider some of them:

  • First, many investors may be the most difficult thing facing car collection, so the car to check the authenticity of the complex. Because this does not always work and budget;
    The second common problem is that the investment in this area, as well as in private clubs, membership is worth the necessary additional costs involved in another high-transaction threshold in some cases;
  • Common problems such as are the third increase in the cost of trade around the lack of liquidity, as well as its opacity rotate;
  • Closed four similar problems with their capital positions, this should not only able to buy a car collector, but also to ensure that it, and requires a small amount of the allocation of funds for high-level maintenance, to maintain the condition of the car right shape.

Of course, each of these issues is an important part of the industry overall. However, in the complex, they represent a large number of riders to prevent our world to be a very profitable investment direction is a very important part of the barrier.

The Design Features

As with other projects, the global CurioInvest has its own goals and plans, the entire structure of the new blockchain space on this basis to further build. This is why CurioInvest attempt to go on a global stage to collect a security token to play a major role.

I do not think you have to take too long to explain what this means. This means that all users will be able to sign CurioInvest involved in purchasing a high-quality collection vehicle and receive all the protection and the protection of purchased assets relevant procedures. In addition, all the features and options will blockchain network, where each transaction will be stored securely and can be of a transparent structure hacker protection interventions.

The first step to cut Curioinvest money is to make the selection process a car, which is very concerned about this process is the main thing in Shiyongjiazhi and values ​​contained in motor vehicle sales. Select all the cars that have passed the course will be placed in buildings of all types in line with the standardization of car care, located in Germany. Select the country is also not without reason, because Germany is a history that has been made, by far, one of the many global automotive brands was started by him. Therefore, many scientists who study the world of the circular or automotive world in this country.

After all the selection phase is completed, the second step is the high level of profitability of the car production process for investment or monetization. As described above, in Curioinvest mission is to expand the business network investment. Therefore, the crowdfunding system will be in place, in order to raise some funds to cover the price of the car. Capital collected later. Then the next step is to sell the car at auction, directly and indirectly (online). When the auction is able to penetrate the market price, and then automatically profit crowdfunding investors who participate or who will get a percentage. If the car does not penetrate the market price, the investor will only be refunded automatically according to the amount of investment in the future given.
Already invested by the investors’ money has been used Curioinvest token, which will have an exchange of equal value. If the token intentionally provides the main guarantee for investors, investors who may have a high interest and other serious potential investors token ownership transactions. Therefore, this type of investment can be sustained for mutual investment ecosystem.

It is not possible to design storing important data, you can also refine a lot of funds in and out of calculation or computation process technology or data management system is an easy thing. All types of data stored Curioinvest confidential document is legally binding. In fact, this does not only apply to CurioInvest but also applies to the entire corporate system. Therefore, he decided to choose Blockchain technology systems that can monitor and ensure smooth investment.


CurioInvest investment purpose is to make everyone in the collection of investments and the income from the car. With a tokenized and investment-grade car, CurioInvest collection will open the car market to thousands of new investors.

The CurioInvest a good record in the team black Mercuria AG investment vehicle trading profits class, and cooperation with Mechatronics Co., Ltd., provides storage and maintenance required for membership of the vehicles. This partnership will enable cost-effective way CurioInvest to manage the entire life cycle of investment and utilize.

CurioInvest purpose is to become the world’s leading security tokens to collect purchases and trading platform.

Curioinvest Run Their Business

Curioinvest a series of options, choose the car has Shiyongjiazhi and competitive value. This selection process would involve many dedicated teams of experts in the automotive sector. selection of antique cars will likely go into the investment market. Because every buyer would have different tastes and purchase target. For example, only meets the hobby of collecting passion or hobby automotive products.

Cars that have to be stored in a special care facility in Germany. The owner can directly or through Skype will monitor the car.

Curioinvest will find and collect investors willing to invest money in the car. Where we can by analogy, if the car has an estimated cost of $ 10 billion, it is estimated that there will be five investors who invest as much money each, with $ 2 billion. In addition, 2 billion worth of funds through the replacement Curionvest mark.

Then, this token can be exchanged for other investors.

The car will be traded in the auction trading system. If the price of the car is higher than the selling price and covers all maintenance costs, investors will automatically benefit. For example, the sales price of $ 10 billion, and then rise to $ 20 billion. So according to the Master Agreement, investors will return to the token, and access to the major capital investment of $ 2 billion, plus an agreed percentage of the profits. Where this will Curioinvest take advantage as high as 25%.

If the price of the car will be auctioned at the sale price is lower than the initial price of the sale. Investors will then automatically get only large investment funds have been agreed.

How Does It Work, To Invest In High-value Assets

There are several workways, I will explain as follows:

Step 1: Become a Certified User

  • E-mail your address list
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Verify your identity

Step 2: Investment

  • By adding a fundraiser to collect the car and other investments.
  • Please confirm your acceptance of investment certificates in the car.
  • Once enough money has been collected, antique cars.
  • Additionally, produces and distributes automotive replacement certificate token to investors.

