CoTrader – The Killer Blockchain App That Using Smart Funds

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CoTrader – The Killer Blockchain App That Using Smart Funds

CoTrader – Top investors are enjoying phenomenal gains. Whether the market is going up or down, they outperform most people, who don’t have the time and resources to achieve these results with ease. There are 1000s of complicated cryptos and ICOs, and most people don’t know what to invest in, and when.

CoTrader is a trustless “ICO term” first market in the world, through intelligence-driven contract. The fund manager has the authority to enter the Infection Control Officer as part of an investment portfolio to take advantage of the early group purchase discounts, many Infection Control Officer. This is possible because the fund is a smart intelligent CoTrader contract, to receive a token to unlock the future circulation of ICO itself.

CoTrader DEX’s own support smart trading stock funds, because each fund has its own transaction marks. This means that if an investment fund managers need to position the ICO, some investors want to monetize their shares, including ICO sign of the future, they can trade off their mark in Fund shares.

CoTrader solves these common and critical problems to disrupt the $85 trillion global investment funds industry; CoTrader supports not just cryptos, but also ICOs, stocks, shorts, derivatives and more, as it tokenizes entire exchanges.

CoTrader is the killer blockchain app that using smart funds provides proof of investment fund performance and gives CoTraders control to pull out their assets from any fund, while still enabling fund managers to cryptographically hide their valuable trading strategies. All users automatically build up a performance history by simply trading through the platform. Top performing fund managers have tremendous incentive to use the platform and compete to earn their CoTraders the most money because this multiplies their own earnings enormously. Influencers have a chance to do particularly well since they have many followers who they can turn into CoTraders. The best fund managers will survive and thrive in this new and transparent free market.

CoTrader is the investments platform of the future, live now on the testnet. Early adopters have a chance to top the charts. Start building up your performance history today.

CoTrader Superdex Infrastructure

The fund manager can trade assets in scattered Exchange (DEXs). Superdex infrastructure CoTrader maximum mobility and power provided by the pool DEXs together. Initially, the platform will be integrated into CoTrader use of Banquo, and exchange 0x Khyber manmade. Besides DEXs will be added from time to time as well as local CoTrader DEX. It will also provide tools and charts on the dashboard fund manager, made the best decision for funds to complete.

Asset Mark

Initially, the fund manager will only be able to trade and token ERC20 Ethereum on the platform. As more and more assets tokenized the future, fund managers will also be able to enter these assets in their portfolios. It will include more cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and other assets such as the dollar, gold, oil, S & P 500 index constituent stocks such as Zhi even real estate sign and a new asset class. Many of these projects will depend on the assets and the real-world mark of success, creating trust and this token liquid asset and other projects in the blockchain.

The Calculation Of The Value Of The Fund

Investors will save money by using CoTrader mark (COT) from. To calculate the number of shares of new investors will know when we need to invest in the smart value of the fund. It is trivial when the fund only contains COT in it, but when the fund holds a number of different tokens would normally be the case becomes more complicated.

Our initial integrated communication and decentralized and Banquo and Khyber humans and provides the ability to price sign demand chain. Banquo and artificial intelligence Khyber connected with the contract, the smart money can automatically calculate its value in deposits.

CoTrader Business Models And Charts

CoTrader purpose is to be the world’s largest investment funds and trading markets do not care, not on the platform CoTrader, not entrepreneurs (fund manager). 4% CoTrader typical income investment income, or from a businessman typical performance fee (20%) 20% respectively 20%, while a small fee, such as transactions with 0.1% DEX and intelligent hosting CoTrader exchange all assets. Token profit buying. Need hidden tokens trading strategy.

Only funds managed by MVP encryption when a transaction of this class. CoTrader plans to look further into other markets (global fund management, equity, and derivatives trading) below. We are currently represented in the following figure the cumulative total projected revenue for the next four years:

CoTrader Business Model & Charts

ICO Fund

ICO is a special type of fund of funds can only include ICO mark. That their money together, investors can receive a group discount ICOS and purpose of the fund is an ICO to do it. Infection Control Officer provides great upside with investors sometimes look 100X + back for a short time, but it is worth the risk. big discount for the swimming pool with a large number of investors to increase your profit potential for large.

