Cornucopia – A Privately Held By Index Funds In Private Companies

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Cornucopia – A Privately Held By Index Funds In Private Companies

Cornucopia – Blockchain innovation has been an amazing opportunity, in the 21st century. It can be a verbal cornucopia of Golden Century is a personal sponsorship deal with the dilapidated filling stage. He obtained the first exclusive organization (IPO) of the first offer real change in circumstances. the previous offer to acquire all things considered mundane IPO Securities and Exchange habits sanctioned budget owner has made a tremendous advantage.

What is Cornucopia?

Cornucopia is a privately held by index funds dedicated to the acquisition of shares in private companies, ahead of their expected initial public offering (IPO) on. What makes it unique is a collection of investment strategy decisions, and fully supported by the group theory and the wisdom of the masses, provided courtesy of the technology that is being developed ignited rating ( It is expected to acquire the shares of a private company before the IPO has always offered a high level of quality and potential investors big returns has the smallest asset class speculative emotional relevance of the overall market. As with any investment opportunity that exists, evaluating and selecting the most important success, if not investment. Using a lighted platform, a cornucopia of wisdom can take advantage of the rate and the pre-IPO stage to assess the best chance, in theory, beat together make the same decision, resulting in a higher return on the cost of each individual. Once people have been identified attractive investment, the purchase index cornucopia deployment stock / option / warrant of capital in the pre-selected company IPO. When the index closed cornucopia favorable position, trading income and provides a collection of community members to contribute to the analysis of stock trading. The result is a collection of voucher holders of all profitability and lay in the often volatile encryption ecosystem, usually reserved for investors who qualify an opportunity to grow beyond the benefits of the benefits of a promising company.

What is PRE-IPO?

Initial public offering (IPO), in short, is a private company in which the shares can be sold at the first public activity. Pre-IPO company is a high possibility of reaching an IPO in the near future private company in the future. It’s often some companies more attractive in the market. IPO since the beginning of the 19th century has been in the history of the company’s most anticipated events. IPO investors to provide early access to liquidity and potentially very attractive return, while new investors are allowed to participate tend to be proprietary high growth businesses for the first time. In the past, the process is relatively stable list …… but this has changed. a high-growth company at this time remain private again, thus limiting the access of retail investors in such investment. Compared with the previous period, the new company needs more time to transition to public ownership. We have a cash reserve sufficient venture funds can easily solve the needs of the company’s capital. In addition, driving up costs and regulatory compliance can easily take this step to deter companies. Today, more and more companies choose to delay as long as possible IPO, which severely limits the opportunities for high growth, public access. Owners of private companies always offer a high level of quality and potential investors big returns has the smallest overall correlation between asset classes in the open market. In the IPO slowdown, however, we have put ordinary investors today at a disadvantage, because many of the company’s development to achieve in an IPO. In addition, the delay in the listing also creates private holders within the company, as it has a stake, but the mobility problems of employees needed cash. If there is no IPO, the share of these insider owners so far there is no mechanism to allow them to manage the wealth into the liquid, disposable assets.

Due diligence is critical to a successful investment strategy. For this purpose, the cornucopia has been turned on, the world’s first decentralized cooperation platform for rating asset. In Ignite platform using special batteries, cornucopia using a wisdom of the masses and the best opportunity to assess the pre-IPO stage. When the rating process to identify potential targets, cornucopia deploy capital before the acquisition of the companies listed on the index cornucopia / option / warrant. Cornucopia presents an opportunity to improve the profitability of the outside holds the token and password ecosystem promising company profits.

Cornucopia INDEX

Cornucopia crowdsale will provide funds, index cornucopia of seeds, so the opportunity in front of the highest ratings in the market of their choice, it was decided by the public through the rating process. Cornucopia social index created to provide continuous rating rewards while producing a cornucopia source of income. crowdsale contribution cornucopia 80% will be placed in the index cornucopia. Participation cornucopia viewing platforms to inform the investment decision index and determine whether and when to be added to the index cornucopia company. Because of its reliance on public input index entirely directed cornucopia, the cornucopia of social management, not subject to external influences. activation holder token of appreciation of their services in helping to achieve profitability index trading.

