CoinXes – Buy And Sell Digital Currencies From Anywhere In The World

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CoinXes – Buy And Sell Digital Currencies From Anywhere In The World

CoinXes – Welcome to the new encrypted financial transactions, which is a certain element of the digital currency trading near cash (Fiat) Capacity: CoinXes. CoinXes no assets stored in phase, so that the broker may not fear to lose their assets, CoinXes no fee to withdraw from the stage – this element to reduce the costs associated with the exchange of digital currency exchange fundamentals. CoinXes trading, providing a useful exchange of equipment, such as portable applications and provides all the basic license and consistency of the certification.

Go to solve the problem of forecasting simple principle on the stage, there is no money and barriers to blockchain encryption tasks

Industry. Please note that we need to define geological boundaries, which remains a key point of financial experts and the problem of torture. Many companies do not meet their own reasons hardtop ICO, for example, speculators potential, language barriers, and not the presence of the costs above or unavailable.

Everyone who sends ICO will inevitably require the same speculators to buy tokens or coins and help them. Be that as it may, delivery, to buy ICO financial experts from the trouble spots such as Africa, Asia and the Americas in the cost of money does not change the digital encryption to earn money.

ICO CoinXes P2P distributors will now be able to list on the exchange of tokens or coins, and they do not limit from one site to sell to anyone. ICO speculators almost certainly will buy notes on each stage CoinXes mark, financial experts would be allowed to see the urging equal installments various technical opportunities, they can even use the money around them, no extra fees.

If you are interested in reality there CoinXes interesting notes including safety, and to ensure that the hacker destroyed the stage and lose cash, which we might know my pain point is the possibility of some transactions, it is important to be ideal hackers regularly. Additional highlights CoinXes jointing stage, for example, Google confirmed that the two-factor portable and contact checks. Similarly, there is no doubt CoinXes stage loaded with comfort. You know this transaction is another bright spot is very helpful, the client can not only base exchange is greater than the number of coins from different industries CoinXes stage has to offer but in addition to the language in their decision in doing this.

What Is CoinXes?

CoinXes stage is sophisticated trading, enabling customers to purchase digital form and move from anywhere in the world of money. In contrast to the normal trade, it was advertised to connect subscribers registered in the different sectors of experience highlights a deeper hole. For example, CoinXes truly decentralized, allowing customers to buy and provide safe conditions in the money getting together (P2P) digital form. Because the client base is not dependent on the stage is not easy to lose hackings and assets that may occur.

Basically, CoinXes through intermediaries associated with the purchase of digital currency traders. the stage is set so that the cost of dealers and select installation technology profitable. In addition, the host government this stage to give customers enough security. Host framework applicable to each Exchange service to address customer purchases a password to recruit agents from. It makes asset buyers, only releasing their buyers after the issue has been password coin money given to solve individual.

The CoinXes is a digital switching platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. Unlike an exchange, it has more features, to fill gaps in other exchanges registered user experience. For example, CoinXes truly decentralized, which allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer (P2P) networks in a safer environment. Due to customers’ funds are not held on the platform. It is not easy to miss the final hackings and funds.

Basically, CoinXes connects buyers with sellers through an intermediary cryptocurrency. This platform allows sellers to set prices, and then select the preferred payment method. In addition, the platform hosted service provides users with greater security. trusteeship system applies to users of the service to encrypt the registration appointments every merchant purchase transaction. It is the buyer’s money, releasing their buyer’s cryptocurrency address is received, it is given after the coin.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies password cannot be accused of repeatedly there are any restrictions based on location, language, and way of payment for deposit, transaction and withdrawal.

ICO to help publishers realize the hard hat and reach a wider audience.

They do not want to vary by location, language patterns payments and investment restrictions for investors in ICO project.

To be able to list their items blockchain tokens or coins to exchange tokens or coins can be exchanged for any direct or Fiat cryptocurrency other.

Benefit Using CoinXes

CoinXes charge only when coins stored on your own platform, we do not charge a transaction fee, withdrawal fees, so it is free to withdraw your money from our platform, there is no charge.
Because of the exchange of large and small coins and coin theft, loss and encryption traders who do not know the exchange trust. You do not have to worry probation CoinXes confidence in CoinXes trading platform itself, we do not hold your digital assets, as long as you put it in the platform, trading or pull it free.
You can trade CoinXes, your mother tongue.

Coinxes Utility Token

  • Recommended payment: when they are familiar with new customers CoinXes each stage CoinXes management or information exchange users will get recommendation marks.
  • Network development: the procedures provided back to the network, CoinXes honors from time to time choose the utilization of the competent authorities of the network, such as Exchange, a local real estate, project audit purposes.
  • ICO speculators almost certainly will use gold CoinXes (Cxg) buy ICO records
  • ICO financial experts will almost certainly use Cxg buy ICO notes
  • CoinXes in gold soft law (Cxg) can be traded after the ICO 30 days, on exchanges.
  • Global Payment: CoinXes gold (Cxg) will be installed worldwide stage for CoinXes exchange encryption, which means you can use your CoinXes gold coins in exchange for recording any exchange in CoinXes.
  • CoinXes gold (Cxg) holders can use it to invest resources on real estate
  • Pay ICO release management department. After CoinXes are building a website that allows dynamic and future director of infection control for adjusting the survey

Token Details

  • Token Name: CoinXes Gold
  • Token Symbol: CXG
  • Platform: ETH
  • Type: ERC20
  • Total Offer: 180,000,000
  • Token Price: $ 0.20
  • Amount to be sold: 100,000,000

Token Sale

  • Pre-sale – 24,480,000
    13.6% Tokens
  • Value – $4,320,000
  • Private Sale – 15,570,000
    8.65% Tokens
  • Value – $2,160,000
  • Public Sale – 76,950,000
    42.75% Tokens
  • Value – $15,120,000

Token Distribution

CoinXes Distribution


  • AUGUST 2017 – Formulation of the CoinXes idea
  • DECEMBER 2017 – Incorporating team members
  • FEBRUARY 2018 – Development of the exchange platform concept
  • JUNE 2018 – Construction of the exchange platform begun
  • AUGUST 2018 – Integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo to the platform
  • NOVEMBER 2018 – Integrating the dedicated ICO listing counter into the platform
  • JANUARY 2019 – Official launch of the whitepaper
  • MARCH 2019 – Private sale begins
  • APRIL 2019 – Pre-sale
  • JUNE 2019 – Public sale
  • JULY 2019 – Licensing
  • SEPTEMBER 2019 – Launching the CoinXes exchange, installing the requisite facilities and training staff.
  • NOVEMBER 2019 – Further development of the platform and commissioning of trading aids such as the mobile trading app.

To know the latest information about the CoinXes project you can visit the link below:

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