ICO Fund Fund after a period of no longer buy new shares to be issued. Only when the Fund has received from the ICO and tokens and these tokens have been opened, the investor can withdraw from the fund.

ICO benefit fund, because the fund ERC20 token, fund shares can be traded even mark has been completed before the ICO, or sign had been opened. This led to the mobility or key token is not available. We call this ICO and sale of futures trading. Since CoTrader smart money mint its own stock symbol, not even shipped from the ICO to fund smart (or have been shipped, but is still locked) by the ICO sign can effectively share transaction token. This is probably the world’s first platform to enable transactions via smart future ICO sign contracts.

Investors can whitelist their account in advance so that they do not need KYC’d for each new ICO investment fund managers.

The CoTrader Token

  • Total token supply: 100 billion
  • Hardcap for 20B tokens: $10M or 20k ETH Max
  • Crowdsale price: 1 ETH = 500,000 COT
  • KYC: Yes, full KYC
  • Presale Bonuses: 40% bonus
  • Restricted: USA, Israel

CoTrader Smart Escrow Exchanges

It provides liquidity and diversity of each transaction security and transparency of decentralized communication is centralized. Investors to keep funds in escrow intelligence trade. Although the money is held by the intelligence of the contract, the trader will be able to conduct real-time transactions in support of any centralized exchange, from Binance to this Ameritrade. When the detection of intelligent host Oracle purchased the assets has been sent to the user, it will release the escrow funds CoTrader.

The gains made by these exchanges would greatly contribute CoTrader DAO. DAO will accommodate all of these markers, assigning to progress up the sound platform for further sales.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

DAO is like having the right to vote based on the number of voting rights held signs that decision.

  • The CoTrader DAO and will be updated in the system parameters, such as restrictions on fees, fund management of the global system, to receive a new communication, the director of infection control and sound marks.
  • When the DAO will receive 100% of the revenue CoTrader, CoTrader uses all funds to buy back COT token and sends it to the DAO.
  • DAO revenue will accommodate all these platforms COT token, further funding until as voted by progress towards the platform.


CoTrader team led by an experienced serial entrepreneur and developer team blockchain.

  • Gary Bernstein: Founder and CEO
    Since 2011 track blockchain, and encrypted and ICO investors themselves. Gary CoTrader began work in 2017, when he found the implementation of the architecture and the use of ZK-snarks CoTrader, he saw success cotrading market is a set of key features. Gary is a businessman in a number of leading technology companies and the administration of sequential tasks. He has over 20 years of experience in software development, applications ranging from the real-time operating system for cryptos trading algorithms and digital assets. Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Eliezer Capricorn: CTO
    Previously, the CEO of the fantasy draft more than 150,000 users, as well as popular favorites game based on Ethereum, Eliezer has extensive experience in both businessmen, as a full stack and developer blockchain. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science mathematics lower level and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Defense Forces and served as a developer.
  • Pasha Caza: COO
    DevOps experience of more than seven years, QA automation and systems management. A strong video production and editing skills as well as eye and artists. self-learning ability, opinions, and priorities of the various systems work ethic and a strong result. The team spirit of the people and the people can improve efficiency in dynamic environments. Hebrew, Russian and English mother tongue.
  • Samuel Guigui: Business Development
    Industrial MBA from the Technion, Walter Samuel headed business development encryption CoTrader space forged partnerships with other companies.
  • David Benchimol: development Blockchain
    David holds a Computer Science and Mathematics platform CoTrader and back-end integration with blockchain Ethereum degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and works in.
  • Il Jafarli: Community Manager, Asia
    Il helps us with community management, Asia. She is fluent in Russian, Korean, English, Azerbaijan, and said something in Japanese.
  • Adam Kovacs: Analyst Fintech
    Adam covers an area already covered encrypted space for some time, and write the content market and CoTrader further brand platform, a broader audience.
  • Parwej Ahamad: Developer
    Providing IT solutions in more than 10 years experience in all ongoing projects. Here FullStack modern design development pattern / practice.
  • Ruslan Mirov: Developer
    Most Ruslan contributes to the development node, some solid studies on our platform.
  • Jaghit Singh: Developer
    Jaghit contributes to the development of our main node and telegraph and network platform to respond.
  • Mohit Rakhra: Developer
    Mohit contributes to the development of our major nodes and platforms telegraph camp.
  • Matt S: development manager (node and reaction)
    Matt helped develop a management node and telegraph our platform camp.
  • Tania Akter: social programs
    Tania helps SMM channels in social media promotion.
  • Georgia Lagattolla: translation, Italian
    Georgia will all of our core material, translated from English to Italian.
  • A Adora: Social Management
    SMM channels with the help of social media management.
  • Emily Newman: Social Media Coordinator
    Emily helped coordinate SMM social media channels.
  • Tinku Christ: promotion LinkedIn
    Tinku contributions to society, especially LinkedIn, articles joints.
  • Warne Ash Kumar: LinkedIn
    Ashwani helps SMM channels of social media marketing and promotion.
  • Julio Bethelmy: SEO Research
    Julio helped research SEO and some social media marketing.
  • Aliene Alfonso: Social Sciences
    SMM Philippines Ailene helps channel social media marketing and promotion.
  • Amit Kumar: Joint Article
    Amit help syndicate the article in SMM channel business.


