Connectius – A Blockchain SaaS Solution for E-Commerce

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Connectius – A Blockchain SaaS Solution for E-Commerce

Connectius started conceptualizing the Connectius Ecosystem in 2016. At that time, the need for such a platform was already there. Blockchain technology and the Ethereum network had only just started to gain momentum, and we followed closely on its development. The situation with the DAO ICO worried us. We waited for the reactions of major world governments regarding any new regulations being put on ICOs. All of this ultimately forced us to delay our plans of ICO for almost a whole year.

The situation changed during the first half of 2017 when of cials began to make statements on the subject. We succeeded in collecting the minimal amount of funds necessary to begin the Ecosystem development. This was followed by signing cant rises in cryptocurrency prices, which condition that demand for the Ecosystem will occur in the near future.


Connectius is Blockchain as service solution, that can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce. The primary objective of the task is to enable any online business to store to spare cash they lose on extortion exchanges. Our administration permits

any internet business store to manage their Consumers utilizing a keen contract. It certifications to have less fraud for the store and influences exchanges more to secure for the shoppers. By lessening the costs of misrepresentation any web-based business can decrease the expenses of its products/administrations for the customer and turn out to be more focused available. With the assistance of the Connectius show, we make the all-inclusive rebate framework for all the online business worldwide and give the client securing. At last, an entire Ecosystem of various kinds of internet businesses, utilizing our answer will be shaped. Token will be common(Token Service giving) and could be utilized all over the place.

The Connectius project involves blockchain and smart-contracts, conjointly utilized as an administration answer for existing stages that can be coordinated into any current deals stage or administration foundation. The Connectius Ecosystem likewise offers an arrangement of instant administrations, modules, calculations, and an API, which can be utilized for new undertakings creation.

Access to the Connectius Ecosystem will be complimentary. An interesting token will be utilized as an assembled, stage-wide mean of trade and will be discharged in an underlying offering technique. The token will work as an installment for Ecosystem administrations, and in addition to administrations inside the limits of all adjusted applications.

Connectius Team

Connectius.Experts will be propelled as a proof-of-idea benefit application. Connectius.Experts is a virtual administration stage in view of an intuitive guide and geolocation innovation that will permit looking venders for clients, specialists or temporary workers for a different day by day benefits. The application will be completely incorporated into the Ecosystem stage. From one viewpoint, it will give a case of the inevitable cooperation between the stage and outside applications. Then again, the application will fill in as a specialty unit, creating benefits through the span of its action.

Why clients require Connectius?

At present, because of the high monetary focus in the web-based business advertise, there are more fraudsters. Vendors and makers are compelled to spend increasingly cash to shield themselves from these tricksters, which builds the cost of administrations and items. This prompts the way that you, the normal buyer, are compelled to spend more cash.

Blockchain takes into account the utilization of savvy contracts for handling exchanges and settlements with purchasers, which guarantees a substantially more elevated amount of security.

The uniqueness of keen contracts is that they are put away in a disseminated record, and they can not be changed or annihilated. Utilizing this innovation enables you to return stores if an endeavor is made to extortion.

In the meantime, the decentralized idea of blockchain brings down the danger of abuse of client information.

The issue of trust is among the most integral for online business.

A blockchain-based, de-personified rating framework can guarantee the vital level of trust. All members in this multi-level, multi-factor framework experience extra confirmation and furthermore track their own particular appraisals. This could be viewed as a sort of advanced travel permit, which can affirm the great remaining of specialist co-ops and clients.

Utilizing blockchain and shrewd contracts makes it conceivable to reject costly mediators from the procedure, mechanize the exchange procedure however much as could reasonably be expected, limit operational expenses, and make purchasers more profitable retail offers. The absence of constrained go betweens inside the stage decidedly impacts the prime cost of merchandise and ventures.


The Connectius token is the CNT token. This ERC20-format token will be used within the framework of the ecosystem forgetting:

– Services, delivered by the Platform
– Services, provided within Applications.

Mechanism Of CNT :

Connectius Mecanism

Payments made in US dollars will naturally incur some extra expenses. At the very least, there are extra fees for using exchange and classic transaction services at present. Thus, we highly recommend just using tokens. Only in this case can we guarantee that the user experiences all the advertised benefits and improvements.

Offering Of CNT :

Crowd Sale Week 1

  • Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 20/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 27/11/2017.
  • Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $1.
  • CNT token price: $1.

Crowd Sale Week 2

  • Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 27/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 4/12/2017.
  • Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $1.
  • CNT token price: $1.1.

Crowd Sale Week 3

  • Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 4/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 11/12/2017.
  • Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $1.
  • CNT token price: $1.2.

Crowd Sale Week 4

  • Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 11/12/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 18/12/2017.
  • Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $1.
  • CNT token price: $1.3.

Crowd Sale Week 5

  • Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 18/12/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 20/12/2017.
  • Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $1.
  • CNT token price: $1.4

The Pre-ICO Information

  • Pre-ICO start time: 2017–11–05 23:59:00 UTC
  • Pre-ICO end time: 2017–11–20 00:00:00 UTC
  • Presale From 10/11/2017 until 15/11/2017. Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $15 000. CNT token price: $0.85 (15% off the nominal price).
  • Early Bird Crowd Sale from 15/11/2017 until 20/11/2017. Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent of $10 000. CNT token price: $0.9 (10% off the nominal price).

Team Members

Connectius Team

Connectius Team

Connectius Team


Connectius Roadmap

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