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CryptoSouk – Your Gateway To Crypto World

CryptoSouk – We believe that currently concentrated in the Middle East and the Arab Monetary unique centralized trading opportunity. We also believe that trade is the main business and, if necessary, to create a company to create a more immersive experience and can not be used. In the Middle East, there are a lot of traders and investors who want higher service and private prisoners are not interested in detail either. They also want to have a culture that allows trading partners to the platform in the region, and to change their language. They can participate in this growing economic phenomenon, rather than technical. This collection of technical experts and the foreign exchange and local experts who can provide a unique Arabic. Our bid is to provide trade bitcoin, revenge, litecoin, ripple, running, Zcash and Monero were originally launched in the platform area. We anticipate that we will be able to provide these coins will also help us gain new customers for the exchange, too.

Introduction To Cryptosouk

Today, in general and passwords, especially into blockchain very hot topic, and discussions are being discussed everywhere from offices, offices, cafes, restaurants, and even on the beach. They discuss all the hot topics like blockchain of application blockchain to live, ICO false information, the value of Bitcoin …… But overall, they surrounded the issue, an electronic currency trading. And meet in the Middle East in particular and the entire global demand for electronic money transactions, Cryptosouk project was born.

CryptoSouk has been launched from Kuwait Vincent and the Grenadines and electronic currency trading platform. The exchange will be launched at the beginning of the third quarter of 2018, Bitcoin transaction support, revenge, litecoin, ripple, running, Zcash and Monero. The company plans to continue to add support for additional asset transaction encryption, the company believes that beyond a certain minimum. Cryptosouk exchange also lets you download your electronic billing account. Based on the expertise of the founder, Cryptosouk selected partners to help provide Cryptosouk Cryptosouk trading platforms, liquidity and funding options.

Cryptosouk vision is to build a variety of skill levels of traders generation digital asset exchange, the aim is to make access to all digital currency transactions. Cryptosouk also committed to strengthening and rapid, cost-effective trading, world-class customer service, and creative ideas are endless to improve the customer experience.

Why CryptoSouk?

Reliability combines a rich feature set

  • Enjoy the best digital asset exchange, which focuses on trading for beginners, digital currency demand in the field of professional traders and experts. We will work to ensure access to digital currency trading, rapid and complete security.
  • The engine of FIG.
  • The company has the ability to perform a coordination mechanism 10,000 transactions per second
  • Access to others or provide additional liquidity API
  • 20 + sequence variants, including but not limited to: a transaction or terminate, the IOC, the limit stop.
  • To KYC / AML, bank / PSP and tighter integration
  • And cold / warm / hot wallet system that combines protection rules
  • Interaction with traditional infrastructure and DLT

Top-line user interface transactions

CryptoSouk is a trading and financial technology leading company. We have set the focus on the needs of professional traders and experts in currency exchange best digital assets. We are committed to digital currency transactions are easy, fast and totally secure.

Fiat digital currency transactions or large, we provide all of the major currency pairs and your digital Fiat deal.

Cryptosouk advantages

Top users an intuitive user interface

  • CryptoSouk is a trading and financial technology leading company. Cryptosouk experts have been formed to focus on the needs of professional traders and the best digital content digital currency exchange. Cryptosouk dedicated to making digital currency transactions are easy, fast and totally secure.
  • Transactions major digital currency or legal tender
  • Cryptosouk as long as you like all major digital transactions and legal currency pair.

Purchase Order Book

Updating your Cryptosouk purchase orders in real-time screen buy and sell orders, calculate and disseminate the scene, so you can always lock the lowest profit margins, and get the best deal. Cryptosouk booking system will automatically calculate the costs and including the frame of their price, so you always know what you see is what you will pay. For larger orders, Cryptosouk report block transactions to ensure that the market does not move in front of you is the ability of your order. order types can be used on a regular basis and block the transaction, including market, limit, stop and six other categories.

Transaction Tracking

To help you keep track of transactions and records of transactions, including storing graphics platform Cryptosouk current view as a JPEG Built-in capabilities. Cryptosouk also provides a self-measurement tool to determine the area to find the time and the percentage change in price changes, so you do not have to do it manually. Finally, Cryptosouk provides users create a variety of custom reports, commerce, trading activities, treasury operations and the ability to insert and save as CSV facilitate the return path. , exchange platform, built from high-level programming experts and electronic money bottom to top, highlighting the redundancy, accuracy, and speed. Cryptosouk platform for building custom embedded database StreamDB and integrated error checking and multi-targeting. Cryptosouk also copies all real-time data exchange and backup, so your transactions and user data are always secure.


  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Name: Souk
  • Token Ticker: Souk
  • Token Price: @ $ 0.50

Pre sale

  • $ 0.375
  • 25% off
  • Soft Cap – $ 1 million
  • Launch Date – July 9, 2018
  • Duration – 30 Days

Primary Sales

  • $ 0.5
  • Hard Cap – $ 11 million
  • Launch Date – August 22, 2018
  • Duration – 30 Days


Is this company a good investment for you? If you believe in the power of artificial intelligence, yes. CRYPTOSOUK developers are confident they will be able to achieve some success in this area. AI is likely to increase more in the future, as well as the cost of the company and sign it.

CRYPTOSOUK could be a good long-term investment for you because there is a possibility that the company will provide you with a return on investment but in the future. If you have enough patience, it will be a good investment in this company.

Here is my all search information and is currently being implemented by a team of their own to you, if the knowledge described in this article is to describe the project CRYPTOSOUK vulnerability, do not worry, I have established a link to obtain accurate information of course, you can speak directly with your reference to the founder or team.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the CryptoSouk team, I just give you the latest ICO info”