CrypCore – A Platform To Solve Crypto Currency Problems From Obstacles Around Price Stability

CrypCore – A Platform To Solve Crypto Currency Problems From Obstacles Around Price Stability

Crypcore – Many people use encryption for a variety of reasons, some people use it for business, others regard it as an asset, some people regard it as an investment tool. critics encryption saw it as “nothing” to create a valuable asset, their argument based on the fact that they do not have the physical form of money is encrypted, but they do not see is that Fiat money, in support of their arguments even created out of thin air is not supported, so this is taken from the Latin word fiat means “do not do” the government says it is money, so it is treated as capital

Encryption currency created by mathematical proof, and relies on cryptography and mathematics to ensure that each transaction is secure. By this logic, encryption and currency are purely based encryption and math backed the government’s confidence in the currency. Instead of encrypting the user a good amount of money using passwords, because they see it as legal tender, which is a real hope “thin air” better choice. Do people choose to use encryption objectives, but also must meet the requirements of the basic benefits of price stability and the anonymous.

A password is the biggest drawback is the volatility of the price of money, which makes it unsuitable for some basic applications, to solve the problem of “stable” is set coin prices encryption assets in a bank account held by a legal tender is to create price volatility. While this may seem like work, is contrary to the core purpose is to get people to use the encrypted one currency. To solve this problem, we propose to make the price will be determined and the maintenance of stable mortgage coins through a very simple mathematical formula currency but with other encryption.

What is the purpose of Crypcore?

Creating a stable price coin, a password using the currency has stabilized around bottlenecks, fluctuations in solving the problem. Since joining the encryption coins stable space has done well, but there are still many improvements to make. Especially in the area of ​​mortgage encryption coins. This paper discusses creating a stable mortgage encrypted coin, the possibility of pure encrypted communications, the solvency of the system and protocol combinations Cryptonote. CrypCore is about creating opportunities for compulsory solvency system, eliminating the password asset wild fluctuations in price, while giving CrypCore growth. CrypCore digital underlying assets and the solvency of the mortgage system to ensure price stability password combination.

How CrypCore work?

CrypCore of Monero completely anonymous Cryptonote bifurcation built-in encryption and security protocols, which unites solvency CrypCoreecosystem equality, pure and Cryptonote exchange encryption protocols to create a stable price and stability of the average realized price of collateral growth and coins impact of price fluctuations.

For this purpose CrypCore work with a completely different way to the traditional coin stabilize the currency is stable, we will call it Dynamic Stability coins (DSC). CrypCore will cost exchanges CrypCore collateral received, this charge will be added to the mortgage CrypCore coins always increase the guarantee and therefore maintain price stability CrypCore. CrypCore traditional encryption is not regarded as a stable currency coin, but new ways and innovative ways to maintain price stability in the currency space encryption.

Problems and Solutions

Some publishers too much power: unstable coin can be efficiently taken up by the issuer at any time from circulation. For example, the tether can provide a comprehensive agreement and revoke the token representation blockchain. With this CrypCore unlikely, because the technology is the foundation CrypCore in.

In this issue: with a stable majority of the coin is a big problem, they are issued in the same manner Zhongyangyinhang currency issue, which makes them fragile and vulnerable to the issue of inflation because the amount of currency in circulation is determined by the emitter will not have CrypCore this problem Cryptonote protocol logic, and can be seen by all.

Collateral instability virtual: virtual collateral itself is not stable, so use it to support a stable coin difficult and confusing. At the end of this article, you will see CrypCore how you want to solve this problem.

Highly regulated: Fiat coin pegged to a stable and highly regulated to limit the traditional banking system.

Expensive, slow clearing and Procurement: Because most stable supplier of coins, you need to send money to your account, which will charge a stable bank liquidation coins can be slow. Procurement could also slow because you sometimes need to be KYC procedures and the transfer of funds can sometimes take several days.