Cornucopia And Triggering Relationship

Cornucopia has partnered with Ignite ratings to help assess their communities, and the opportunity to assess the various pre-IPO valued. Ignite platform rated at decentralization platform Ranked assets, which mainly introduce a new rating ICOS and encryption of existing assets. ignition operation, which makes the social benefits derived from investing in the highest asset, index and stock re-rating. Cornucopia using Ignite platform for traditional asset classes the same function. HORN Token ownership allows a viewing platform into cells cornucopia Ignite access, and access to pre-award review and assessment of the various registered. By turning on and cooperation cornucopia can be started immediately without the typical development costs. Therefore, more funds will be available for planting cornucopia index itself, a chance to trumpet the token holder to benefit more directly from paid-in capital. For information on how to turn on the platform for generating ratings and capital deployment index spread more technical information, please see the white paper or burned access


How Pre-IPO Rating Works

Cornucopia system using pre-IPO opportunities for all real-time rating database simple 2-step process produces registered.

Step 1: Purchase opportunities – utilize venture capital and mature relationship is recognized by the investment community, access to a rich cornucopia of opportunities before listing. For more information about each company registered before being loaded onto the platform cornucopia for review.

Step 2: Opportunities Review – HORN who wish to participate can then view and less grade in the ranking process token holder, or about as much chance before the potential market, because they want to get information.

Ignite platform in real-time all gathered in the ranking, then apply a cornucopia of opportunities to score before each list. high scores indicate cornucopia, cornucopia in the public opinion, a successful pre-IPO, and in the short or long term generate a reasonable opportunity for profit.


TOKEN use and needs

Cornucopia “HORN” token provides access to, and as membership cornucopia of evidence ecosystems. HORN Token enables the holder to participate in ecosystem cornucopia might consider the opportunity to pre-market review and rating process and keep the number of tokens in the horn of the possible impact of the potential financial rewards in return for having the right level.

Crowdsale use of funds:

Crowdsale cornucopia has been launched especially for the index and continue business operations to raise funds to provide adequate initial funding. Unlike typical of ICO, which requires products and platforms for building funds, the cornucopia is not necessary funds for this purpose, because it utilizes existing software, so most of the funds raised will be used to seed the index.

80% of the sales revenue of the population will be assigned to the index cornucopia. These funds will be at the end crowdsale to convert to dollars tether highest preIPOs ready to be placed in the rankings.

  • 20% of the crowdsale proceeds will be allocated towards operational costs as follows:
  • 50% – Operational and development
  • 20% – Marketing
  • 10% – Business administration
  • 10% – Infrastructure
  • 10% – Legal / Licensing Fees

Dates & Bonuses

  • Presale Date:➜ Coming Soon
  • Presale Bonuses:➜ 2 ETH Min. Contribution
  • 2 ETH – 10 ETH:➜ 15% bonus*
  • OVER 10 ETH:➜ <25% bonus*
  • Crowdsale Date:➜ TBA
  • Crowdsale Bonuses:➜ 0.1 ETH Min. Contribution
  • 2 – 10 ETH:➜ 5% bonus*
  • OVER 10 ETH:➜ 10% bonus*


  • Tokens available: 200,000,000 – Unsold tokens are burned
  • Hardcap: $15,000,000 USD
  • Price per token: $0.10 USD per token
  • Use of proceeds: Minimum of 80% raised to be deployed in the Cornucopia Index. A maximum of $3,000,000 USD or 20% of funds raised will be used for operations (whichever is less)
  • Type of token: ERC20
  • Currency accepted: Fiat / ETH / Others (via CoinPayments)
  • Exchanges: Yes
  • Token Symbol: HORN
  • Team / Advisor Lockup: 24 months

How to contribute:

In our crowdsale providers you can choose to buy tokens HORN one of the following methods:

  1. ETH
    ETH sent to the intelligence contracts we produce this problem immediately horn wallet token to address community contribution.
  2. FIAT
    We accept euros, dollars, and sterling, with a list of our bank account on the site. Please note:
    Fiat transfer, we need a complete understanding of your customer (KYC) procedures. After KYC and transfer the funds have cleared our account will be given HORN mark.
  3. CoinPayments
    We received more than 60 kinds of currencies by CoinPayments. HORN issued token to manually specify your interest in ETH crowdsale cornucopia registered address.


