CoinXes – More Than 50 Asset Transactions Are Encrypted

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CoinXes – More Than 50 Asset Transactions Are Encrypted

CoinXes – Blockchain really conveying system is the most important level of responsibility of everyone. This is not to say that the party did not finish again missed agree to exchange human error or machine, even including trade. On top of other areas where Blockchain most basic reason that with the record on principle to register and sign up, they scattered through the relevant settings for the safety certification of related components, to ensure the legitimacy of the exchange.

It is a record of good morals computer blockchain monetary transactions can be customized records associated not only with the exchange of money but all the dignity of all intents and purposes. Blockchain innovation similar to the network, it has a power supply. The road through the square cannot be distinguished in their data systems, blockchain cannot be controlled by a single substance, and disappointed without a goal. The network itself has proven to be difficult just 30 years old. This is a very good word of mouth, as it continues to produce innovative blockchain.


Here are some traders are faced with encryption and publisher ICO and solutions, Coinxes will give you problems.
Double filling: trading platform, traders collect their coins every time you save on the platform, you pay a deposit, transaction costs and paid to the exit.
Multi-coin transaction: Most Cryptocurrency allows you to peer network from one or two currencies encrypted transactions.
Belief: Due to the loss of large and small exchange coins and coin theft, encryption ownership and traders do not know where the exchange of trust.
the language barrier: Most markets opened only in the UK, maybe two or three other languages.
publisher STO / ICO wants to sell their tokens/coins, investors must buy tokens, but based on their language, location, fluctuations cryptocurrency or restrict access to encrypted lack of money, it is difficult for investors ICO such as Africa, Asia and places the United States investment ICO

Coinxes Solutions

Coinxes coin deposit fee only on your own platform, we do not collect transaction fees and ATM fees, so do not spend money for free from our platform, take back your coins.
Coinxes can let you in an instant changed three cryptocurrencies different, but the ICO, Coinxes will allow users to do more than 50 asset transactions are encrypted.
Because the theft of coins and coin exchange losses in both large and small, hold the encryption and the merchant does not know the transaction can be trusted. You do not need to worry because of the trust coinxes trading on our platform, we are not as long as you bring them to the platform, trading or withdraw their freedom to hold your digital assets. Coinxes that this relationship password asset buyer-seller platform for transaction intermediary services we provide. Buyers paid directly to the seller, so we do not put your assets. We do not cryptocurrency stored on our platform. Therefore, do not worry about hacking.
You can use gold trading, in your native language.
ICO publishers can register directly exchange their P2P Coinxes token/coin, and from anywhere in the world, and not based on geographic location, language, and payment restrictions on the sale of their token to anyone. ICO investors can choose the payment method registered, or use their own currency without having to worry about additional costs or get cryptocurrency a buy ICO is registered in Coinxes platform.

How Coinxes Work?

CoinXes Works

Coinxes P2P connect buyers and sellers to exchange digital currency. Sellers set their own prices, what type of payment they will receive. Many accept PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or cash. Coinxes P2P exchange trading cryptocurrency people interested in matching.

  1. Create Your Own Business
    According to instantly create their own trade you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, country or region and the number of payments to others.
  2. Secure Transaction
    In cryptocurrency secure decentralized P2P transactions, all payments from the escrow verification before release. We do not store cryptocurrency. Consequently, there is no worry about hackers, so your digital assets secure environment.
  3. Transaction Management
    Buyers and sellers to set their own prices, trading volume reached an agreement on trade, and payment types, they are willing to accept. Cryptocurrency deposited in an escrow account and released payment verification. In exchange Coinxes P2P, we do not charge withdrawal.

Benefit Using CoinXes

CoinXes charge only when coins stored on your own platform, we do not charge a transaction fee, withdrawal fees, so it is free to withdraw your money from our platform, there is no charge.
Because of the exchange of large and small coins and coin theft, loss and encryption traders who do not know the exchange trust. You do not have to worry probation CoinXes confidence in CoinXes trading platform itself, we do not hold your digital assets, as long as you put it in the platform, trading or pull it free.
You can trade CoinXes around the world.

