Colletrix – Create New Market Value By Integrating IP Tokenization

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Colletrix – Create New Market Value By Integrating IP Tokenization

Colletrix – Blockchain technology still lacks in popularity through the system is highly efficient and transparent. The NFT is the perfect tool to find the market value for existing markets. As cryptomarket was unfamiliar to the masses, many people still have concerns when entering the field, inhibiting popularize blockchain cryptomarket and its adoption rate.

Blockchain technology implementation through the Platform will bring progress and popularize blockchain in our existing businesses. Meanwhile, the advent of digital assets derived from luxury goods will also trigger a unique experience innovative collectors for collectors, creating a new economic model and a new wave in the merchandise market. In addition, as consumers will soon be able to redeem the NFT on their first purchase of goods from the merchandiser, it also increases their accessibility and blockchain investment into the market, heightening popularize blockchain technology to the field.

Colletrix Brand

Colletrix is backed by a talented team from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena, and Bitwork Accelerator. The Project aims to revolutionize the ownership of IP by introducing protection and perpetual value for IP owners through tokenization while providing merchandisers and consumers with trust in the authenticity of their purchased products. UNDONE will bring its merchandising expertise to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise products, Animoca Brands will introduce its vast network of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technologies, while Future Arena will leverage its strong portfolio of sports and entertainment IPs – all to create a vibrant ecosystem of IP creation, trading and physical merchandising using blockchain technology.

In 2018, UNDONE joined the Bitwork Accelerator Program that aims to support projects with adopting blockchain technology into their business, and now Colletrix will work with Bitwork Accelerator to launch the Project and provide new market value for all Ecosystem stakeholders.

We are proud to introduce Colletrix, blockchain project to unify elements of IP, blockchain, and merchandise to create a new market value supported by the world’s leading smart contract system, Ethereum. Through the Platform, we dynamize the interests of collectors; we maximize the benefits of the franchise, and we capture the benefits of IP owners.


Through the Platform, Colletrix trying to create new market value by integrating IP tokenization. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and new economy. Therefore, we will do so to extend the possibilities for all IP owners and makers worldwide to make a long-term license to IP6 them; and for merchandisers, we will offer them a new value in the physical commodity markets them through blockchain applications, maximize the appeal and benefits of their products.

NFT inclusion would create a dynamic interest in the collector while giving them easy access to the crypto market and lead to new business opportunities such as the creation of the franchise. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire a mass transformation and integration of the world economy.


We envision a world in which the new economy and the old economy will be integrated to create a new economic model that maximizes the benefits for all participants. Starting with the IP and the creative industries, we imagine an industrial revolution where IP owners will be able to maintain their license fees feasible to apply the technology blockchain.

How It Works

Initially, Colletrix will work with Undone, Animoca Brand and Future Arena to design a number of unique watches as merchandise, and put them to the NFC chip in the assembly phase. Each NFC chip will contain a unique private key and other information related to redeeming ERC-721 mark (NFT) on the platform. After customers buy the watch, he can use the phone’s NFC reader scan watch and take the private key. Then, he can go to make up the NFT related Platform (IP design visualized) with the private key.

When customers redeem NFT, he gained ownership of digital assets and physical assets watching. All information uploaded to the network Ethereum ownership, where everyone can verify the data. Owners also can see it visualized NFT (this watch design matching IP) directly on the platform.

Benefits For IP Owners

The project aims to provide the original IP owner with access to the opportunity to provide a lifetime license through the adoption of NFT. Design unique pieces of IP owners will be incorporated into their unique NFTS, and consequently, lead to the creation of IP-NFT secondary market (the “NFT Marketplace”). IP owners will be rewarded with a fixed percentage of the trading price of the NFT is made by the owner of the IP, and the trading price as produced as a result of all trades from taking place in the NFT NFT Marketplace. Given that each NFT will only relate to certain IP-related merchandise, the demand for them will increase as IP plus goods become more popular, and their trade will be active and intense in NFT Marketplace. NFT active trade implies a high trading volume CIPX at the same time (as further defined below).

