CFTC Policymaker With Long History of Work on BTC Futures Leaving

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CFTC Policymaker

CFTC Policymaker – Amir Zaidi, market supervision (DMO) to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Director of the Division reportedly will leave in two weeks.

Aware of the situation and more anonymous source has confirmed this statement, it was reported on August 8 Bloomberg law.

Zaidi has been recognized as he is responsible for more Bitcoin (BTC) Board of Trade Policy generated counter swaps, and rewrite the rules of the director of the CFTC DMO market since January 2017.

A source said, adding that Vincent McGonagle former director of the DMO is expected to reprise his role as executive director; McGonagle is currently deputy director of law enforcement, such as the report indicates.

Bitcoin Futures and Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Cointelegraph As previously reported, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission confirmed at the beginning, did not approve the actual completion time LedgerX Bitcoin. This seems to contradict the previously announced LedgerX, that which claims that derivatives trading service suppliers are still alive.

However, derivatives expert Thomas · G. Thompson show on Twitter, LedgerX just launched the latest possible exchange of the existing platform. Moreover, even if the service does not live LedgerX trading, it is still a phenomenal development. Thompson said:

Continues to be an important development, because now you can trade Bitcoins retail options and swaps.

Virtual Currency Derivatives

In May, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced that they try to provide a clear regulatory tool comes as a virtual currency, to foster exchanges and clearinghouses. The statement was issued jointly by the DMO and settlement risks and Division, and explain in detail the need to provide significant additional market supervision, coordination, and CFTC staff, and large-scale traders reported DCO risk management and governance.

Zaidi in the comments:

CFTC staff will endeavor to provide more guidance to help market participants to compete with innovation, in conjunction with the regulations of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.