  • Eric has: algorithmic trading and scientific data
    Eric has suggested the science of algorithmic trading and data. Most recently, he helped launch Hywin Capital Management in New York as managing director. He started his career at Bell Labs researcher and later became a senior engineer Harman International. He has worked at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and senior positions Millennium specialize in high-frequency trading and quantitative learning machine. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Yale University, Tsinghua University. He holds two patents for DSP.
  • encryption adviser registered fins: Barak Erie Joseph
    Barak is the founder Neema / SOV and CEO of the UN law of the Member States, announced the first encryption currency in the world. This means, according to the IRS in 2014, namely the United States and others do not have to treat it as an asset, but as a currency. This is a game changer. Neema is a combination of company Y, Barak early blockchain investors. Barak helped us hone our products and information. Neema company, CoTrader share the goal of increasing financial independence of our fundamental individual users. Neema has included mobile financial applications to meet the global underbanked. Barak developed a dual background in economics and computer science at Columbia University.
  • Big Lilie Wei: Marketing Consultant
    Italy is Jianzong head of marketing, and lead them to achieve Gladius hard capsules. Before founding his own marketing agency, Block51, ORI is a vice president in the cross-market, the premier boutique public relations firm other ICO agent. Italy CoTrader helps with strategic marketing planning for all aspects of events, the rich, the structure token, industrial relations and more.
  • Jimmy Narine: Communications Consultants
    jimmy strategic decision to help us with major brands. Jimmy is an analyst at Goldman Sachs before going to find COOLifeDesign, he became famous and award-winning teachers and students more than 100,000 Udemy. She specializes in personal development and brand information guide. He has worked in the HR technology world, where he honed his talents in the senior executive understanding of people and their motives, and lectures throughout the world have been in leadership development.
  • Adam Narine: encryption PM & Analyst
    Adam helped define encryption products for traders. He is a very broad field of heavy encryption and investors ICO and has knowledge. He helps us to understand where the market, and it is looking for, not just for CoTrader token sales targets, but for the top traders came to the product platform, we started to develop their own history to manage their assets CoTraders transaction. He is also a video lesson accomplished filmmaker, and teaching us how
    We provide information and value proposition.
  • Helder Peled: Strategic Consultant
    ELAD is Senno’s CEO. Senno is sentiment analysis blockchain password rewarding job. Therefore Senno will be able to help us with insight into market signals. During the product development process and ICO itself, we need to share information and experience and help us to find in the market through strategic decisions each other’s work.

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