Benefits For Merchandisers

This project brings several benefits to the merchandiser through this new model. With the incorporation of the NFT, we introduce a new level of uniqueness of the product carried by the ability to cross-collaborate with different IP design. The merchandiser will be able to produce merchandise
This one-of-a-kind through a given IP license to hold the NFT (each NFT can be used in a limited number of times to produce the goods and will have certain restrictions on creating further NFT for the protection of the IP owner). We believe this will be of interest to collectors around the world.

Benefits For Collectors

With the addition of the IP design popular appeal of a physical product integration crypto-first in the world, the NFT and unique merchandise that will be a strong attraction for collectors, whether they are collectors NFT or collector merchandise. As NFT and physical merchandise will be limited in quantity, a limited supply will result in higher demand in the market competitiveness. Popular IP design, which is represented by the NFTS, will be a whole new collector’s item for fans. Meanwhile, as CIPX will be the main partner for the purchase NFTS mark, it will have high liquidity and popularity boosted by active trading and purchasing NFTS. Lastly, all based blockchain will provide a full audit trail on proprietary information and trade history, to make sure that this collection is real and untampered with for collectors.

Benefits For Holder of CIPX

As the owner of the more famous IP Ecosystem and participate in their design incorporates by issuing NFT and merchandise through the Platform, we will collect more and more collectors and fans to CIPX, thereby increasing its demand. CIPX will be the main currency for IP tokenization, collection, and trade in the Ecosystem. Currency holders will be able to participate freely in the economy of this IP.

IP owners to participate more in Inland, the merchandise and the NFT will be generated through the Platform. With more merchandise, we will be able to attract more collectors and consumers. The high demand for expanding the ecosystem, making CIPX an important aspect of the everyday life of each participant.

Colletrix Platform

Colletrix Ecosystem

This platform is a new business model that consists of a mutually beneficial relationship between the five sections: the IP owners, merchandisers, collectors, fans and your Crypto.

CIPX Tokenomics

Colletrix will issue its own ecosystem mark, Colletrix Token ( “CIPX”). CIPX is supported by a network cryptocurrency Ethereum with ERC-20 standard. Therefore, all the records relating to CIPX Ethereum can be viewed using a browser. As cryptocurrency trade, CIPX can be used in many situations, but especially and initially used in the purchase NFT NFT issued through the Marketplace.

We aspire to create subversive ecosystem tokenization which will introduce new IP business model transformation for the industry. IP through tokenization, we aim to improve and secure the benefits for IP owners. At the same time, it will attract additional major IP owners to expand this ecosystem. With more IP owners to participate in this program, merchandisers will be able to expand the range of products for physical goods paired with digital assets. NFT market will attract the attention and interest of collectors around the world. a large and loyal collector base will enable the high trading volume, and increasing the market price for CIPX due to high demand – especially as the number of NFT and CIPX unlimited number of the stable.

Colletrix Token Sales

Colletrix Funds

Colletrix Funds


  • May 2019
    1. Initial exchange offer
    2. Team recruitment
    3. June 2019 Beta platform and merchandise launch (UNDONE watch related to NFT, IP tokenization)
  • Q3 2019
    1. First IP x NFT Marketplace Merchandise Development
    2. More UNDONE merchandise plus the NFT collection
  • Q4 2019 – Q1 2020
    1. Gamification element to provide incentives for the NFT collection
    2. Open a platform for the manufacture of pure IP (decoupling merchandise from creating IP, leading to more IPs that are made and tokenized)
  • Q2 2020
    1. Apply IP merchandising to other products – users must spend CIPX to make NFT with their merchandise


Because there are several existing companies that have now joined blockchain solutions at scale to create new market value and source of income for the owner of the original IP, the Project will be the first pioneers in the industry. In other words, after the launch, the Project will be the dominant benefactor of crossover blockchain and merchandise production.

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