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Cryptoknowmics – Biggest Cryptocurrency Media Platform

Cryptoknowmics – Blockchain technology certainly, the most discussed topic of the most sought after today. This is the main reason why the discussion is because of most of the big different fields and sectors and the tremendous impact that application. Some local application of this technology has been applied include fields: banking, finance, entertainment, agricultural industrialization, supply chain, health, transportation, and information technology. Overall world development and progress, shocked by the use of technology blockchain in each region are recorded level.

Blockchain has been lacking behind the use of technology, and do not have this technology in the media industry can not develop and the media industry and media industry great progress. In order to develop the media industry, called the new blockchain CRYPTOKNOWMICS based on the project started, leading to the development, also completely change the entire media industry. The whole world believes that decentralization issues facing humanity, to achieve this goal, the way blockchain technology will need to adopt in each department.


Since Bitcoin established in 2009, cryptocurrencies have seen people around the world to create new products, services, markets and investment opportunities for unprecedented growth and potential.

Cryptocurrencies quickly captured the public interest, they are fast becoming common in everyday affairs. This creates a huge demand for encrypted messages and encryption-related products and services. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, encryption and related media sites on the Internet. However, almost all the media is concentrated in one or several encryptions or professional aspects of space. Therefore, people often need access to the resources/platform to meet their needs, because there is no single reliable source or platform that can effectively and efficiently serve the needs of almost all market segments encryption. On the other hand, this situation may be faced with the challenge of encryption products/services Promoter reached the mass market without expensive exercise.

Marketing And Communication Is A Challenge

Targeting the marketing of encryption products and services, and manage online public relations and market encryption in the current market situation is a major challenge. This is partly due to the resources in the encryption industry, so that the spread of the issues discussed earlier, that there were, and are widely used encryption industry almost everyone without a single platform. Advertisers can use the multi-channel campaigns tend to be expensive and difficult to manage. Many major media platforms that do not provide encryption advertising and promotion policies, which further exacerbates the problem.

For example, Google and Facebook have been banned / or restrict the advertising of encrypted encryption makes it very difficult for advertisers and promoters in their platform to reach the mass market. On the other hand, this situation presents a new solution while helping consumers make decisions, to fill this gap in the market of great opportunity.

For example, the following chart shows various typical marketing approach to promote the use of ICO. This clearly shows how difficult it is typical ICO marketing campaign would be costly and complicated in the current market situation.

The Lack Of Resources Of The World

Trading in the stock market is more stable cryptocurrency market and open market, investors and consumers are often forced to rely on a number of different channels to seek and obtain reliable information, such as news sites, bulletin, communication, social media and search engines. For the stock market, for example, anyone can read the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal and the information is accurate and reliable analysis available.


Cryptoknowmics build all the features of the platform spread-in-one that includes encryption almost every aspect of the room and will be a significant source of information and reliable services in the industry. In other words, it is the establishment of the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal encryption a lot of additional features in the world. The innovations of the platform are the incentive to take the platform, almost any content strategy for their actions.

About Cryptoknowmics

Cryptoknowmics is a good portal and participating in a dispersion medium to encrypt every aspect of the world. Our goal is the biggest room media encryption platform and hopes that all the information and services offered to our customers. The real innovation is reflected in our platform content strategy.

Cryptoknowmics About

We feature news, videos, live performances, activities, analysis of market fundamentals, dApps, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchange, purses, depth analysis of the market and learning in-depth modules and tutorials to help hobby and traders get a better understanding of the world’s understanding of a complex password, to understand the market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and provide our customers with a complete overview and detailed technical and market analysis. We also help job seekers in encryption and businessmen, who registered their names and information on our platform.
We also will have an open forum where users can express their opinions in there and have a one on one conversation with an expert or talk to each other, and to create an intelligent and harmonious podium. Crypto API and contains prices and trends in the trading platform on global indices around the world also will be integrated into the platform. We will demonstrate advanced arbitration module, which includes more than 200 coins/tokens and 20,000 partners, which will allow traders to hedge encryption and easy to produce.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency, and constantly strive to maintain consistency. We will continue our efforts to grow and develop, structure and technology. To ensure credibility, we put all our articles and press releases do a thorough screening process by Bianjirenyuan us very well. Currently, we apply artificial intelligence to eliminate false news and ensure that our customers get the most accurate information, appropriate and varied. In order to maintain consistently accurate, we review the market, and with a good comb regularly exchange.


  • Real-time news integrated 3000source
  • A comprehensive review of the global market
  • Audience targeting based on Ai
  • This tutorial provides market information
  • AI-based on the elimination of false news

The platform includes the following components:

  • Crypto news and updates
  • Crypto news aggregation
  • Crypto index
  • Market & price analysis
  • Crypto blog
  • Listing and rating of ICOs, STOs, and IEOs
  • Listing of tokens and coins
  • DApp listing & review
  • Crypto gaming platform
  • Crypto exchange & wallet listing
  • Crypto discussion forum
  • Crypto event listing
  • Crypto jobs/freelance marketplace
  • Airdrop listing and management
  • ICO launchpad
  • Blockchain tutorials and certificate courses

Technical Info

  • Cloud-Native on AWS with MongoDB for unstructured data
  • My SQL for structured data
  • NODE JS – web and mobile backend and Rest API’s
  • HTML & React JS – frontend user experience
  • Apache Kafka
  • Storm
  • Zookeeper
  • Blockchain-based identity storage for user signup and their data security
  • Ruby, JavaScript
  • Mobile App – Android ● Google’s AngularJS
  • Mobile App – IOS ● Swift with Apple Xcode toolkit

ICO launchpad

Cryptoknowmics ICO started fast in support of the project introduction / STO new ICO. It makes ICO The ICO project easily collect their money and fast and secure environment in a public or private sale of tokens assigned to the buyer. Shortly after the token list ICO, cryptoknowmics exchange. In addition, the launch of a plan to hold ICOS, and specific trade obligations IEOs project offers a variety of services. These services include:

  • Product suggestions regarding symbolic token to blockchain
  • Support Creative: ICO website/logo design, brand consulting
  • Technical support: white papers, contracts, and intelligent inspection and custom development
  • Legal support: to review the terms and conditions and privacy policy
  • Support Team: Looking for the rights of the Advisory Committee of Experts
  • Promotional support: Consultation digital advertising, including social media promotion
  • Public relations and event management: looking for public relations activities, such as lectures, participation, and sponsorship


For online businesses, sponsor representatives customize the content and/or may or may not include display advertising, brand identity, advertising and advertorial headline advertisers to create the experience. global sponsorship market which is currently valued at more than US $ 65 billion.

Sponsors may component is one of several categories:

  • Spotlight: a collection of built-in content and housing brand advertisers typically about theme customization page.
  • Advertising Game: range can be purchased from the advertiser about the game or sponsored ad unit, creating a custom-branded gaming experience via a link.
  • Content and section sponsorship: Sponsored ads when a specific part of an advertiser’s brand really reskinned (there is usually content) Web sites or e-mail.
  • Sweepstakes and contests: from lottery brand in the range of sites for brand competition full of opinions and judgments.

Sponsors will continue prestigious and profitable company more focused, directed at a small increase in funding for human rights, is expected to remain below two per cent in many cases. This is because the sponsors are looking forward to the creation and performance to create a perfect partnership

Cryptoknowmics Token Info

Cryptoknowmics Token Info

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Cryptoknowmics Token Distribution

Cryptoknowmics Use of Funds

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Cryptoknowmics Roadmap


Cryptoknowmics Team


Cryptoknowmics Advisor

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