Intelligent contract complex: to understand the problem of making encrypted digital assets such as mortgage wear. For ordinary users, everyday terms seemed too complicated. CrypCore will achieve solvency system very simple formula that is easy to understand formula and parameters.

Price CrypCore CrypCore held in Exchange

CrypCore is a dynamic and stable coin, CrypCore price changes will occur from time to time based on market conditions, such as the stability of traditional CrypCore coins will not be pegged. Organized CrypCore ecosystems, prevent price fluctuations in CrypCore.

Stable Prices

CrypCore utilized CrypCore exchange, to keep prices stable, the price will change sometime this mechanism is determined based on the price as transparent CrypCore find the white paper and the following sections.


CrypCore of Monero considered the best asset in the encryption market bifurcation money when it comes to privacy, CrypCore uses the signature ring, secret affairs, and stealth address.


CrypCore various wallets, so it is easy to use and makes it easier to get a wide range of people. Who cooperates with Monero developers will find it very easy to integrate into their CrypCore project.

Developer Documentation

CrypCore of monero bifurcation, and use the same API, then the RPC and RPC daemon Wallets are available, the difference between the maximum and Monero CrypCore unit

Cryptonote Protocol

Cryptonote Protocol is an application layer protocol made to solve the problems associated with credit-bit protocol. Cryptonote first appeared in the 2012 White Paper on the basis of a breakthrough on October 17, 2013, the agreement Cryptonote most popular coin Monero (CrypCore shot from Monero) and bytecoin. Cryptonote’s password based on the work of E. Fujisaki and K. Suzuki made a “signature can be traced back in the ring.”

Crypto Wallet

CrypCore purpose was to visit even non-technical users, the wallet will provide a variety of platforms. There will be a command-line desktop purse wallet, purse and wallet network hardware. Network development for Android and iPhone wallet purse once completed, will begin. This site is under construction wallet, you can find the image below.

CrypCore Exchange

CrypCore exchanges will play a very important role in the management of CrypCore price. To do the things that must be done CrypCore Securities in an unconventional way. Solvency very simple formula will determine the price of the underground. Issued by major institutions in the normal and stable token coins, but the exchange CrypCore will not be able to make a token, but the exploitation of each coin. This is because of the privacy and security of our users is very important. Cryps ordered to maintain its value, exploitation, and utilization of money in circulation beginning CrypCore securities held. Crypt conducted by the Exchange will not be considered extraordinary.

For example, if a user buys X Cryps (C) its number of bitcoin deposits (B) of the X.

1. The buyer accepts deposits and Xb XC

2. If the increase in the exchange of 50% and loans increased CrypCore bit xB is now worth 30% CrypCore (X + X 50 X + 30 %%) C

3. If the credit-bit and a 50% increase xB CrypCore exchange Xc 30% CrypCore present value (X – x 50 is X + 30 %%) C

Dynamic Pricing System Stabilization (DPSS)

It is CrypCore use to maintain a stable price system. 30% of revenue is added to the mortgage and 20% savings in the pool of collateral stable (CSP). When guarantee stable prices play pool CrypCore falls within a certain time frame of 10%. Its function is encrypted with the main pool money from this pool of collateral to maintain a fixed price.

The limitations of the current model of stable coins

When the coins to be stable in the wrong way, the idea of ​​ stable common coin design is its price target should maintain the idea is that if the minimum price change is achieved through a mechanism that stabilized assets. However, this is not true, stability should not be seen as a target price but maintain stability should be a function of demand, supply, and value.


  • Q2 2019
    Idea Realisation & Research
    $50,000 private funding
  • Q3 2019
    Architecture Design & Whitepaper publication
  • Q4 2019
  • Launch CrypCore Instant Exchange
    Launch block Explorer
    Start trading CrypCore on exchanges
  • Q1 2020
    Launch Web Wallet
  • Q2 2020
    Launch Mobile Wallet
  • Q3 2020
    Launch New features for CrypCore Exchange

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