CoTrader – Transparent Blockchain Investment Fund Market

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CoTrader – Transparent Blockchain Investment Fund Market

CoTrader – Hello everyone, today I want to talk about this project as CoTrader. CoTrader is a Transparent blockchain investment fund market. It provides a complete liquidity, asset control, security, confidentiality, and ROI mature. DEX and anonymous exchange agreement that super hybrid infrastructure through a symbolic smartphone supports encryption, ICO, stock, shorts, and all derivative trading assets.

In the future, when more assets will be given different cryptocurrency project tokenization these assets will CoTrader transaction. This includes the symbolic shares, financial instruments, real estate and so on.

It is easy to determine additional krypton like Bitcoin, for example, Ethereum, because unlike OTC assets, such as tethers dollars, it is easy to show that the correct amount of Bitcoins are bought and sold every transaction Ethereum.

However, CoTrader no needs to wait until all assets are marked to support them. For starters, the development of nuclear technology for cryptoscope exchange between chains.

Smartfondy. Smart money to create a fund manager to prove return on investment and the sale of assets on behalf of investors, who have deposit funds to ensure that only the investor can withdraw them. ICO and knowledge base support group purchase, 1 times of global sales and KYC ICO (the issuer will send a sign of renewed or locked) by CoTrader DEX discount.

Privacy, anonymity protocols. unique intellectual asset fund manager anonymous patent extension agreements prove ROI CoTrader fund, but did not disclose their trading strategy worthwhile. an anonymous method can use the basic mechanisms to achieve confidentiality, protection of intellectual property contract, such as a zero-knowledge proof and signature calls.

What is CoTrader?

This is a fund management decentralization, they present for investors, markets Cryptos and ICO ( “It’s like a big supermarket”), they can be automatically invested in the same way, they are the first encryption world ICO exchange platform financial future is now available , CoTrader goal is to become the largest investment funds in the world and the market, CoTrader MVP has supported cryptos and ICO will support all futures trading assets.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people to maximize return on investment to achieve greater financial freedom in the shortest time possible. Our spectrum of mutual cooperation and exchange of expertise between the two sides of the investors. We use limits less than the democratization of the creative world of investment funds.

How to Start?

CoTrader will be funded jointly with the maturing of the best fund managers. And competitive platform, CoTraders investment funds can not send people to manage these funds. Cost and performance history of the fund manager is blockchain transparent and reliable, which spread exchange trade fund manager (DEXs) fund assets. successful fund manager receives a percentage of their profits to their investors. Investors are still in control of their money and can save a withdrawal of funds at any time, they copy the password over and ICO traders bought investment to get the same benefits that they do not need or even know them what the deal

What are the characteristics?

Dana smart: smart money to form the core of the platform CoTrader. Intelligent Fund is a fund manager, Ethereum Smart Contract investors and shares can be traded. Each appeared on behalf of investors in the investment fund released by the total number of funds have fund. Smart implement ERC20 token interface, which means that funds can be a smart stock the same way as other transactions in the transaction ERC20 stock mark.

  • Innovation Fund: Anyone can create a platform CoTrader and deposit tokens, smart fund of funds. Creator can choose the name of the fund, and set the profit incentive fee, a percentage he would receive.
  • Investment: Each fund is smart, including equity ratio of shares on behalf of each member of the fund. When an investor to invest in smart Fund, on behalf of the rise of new shares he holds total investment funds and in accordance with the current value of the fund’s holdings.

Why CoTrader?

Blockchain casual investor to obtain the same results the best way to trade in the world. Their goal is to bring more financial freedom and benefit both parties, and how revolutionary the money to invest and work for us all.
What is my conclusion? It will be one of the largest, will be one of the main trading and investment platform, because CoTrader flexibility, freedom, and security options for their customers, CoTrader have a great platform to invest, and ICO Cryptos phase in stores combined.

Protecting Smart Fund Investors

Blockchain sell basic dispersion technique is that it, like the nature of the network and is not reliable. Users can encrypt the transfer of assets to a middleman or a friend does not have anyone of confidence along the way.

AC decentralization provides significant security advantages in user does not need to be exchanged with third parties, may be vulnerable to dishonest or funds entrusted by hackers.

CoTrader smart funds offer the same advantages, cryptocurrencies and decentralized exchange, users in full control of their assets. Users can at any time, no one else has the ability to do so withdrawn by its ability to fund a portion of the intelligence.

fund managers only trade exchange CoTrader spread with the same price available to everyone, it can not directly trade with a private address. CoTrader is now integrated into the distributed switching platform that Banquo and human Khyber AC meet the above criteria and CoTrader team will carefully integrate fragmented in the future, to ensure that our users to take full security.

fund managers are also financial incentives for investors they are doing well. With a positive return on investment, the fund will attract many investors, fund managers earn huge profits, if he keeps winning trades. This is the fund continued to perform well in the best interests of the fund manager.

One fund manager must also verify their account, which will also be an option for his reputation on the line.

As we integrate decentralized’s new exchange platform, will be taken to ensure that only trusted exchange options trading will be added. CoTrader can also take advantage of the price list held by the token, to ensure that no transaction is not the true oracle. Like us before adding more communication platform, investors will always be given a period of 30 days from the divestment of the smart money, fund managers can conduct any transactions with the newly added exchange. Investors can choose whether or not happy doing this exchange and newcomers. The 30-day grace period will be built contract code intelligence funds, so investors can see him make an investment in a particular case.

Interest groups:

One fund platform CoTrader our democracy, we find, because they can be used in the digital world Our goal – to provide users with both ends .. get the maximum return on people and the spectrum of expertise in the shortest time possible to connect investors and give they are a tool to provide greater financial freedom together, we do this quickly and easily using a powerful financial decisions.

CoTrader Token Distribution

The CoTrader Token

  • Total token supply: 100 billion
  • Hardcap for 20B tokens: $10M or 20k ETH Max
  • Crowdsale price: 1 ETH = 500,000 COT
  • KYC: Yes, full KYC
  • Presale Bonuses: 40% bonus
  • Restricted: USA, Israel

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the CoTrader team, I just give you the latest ICO info”