Why Coinxes?

Coinxes provides a number of useful features, including:

  1. Buy And Sell Digital Currency
    Coinxes P2P exchange sites offer high resistance to reviewing the transaction is private, secure and inexpensive to use. We provide systems and arbitration in the local purchase and sell a cryptocurrency, and credibility based on the fastest and easiest way.
  2. Secure Transaction
    Scattered cryptocurrency P2P sites and all payment transactions are secure from verified before release escrow. We do not store cryptocurrency. Therefore, do not worry about hacking.
  3. Create Your Own Business
    Make your own based on the amount you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency of countries or regions, the payment transaction.
  4. Multicurrency
    Bitcoin trading, revenge, new and litecoin on this platform.
  5. Instant Payment
    You want money fast? Coinxes exchange P2P makes the automated payment process, now you do not have to wait several days to receive the money encryption or money from your buyers. Please, Coinxes transaction will be completed in a matter of minutes.
  6. Personal
    When you use P2P, only limited information needs through the transfer of our website, so you can safely transfer money.
  7. Anonymous
    Because you are connecting through P2P to others on our website, your transaction is a private and secure way to make you feel comfortable to do.
  8. Easy To Use
    You can use cash or payment, the seller/buyer is willing to accept to protect your money in the escrow account immediately receive your money upon receipt of payment transactions online quickly and securely.
  9. Decentralized
    P2P transaction means that you are directly connected with the other owners of digital currency or cash to share digital content. There is no central server, but the distribution of “nodes” to share information and files. If one server fails, then your transaction is safe, because it does not reside on servers, rather than distributed throughout the network.

Coinxes Utility Token

  • Recommended payment: when they are familiar with new customers CoinXes each stage CoinXes management or information exchange users will get recommendation marks.
  • Network development: the procedures provided back to the network, CoinXes honors from time to time choose the utilization of the competent authorities of the network, such as Exchange, a local real estate, project audit purposes.
  • ICO speculators almost certainly will use gold CoinXes (Cxg) buy ICO records
  • ICO financial experts will almost certainly use Cxg buy ICO notes
  • CoinXes in gold soft law (Cxg) can be traded after the ICO 30 days, on exchanges.
  • Global Payment: CoinXes gold (Cxg) will be installed worldwide stage for CoinXes exchange encryption, which means you can use your CoinXes gold coins in exchange for recording any exchange in CoinXes.
  • CoinXes gold (Cxg) holders can use it to invest resources on real estate
  • Pay ICO release management department. After CoinXes are building a website that allows dynamic and future director of infection control for adjusting the survey

Token Details

  • Token Name: CoinXes Gold
  • Token Symbol: CXG
  • Platform: ETH
  • Type: ERC20
  • Total Offer: 180,000,000
  • Token Price: $ 0.20
  • Amount to be sold: 100,000,000

Token Sale

  • Pre-sale – 24,480,000
    13.6% Tokens
  • Value – $4,320,000
  • Private Sale – 15,570,000
    8.65% Tokens
  • Value – $2,160,000
  • Public Sale – 76,950,000
    42.75% Tokens
  • Value – $15,120,000

Token Distribution

CoinXes Distribution


CoinXes Roadmap

  • AUGUST 2017 – Formulation of the CoinXes idea
  • DECEMBER 2017 – Incorporating team members
  • FEBRUARY 2018 – Development of the exchange platform concept
  • JUNE 2018 – Construction of the exchange platform begun
  • AUGUST 2018 – Integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo to the platform
  • NOVEMBER 2018 – Integrating the dedicated ICO listing counter into the platform
  • JANUARY 2019 – Official launch of the whitepaper
  • MARCH 2019 – Private sale begins
  • APRIL 2019 – Pre-sale
  • JUNE 2019 – Public sale
  • JULY 2019 – Licensing
  • SEPTEMBER 2019 – Launching the CoinXes exchange, installing the requisite facilities and training staff.
  • NOVEMBER 2019 – Further development of the platform and commissioning of trading aids such as the mobile trading app.

To know the latest information about the CoinXes project you can visit the link below:

White paper:


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