ConcertVR – The Future of Entertainment

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ConcertVR – The Future of Entertainment

ConvertVR company of music and entertainment industries high-quality VR content blockchain first cross-platform market. You can enjoy a real concert in virtual reality, you can choose your preferred time demands. When you find what you like and choose what you want and what you choose could be on all platforms, including the ability to enjoy: on smartphones, VR goggles, browser, or your SmartTV. Select the camera from different angles, you can feel the music in different categories and can find your favorite artists and acts. It is very good, is not it?

Not only that, you can buy individual songs or all of the concert just buy the coupon code in the application, and free access to the selected content. Let your friends know you are watching the concert through social media reactions and feelings in a real-time application, do not invite your friends directly in concert and chat with them. This is really interesting.

Business Model

ConcertVR is blockchain-based, cross-platform to market music and entertainment content, through good stuff media sites located in Berlin / Germany made. ConcertVR will provide high-quality VR content such as music fans in real-time or on-demand concerts and songs. Target groups around the world want to experience at home each technology affine concert music fans. The concertvr team will include media, technology, and financial experts and visionary experiences of the international group. This will ensure a quick and professional implementation of concertVR vision to become Europe’s leading provider of real-time concerts. Low competition. Companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Universal Music is trying to penetrate the tissue concert market, but so far they have not put enough focus on the success of an untapped market.

ConcertVR Business Model

Therefore, concertVR will become the first European market is totally focused on the transmission of real-time and on-demand concerts to your home. The subscription-based real-time and on-demand concerts and songs of purchase orders and pricing models. ConcertVR purchases can be made to the application, concertVR website or by ticket vendors and stalls selling live concerts. ConcertVR accepts all known payment systems as well as the purchase token cryptocurrencies CVT. Marketing and distribution partner will focus on the artist and ticketing provider. Additionally, VR concert will cooperate with Facebook or Instagram social media company. This should increase the spread of the virus through a concertVRs strategy of brand building.

ConcertVR Solution

ConcertVR wants the comfort of their home fans to enjoy real-time to ensure that the concert to make this possible from all over the world. Fans began to choose their position even sitting next to the hall of their favorite artists. Fans can also get to share the concert, they watch the good news to their social media sites. There is a ticket for a concert artist and sellers can sell an unlimited number of tickets and on-demand content.

ConcertVR of unique products for both artists and fans a win-win situation. Fans will see an affordable price, the concert from their homes. This solution will also have additional features such as backstage coverage, performance 1-1 and integration of social media, will improve the user experience, ConcertVR will build a long-term contract with the artists and the organizer of the concert, which will ensure that there is always an event and the music can be used for the fans. Viewers will need to download an application concerVR or with standard payment system or cryptocurrencies code to buy and enjoy the concert while wearing VR goggles. Users can purchase the access code of the application, from concertVR sites, ticket brokers or sales from concert stand.

ConcertVR main features include:

  • Users will be able to enjoy a concert in the virtual reality or on-demand
  • Once they buy concert tickets, they can enjoy the different platforms, including SmartTV, browser, smartphone or VR glasses of their contents
  • Users can choose the camera angle of view, they want to experience a concert of
  • You can enter a coupon code, and access to a wide choice of options they want free content
  • Viewers can tell their friends that they use social media to see what the concert
  • Users understand the reaction of their friends in real time
  • Users can invite friends directly as a concert how, and chat with them.
  • CVT is a utility mark will be used to create different trading sites. Regulation will be 15 April-May 15, 2018, will open a sales process sales total 2.2 million token. ETH 0.00015 sign any attention.
  • CVT tokens or coins can be used Revenge bit later. The site is also set to start accepting credit cards and pay quickly through PayPal. CVT token will be listed on any exchange transactions.


The company has built a prototype that allows mobile users to use the camera 360 degrees, and also cardboard like Google technology to watch the concert. The company noted that the latest version of the software also allows the use of VR headsets and other cracks Occulus, vibration HTC, and others.

ConcertVR also mentioned that they have developed eye-tracking technology, allowing users to “any place in the concert hall.” The company currently offers a view of three points:

Stage: the user will find the essence of what has become a rock star look in the audience and see artists see
Audience: Users will be able to usually from the perspective of the audience to experience the concert
Defender: This part is to see the concert as a whole common method and experience, size

The CVT Token

  • Total tokens: 400,000,000
  • The fixed cost of a token: 0.00015 ETH
  • Pre ICO had a hard cap: 1,200 ETH
  • Main ICO will lead to a market capitalization capped at 60,000 ETH
  • Pre ICO sold out in less than 4 days
  • Main ICO will last for 31 days or until hard cap has been reached

Token Distribution

Based on their white paper this is how their token distribution looks like:

  • 55% sold during the token sale
  • 18% used to develop the platform and maintenance
  • 12% will be given to advisors
  • 10% held by the company
  • 5% will be reserved for partnerships with artists and others

The biggest challenge, companies will face will convince users that they will continue to grow rapidly, because they need to, and the fact that they are more than the valuation of fund-raising $ 50 million USD pre-revenue, it can cause considerable difficulties company’s ability to raise funds.


ConcertVR today in Berlin by-product good stuff Media. Their CEO, the production of television programs Sebastian del arranged more experience in Germany. He also worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, and also with virtual reality technology jobs, but he was never satisfied with the solutions available today.

Their CCO, Andreas Knuffman is an awarded executive producer, and freelance director, working in the industry for 25 years. More importantly, Andreas and Sebastian have worked to build the entertainment and other technical work.

Finally, those who are responsible for their development, Frank Zane, is Exozet, a company based in another Berlin has more than 150 employees, specializing in “digital transformation” as described by the use of a digital marketing company CEO.

The company also has a wide variety of music and digital marketing industry, including Stephen Schultz, a veteran in the entertainment industry that has the Universal Music Group, and as a member of the board of directors and a number of other entertainment companies other talents.

To know the latest information about the ConcertVR project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ConcertVR team, I just give you the latest ICO info”