CrowdCoinage – The Interactive Ethereum Blockchain Platform For The Future Of Funding

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CrowdCoinage – The Interactive Ethereum Blockchain Platform For The Future Of Funding

CrowdCoinage – We are building up a group where early organizers can discover dream colleagues (eg engineers, architects, attorneys, and others). What’s more, individuals who are searching for self-acknowledgment when beginning a business will have the capacity to find their fantasy employments (eg marketing specialists who are searching for work while beginning a business).

Other than Bringing People Together, We Do Same with Marketplace and Finance.

In the meantime, all experts and specialists who adore the possibility of working on an awesome FinTech startup, however for reasons unknown have not discovered the correct test they can send their application to the CrowdCoinage OS commercial center and sit tight for originators or Startups to make an occupation searcher offer cannot be rejected.

CrowdCoinage OS will give originators diverse new businesses the chance to speak with each other and find gifted experts with exceptional skill to enable them to amass the winning group of engineers, business designers, advertisers and PR individuals.

What is CrowdCoinage

CrowdCoinage is intending to build up a multipurpose OS that offers an extensive variety of administrations and that isolates them from the other comparable tasks that are generally centered around one particular region and utilization of the digital currencies and it is based over the Ethereum square chain. The essential rendition of the CrowdCoinage OS permits new companies, programming engineers, land speculators, and so on to dispatch and oversee crowdfunding and ICO crusades. To be liable to related enrollments and licenses, campaigners can offer profits or value tokens that will be unreservedly tradable in cryptocurrency trades.

The E-residency program offered by Estonia is an imaginative advance which has driven numerous organizations to open a business in Estonia. No more a thought must be chosen by the best affluent people or Banks however individuals turned into the wellspring of improvement and capital. CrowdCoinage is situated in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is an innovation-driven nation and the origin of innovation heavyweights, for example, Skype and TransferWise. Defining and accomplishing high objectives is a piece of Estonian DNA, so there is no special case for CrowdCoinage either.

CrowdCoinage OS (ICO) Campaigns Advantages:

The OS makes it basic for authors to deal with all that is required for a fruitful ICO. There will be permeability in postings, the capacity to be found with specific labels or by means of inquiry, itemized sees with writings, originators’ pictures and recordings.

The commercial center would significantly more refreshing after their ICO, in light of the fact that then they would have the capacity to stand to enlist more experts in their group. With the assistance of the techniques given by the OS and blockchain originators will have the capacity to dispatch their ICOs, pre-ICOs, and other crowdfunding efforts. The OS will give the authors a large number of the administrations and apparatuses fundamental to effective dispatch of these sorts’ crusades while guaranteeing security and believability by the utilization of blockchain advancements. They will have robotized instruments to create smart contracts and produce their own particular coins to help in raising assets. As the OS will permit mixes with two noteworthy trades and considerably more mixes, later on, it will spare the authors significant assets that can be utilized all the more viable for instance to additionally build up their tasks. They shouldn’t be upset with troubles and the extensive measure of specialized subtle elements.

Advantages of CrowdCoinage

  • Locate the missing riddle pieces for your fantasy group
  • Check your plan of action
  • Influence a lift to contribute and discover the bottlenecks your task
  • Gather the trusted surveys and locate your first evangelists
  • Get a discussion on complex specialized issues
  • Help can either be free or paid at CCOS coins, contingent upon the undertaking

The last objective of CCOS is to be the across the board arrangement and offer a wide exhibit of administrations from market to back. CCOS clients — both corporate and private ones — will get to every one of the administrations they require from a solitary platform. Blockchain innovation allows the organization to influence your accounts to become speedier and give better returns.

Open Significance of CrowdCoinage OS

CrowdCoinage OS will enable authors of various new companies to interface with each other and discover gifts experts with particular ranges of abilities to enable them to collect a champ group of designers, business engineers, advertising and PR individuals.

In the meantime all experts and specialists who like working in a wonderful FinTech startup yet for reasons unknown have not discovered an appropriate test yet can present their applications to CrowdCoinage OS work market and sit tight for organizers or new companies to make an offer that a job seeker can’t cannot.

CrowdCoinage Vision

CrowdCoinage OS’s vision is that the group some portion of the CrowdCoinage OS will be significantly more than only an occupation advertise. The organization might want to affirm that it won’t just be where originators and new businesses can discover colleagues yet in addition where they can request help or criticism from different individuals from the group. Perhaps they have to check a plan of action or request some specialized answer for their venture. This could happen either in an open discussion or in a private visit. Help can be for nothing out of pocket or partners might be granted a measure of CCOS coins in light of the quality help. CCOS coins will be openly tradable in different trades.

ICO Structure

  • Token Sale Starts 2018/01/15, Monday
  • Token Sale Period Pre-Sale: 2018/01/15 11 AM EET (UTC/GMT +2) Sale: 2018/01/22 to 2018/03/12
  • Hard Cap 150,000 ETH
  • Pre-Sale Cap 50,000 ETH
  • Pre-Sale Terms 50,000 ETH allocated for pre-sale Minimum purchase during Pre-Sale is 2000 CCOS tokens Up to 30% bonus for early investors
  • Token Symbol CCOS Total Number of Tokens 478,571,428 Tokens sold in this sale 50%
  • Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 1,000 CCOS tokens
  • Limits 150,000 ETH (Hard Cap)
  • Minimum Purchase 500 CCOS tokens
  • Accepted Cryptos ETH, BTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, LTC, ETC, NEO, EUR, PayPal (list will be updated)
  • Adjustability Undistributed tokens will be destroyed by smart contract
  • Listing CCOS tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges right after the token sale ends but not later than 2018/03/30
  • Token Trade Limitation Tokens can be sold 6 months after the end of the token sale

Envisioned Token Holder Benefits In case CrowdCoinage decides to carry out a public offering (IPO) of its own securities and has complied with applicable regulatory requirements to offer the securities in the token holder’s jurisdiction, CCOS tokens may be used to pay for such securities. CCOS tokens may be used as a payment instrument for tokens offered by startups and/or traded using CrowdCoinage OS or for services/products offered by third parties, both assuming that CrowdCoinage has obtained the required licenses to issue payment instruments in the token holder’s jurisdiction.


CrowdCoinage OS HR arrangement is developing the ideal group. A solid group is expected to make it genuine. CrowdCoinage OS is building up a group where start-up organizers can discover dream colleagues (e.g engineers, originators, legal counselors, and so forth.). Furthermore, individuals who are searching for self-acknowledgment in new businesses will have the capacity to find their fantasy employments (e.g marketing specialist searching for work in a start-up).

  • Peep Paum Co-Founder and CEO
  • Tauno Poks Co-founder and CTO
  • Sven Kauber Co-founder and senior developer backend/blockchain
  • Silver Liiv Co-founder and frontend developer
  • Marina Baslina CMO
  • Vinshu Gupta Blockchain Expert
  • Oleksandr Sovenko Senior backend / Solidity Developer
  • Arlis Kopli Frontend Developer
  • Mattias Kurvits Backend Developer


The crowdfunding found another definition as Initial coin offering which influenced individuals to understand the capability of a thought. They have endeavored to handle the key test in the setting up a business. The Platform could be the distinct advantage for those searching for Funding through ICO yet don’t have the piece of information about it. I think they have connected a standard approach which will likewise help numerous conventional organizations.

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