Step 3: Monitoring and Diversification

  • Trade your token point.
  • Track vehicle performance.
  • Buying a new token to build your garage and diversify your investments.


The advantage of the system through a collection of the classic car market, then everything is much easier than you might think at first glance:

  1. First, CurioInvest, as a symbolic asset, will be able to provide liquidity assets of the customer’s investment. But also rule out the other, the so-called “preferential” wasted 20/30%, in the form of overpayments;
  2. Second, the risk CurioInvest symbolic system will allow the collection of all car enthusiasts associated with the asset investment diversification. Therefore, by allocating your money in two different cars share the same;
  3. Third, thanks to the blockchain network platform to provide all of its users CurioInvest independent environmental, reliable, secure and transparent. When the user will be able to eliminate the collection of cars, such as bureaucracy, high costs, limited barriers to entry, without other conditions, as well as to exclude any of your transactions from a number of intermediaries who would like to take this negative aspect of your traditional markets tidbit.

In addition, CurioInvest benefits do not stop there. After all, the most important thing now is, no more than the appearance of the existing subsidiaries CurioInvest logically appropriate solution Mercuria AG CurioInvest black again. This in turn by the major car companies like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and more than 500 other collections of rare car brand has multiple partnerships.

Team and Partners

Core team

  1. Fernando Verboonen – Founder & CEO 
    Before CurioInvest Capital, Fernando served as the CEO at Mercuria Helvetica, a fintech investment firm specializing in exotic cars. Fernando’s extensive experience includes participating in the exit of Swiss portfolio firm CVC. He has also worked at Sunrise and an ETH spin-off, Kooba. Additionally, Fernando was involved in venture capital projects in software at Siemens VC. He started his career at Mercedes Benz.
  2. Fernando holds an MSc from ETH Zürich with training at Oxford and is an ESKAS Fellow.
  3. Valerie Halter – Co-Founder & CEO 
    International Business Developer with +8 years experience in the financial industry supporting Vontobel and Mercuria Helvetica, with a focus on highly exclusive cars.
  4. Valerie is a car enthusiast
    With gasoline in her veins. After working in the banking sector, she decided to pursue her passion for cars and shifted her focus to the fintech sector.
  5. Jan Van den Broeck MA – Legal & Compliance
    Jan provides CurioInvest with independent legal advice to ensure regulatory compliance and a smooth onboarding process for investors. He works as an external consultant at Google in San Francisco, specializing in automotive search features. Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Jan gained experience as an in-house lawyer at an investment firm in Belgium. He holds a master’s degree in financial law.
  6. Vladimir Kislinkskii MSc – Chief Technology Officer
    Prior to joining CurioInvest, Vladimir led tech development for numerous DLT projects. He is an expert in Solidity and is currently focused on the DAICO concept for the CurioInvest environment.

Advisory Board

CurioInvest assembled an advisory board consisting of highly successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

  1. Tom Frey
    Dr. Tom Frey has been working for Baumgartner Mächler since 2009 in the area of civil law and civil procedural law. His work has a main focus on litigation proceedings in the banking sector as well as in other corporate law matters and disputes. In addition, he advises and represents clients in contract, employment, and tenancy law matters as well as in the area of data protection and legal matters relating to the blockchain technology. Admitted to the Swiss Bar.
  2. Matthias Niedermüller PhD
    Securities Law DLT Advisor to Liechtenstein Crypto Exchange together with Jimmy Wales.
  3. Harald Steiger
    Board member and advisor of several Swiss startups. Car collector.
  4. Frank Rickert
    Mechatronik CEO, among Europe’s biggest private collection car garages.
  5. Antoine Verdon, MSc
    CEO Proxeus, Crypto investor, advisor, and entrepreneur.
  6. Boris Paskalev, MIT 
    CEO of Deep Code
    Project Manager & Strategist

CurioInvest’s Partners

  • Mechatronik Fahrzeug AG
    Mechatronik is experts when it comes to the maintenance, storage, and restoration of collectible vehicles.
  • Mercuria Helvetica
    Mercuria Helvetica advises clients on how to strategically invest in vehicles. The firm also provides a wide range of services in the premium vehicle sector.
    RABAG is a company specialized in the storage of collectible vehicles.


CurioInvest summary of the review, I just wanted to add a few important words. The project activities will be done to register. As the founder of this team has been through all the necessary legal procedures in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In addition, the Liechtenstein legal framework allows CurioInvest throughout the EU, as well as in Norway and Iceland countries actually legally distribute it, such as tokens, through sales.

Therefore, on the basis of all the above, you have a great opportunity to get to know this project deeper, more thorough, go to the official source projects. After all, you will find all the necessary information about CurioInvest technical and development team official to talk telegram. Where any time, you can ask all your questions.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the CurioInvest team, I just give you the latest ICO info”