  • Carsten Klein
    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Karsten Klein has more than 15 years of financial services industry has a broad exposure to stocks, bonds, options, fixed-income investments and experience in private equity investment. Karsten Alexander ran in the capital New Jersey office, assuming the supervisory role of the sale of almost the entire duration of time. Karsten entire career has been a continuous line to maintain its own retail business, primarily catering to the US and international high net worth individuals. This path leads to a natural cornucopia Carsten gave birth to a new cutting-edge platform outside the box ideas for visionary investors.
  • Chris Forbes
    Chief Investment Officer
    Chris builds a long and rich career in the wooden floor of the New York Stock Exchange. There, he served as the exchange of a large community of highly engaged as members of ground personnel, supervising broker understanding and compliance with trade rules. Provide stock news related to fluctuations in him as the registered competitive market maker (RCMM), if necessary, to suppress abnormal in active bids and quotes
  • Paul Maguire
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Paul in the New York Stock Exchange began his career in 1990, he had more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry of financial investment, including working as a businessman and as a company RCMM CJ Forbes, limited liability company and holds the position of Managing Director before the New York Stock Exchange company LaBranche specialist, limited liability company, and the brothers bought LaBranche Henderson. In these companies, the main task of Paul requires support institutional buyers and sellers, and to provide bid and offer prices, a comprehensive solution for all the needs of the public. These activities and related communication capabilities have given Paul identify and retain customers, and the ability to establish and maintain strategic alliances.


  • Joseph Gelet
    Encryption Marketing Consultants And Business Advisors
    Joseph is the author of Gelet divided bit – understand Bitcoin and Blockchain, and is a co-founder Bloc10, a company developing FinTech Blockchain. He has 20 years of industry experience in currency trading and digital programming. He has three series and 30 licenses and managed to get $ 40 million AC CTA and NFA.
  • Joe Nuzzolo
    Capital Market Consultants
    Joe began in 1999, an investment banker on Wall Street career at JP Morgan. Later, he joined Merrill Lynch, where he specializes in corporate finance, capital structure and capital markets advisory and transaction execution. Here, Merrill Lynch, Joe joined Lazard Lazard Brothers where he builds and expands upon the company’s financial and capital markets global consulting practice’s ability to play an important role.
  • Christopher Cousins
    TGE Consultants (Catalyst)
    Christopher began his career full control before the traditional financial funds for the home office as an 8-digit buyer of the stock and futures traders and capital, using their skills, technology start-up sector. He is passionate about great books distributed technology, and in 2017, he founded the Ignite rank, the first intelligent diversified investment platform in the world, and promised catalyst DLT project incubator.
  • Damon ESQ Barnard
    TGE Consultants (Catalyst)
    Damon is a C-level executive experienced, English qualified lawyer, an expert in the technology space technology start-ups and respected career counselor. The contract has spent his papers drawn up, he changed his blockchain and independent learning skills to become skilled developers intelligence contracts. In 2017, he founded the Ignite rank, intelligent platform diversified investment first in the world, and promised catalyst DLT project incubator.
  • Petur Eythorsson
    Security Adviser Blockchain
    Petur is data protection and security experts in the corporate sector consulting company 18 years of experience, as well as government agencies. Petur focuses on market analysis, and as a leader in the field of data protection and resilience of subjects related to the security of technical strategy. The current members of the technical writer, university lecturer and IBM Advisory Board, Petur only one “master certification of advanced authentication security” in 80 worldwide.
  • Paul Morgan
    Technology – Technical Architect
    Paul has been involved in the forefront of development for 20 years, has in the meantime, a significant advance in the early technology adopters. Special financial and insurance industries, Paul played a complex security system in defining major role and planning, not only to meet current needs, but also to adapt to ensure sustainable development and growth in the future development of the company.

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