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Posted on Logo – Where The Decentralized World Meets – The new technology is adopted by society gradually. This is the first use of innovation, then took the early adopters, and spread to most of the initial peak. When we have narrowed tokenization from PCs and mobile internet and social media progress, innovation and adoption by the majority of the time between. Blockchain technology is currently in the early stages of adoption, but its market value has reached five hundred billion dollars last year. This is a good indicator of what’s to come. But there are also successful chain block methods, such as high energy consumption, limited trading volume per second, cryptography and quantum computing development depends on a tokenization challenge. The diversity of technology applications in the field of supply chain of food safety, but also can slow it. Blockchain technical success will depend on the speed and efficiency so that we can work together to address these challenges.

In recent times, such as personal computers and laptops, mobile phones and even the Internet itself is a disruptive technology to follow the same development path. But every year, early innovation of new technologies and platforms and tokenization shrink through the development of most of the time.

To Blockchain We are in the early stages of adoption. And this development is not without its challenges. Some might say that we have taken in most of the early stages, of about half a trillion dollars in market capitalization encryption 2017 looks to make a strong reason to.

That is why there is a need for open innovation platform, to gather information about blockchain encrypted and game-changing development, new applications and the exchange of ideas and gives stakeholders pastor blockchain collaboration tools, from programmers and trade suppliers to journalists and investors. Chryp hoping to promote cross-industry team effort to accelerate the development and application of technology blockchain.

For Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, everything is not smooth from here. There challenges- some very big challenges. The success of this technology will depend on the speed and efficiency of this challenge resolved.

However, encryption and blockchain market capitalization of the underlying technology is different from most digital platforms in the market, because it is not the idea of doing business, and this is something that will forever change the way people do business. blockchain potential ability, as well as the current market value of the release whether or not it will far exceed half a trillion dollars. Already such as Allianz, BMW, Siemens Corporate giants are looking for ways to use this technology for their products. This is just the beginning.

About is a social network that is detokened to allow players more closely and encryption and the use of large-scale adoption application blockchain. A plethora of functions all the features needed to create an all-in-one platform spread across the globe. Technical, also ready to become the largest showcase of all blockchain used blockchain applications. We believe that only a team effort as the company blockchain to lay the groundwork for large-scale applications as soon as possible, create an ecosystem that enables them to succeed. By participating you make a contribution that is flexible and versatile platform supports a wide range of interactions and transactions and the use of large-scale use encryption application blockchain. All CHRYPTO practical token holders to enjoy all the benefits of high-level members access to exclusive features platform.


Organize personal or professional configuration, encrypted connection with blockchain and professionals, follow the company blockchain, web publishing, sharing, all on large database records and discuss the movie blockchain- interpretation or related cryptographic topic. Newbies found related topics such as blockchains, ICOS, economic tokens, Companies, investors and solution providers to showcase their products to gain visibility.

THE CHRYP.TO Solutions blockchain is to bring together companies and developers, investors and traders, researchers and journalists, even the novice enthusiast to understand blockchain technology, hacking and exchange ideas, network and meet, develop new products and social networking applications, work collectively together with the project, looking for investment or work, just to stay abreast of the encryption in the world.

Why Contribute?

traditional investors, as small groups, will be in the best interests of their own, if they master the role of social networks. envisioned a platform that allows citizens, businesses, merchants, and developers to maximize their potential benefits, and contribute to society, to promote the objectives of the Innovation Network blockchain. Therefore, the most sustainable way mark blockchain oriented ERC20 drive crowdsale blockchain platform to platform developed for use revenge. All Chrypto is a utility to enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership. It means:

• Authenticity and reputation
• Premium power tools Access
• Future blockchain sound

Business Model

Like all social networks, true value lies in its online community. Therefore, the list of features that are focused on citizen participation, open innovation, and creativity of people. Citizens, journalists, developers, veterans, start-ups and large companies can use these groups to increase the capacity of resource sharing global blockchain cake.

There is a set of advanced tools so that the platform can generate their own income to achieve an increase in the global resource pie blockchain full-size goal. We believe in a decentralized business model sustainable and equipped with the power of the crowd. Sollution

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to be the year that encrypted blockchain and the online community, free and paid users around the forefront of the world. Our goal is to promote blockchain technologies and applications, the ability to easily access blockchain market, the introduction of outstanding technology early adopters, with promising start-ups interested investors, and to promote cooperation and partnerships – even large companies and organizations. intended for all needs in the world of decentralization, valuable information from the market and effective.

Payment System

An online community including users the power to develop, we intend to eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry, while also giving marketing support mark. Therefore, conversion to run background processes token – it makes money platform agnostic, Fiat crypto main currencies used by consumers as a form of payment.

Liquidity and Trading

We will ensure major exchanges circulating in Chrypto mark. Although it may not warrant many cryptocurrencies of liquidity to the full development platform, team is investing in agile development period of strong growth path. We hope that from the very beginning in market liquidity. prevent speculative trading. This is a test of confidence by the basic laws of economics try to supply: supply and demand. When we market the rapid introduction of high value-added features to build an online community, using the power of the masses, and filled ideas, products and services, demand is expected to increase the store because they bring value and sound. We have plans to increase the liquidity of the buyer.

Token Information

Token 1,000,000 aggregate supply, sold 54% of the bottom of the coin advertised. In the most extreme crowdsale top of $ 810 million. 16% of the number of tokens will be allocated to increase interest. The fifth will be held total supply

Token Sale

  • ICO start date 09 Oct 2018
  • ICO end date 07 Apr 2019
  • ICO token supply 54,000,000
  • Soft cap 500,000 USD (fiat)
  • Hard cap size 8,100,000 USD (fiat)

Token Distribution

  • 54% – ICO
  • 16% – Incentivize Participation
  • 20% – Retained by
  • 10% – Reserve Fund
  • Funds Allocation
  • 50% – Development
  • 25% – Marketing
  • 10% – Legal
  • 10% – Reserve Fund
  • 5% – Other
  • Team Members

Chris Heinze : CEO
Terry Seal, Chief Business : Corporate Development Officer
Danel Kretner : Chief Marketing Officer
Lout Schampers : Community Manager
Ali Gibran : Chief Operating Officer
Bernhard Nocker : Chief Sales Officer
Ali Zain : Blockchain Developer
Ajay Dhande : Full Stack Developer
Mohit Mali : Backend Developer

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BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the team, I just give you the latest ICO info”