CCN – Providing The Best And Cost Effective Solutions For The Development

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CCN – Providing The Best And Cost-Effective Solutions For The Development

CCN – Custom Contract Network (CCN) provides contract services World’s First Full clever one point completing important inefficiencies for the crypto world. We provide our services in every sector in which smart contract required. For example, Escrow is a service worth billions dollar; real estate escrow services cost as much as 1-2% of the value of the property to hold to fund the purchase until the conditions of this agreement have been met. The services can be easily replaced by intelligent contract. In addition, there are some sectors in which smart contract could use as their service.

This includes in-depth analysis of service-learning projects that brighten the technology, services offered, business models and strategies, the benefits of using blockchain and smart contract over traditional methods.

About CCN

CCN is a smart contract service provider company that is known for providing the best and cost-effective solutions for the development of intelligent and audit contracts.

CCN working model

  1. Fast and Reliable
    The availability of consistent and systematic processes and resources vary enable us to accelerate the development process.
  2. Effective cost
    We provide the best service at the lowest cost for the development of Smart and Auditing contract. We do not charge for the consultation and setup.
  3. Certification
    The certificate confirms your smart contract in accordance with the requirements of CCN Cyber Security Standards.

How It Works

Your project goes through several phases before we start to code. Our simple yet effective process that begins with the collection requirements and ends with the delivery of high-quality products to ensure your business and your people safe.

CCN Works

We follow a systematic approach to complete our tasks and the development of the audit which helps us to speed up the whole process. Before we started working on the project, your project runs under various analysis to ensure the best results.

  1. This process consists of collecting data and facts to interact with clients and understand their needs.
  2. Our team analyzes your needs and objectives of the project to verify their eligibility to get real results.
  3. Software design is prepared with the help of specified requirements.
  4. We develop code using the integration process which consists of the development of the various components in parallel.
  5. Developed code is tested against the requirements to ensure that the product really solves the need addressed.
  6. Finally, the product is delivered/deployed for subscribers.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to helping clients achieve their goals, to personalize their smart contract experience, to provide an innovative environment, and create a strong sense of difference. Our identification with client projects means that we strive to provide a solution, even for they have not been aware of the problem. For this purpose, we adopted a progressive approach to technology.

Custom Smart Contract

Basic use Smart Contract in Ethereum is to create your own token. Despite that, smart Contracts can be used to develop a variety of purposes such as:

a. Blood group management users
b. Gambling
c. Sequence-based game development
d. Voting
e. Fraud detection
f. Health Care Management
g. The financial sector
h. Patents Song, Composition, Instrumental, Artist, etc.
I. Real Estate for the purpose of the Registry
j. Sequence Order Management based
k. Management Family Tree

There are endless uses Smart Contract. Custom or customized smart contract with simple words is a program based on your ideas. A custom smart contract can allow for more Blockchain fill your dreams and it may include all feasible functions you need.

Solidity: Tools dApps

Solidity is a contact-oriented high-level programming language used to write smart contact. It developed by Gavin Wood, Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Beregszaszi, Liana Husikyan, Yoichi Hirai and some former core contributor Ethereum. Solidity is used to implement intelligent contracts on various blockchain platform. This platform has many similarities to JavaScript (another scripting language). Solidity performs the verification process and enforces constraints at the time of compilation as contrary to the run-time. Solidity is basically used to develop and execute code in a Virtual Ethereum Machine. Smart contracts can be used in various forms. Another contract of functions for creating and
decrease of other contracts, all can be done through them.

Token Distributor Contract

Many require token holders to distribute their tokens to more than one purse could be busy The process for distributing one by one for every purse (if the number of hundreds, thousands or more) will consume more electricity, electric, transaction costs, labor, management, and prudence. To reduce resource consuming process that we will introduce more contract-based smart ERC20 protocol Ethereum Blockchain to allow up to 241 internal transfers within one transaction.

This process not only will reduce the underlying problems and will reduce the need for gas resulted in reduced gas costs or less money for a higher number for transfer packaged in one transaction. The source code of a smart contract will be available on the GitHub repository with Apache license version 2.0 and the README file to configure a smart contract according to their needs. The general public will use smart contract to distribute their ERC20 token, funds or data to multiple wallets in once with ease.

Link to GitHub repository will be available on the website’s homepage footer part or parts MVP. Anyone will be able to visit easily by clicking on a link or button refers to our GitHub repository from our website. In addition, we would always advise you to deploy the latest available solidity code of repository to protect themselves from future bugs. Developers of the various regions and the same qualifications will also be able to contribute to improving security code and additional functions.

CCN Distribution


  • 2018 September
    1. Market Analysis & Raw Materials Collection
    2. Assessment Project
    3. Team Building & Project Outlines
    4. Collection Feedback and Reviews
    5. Costs Assessment
  • October 2018
    1. Project Development & Analysis Allocation
    2. Development of Website
    3. Smart Contract Development & Auditing
    4. Releasing Material Whitepaper & Supported
    5. Building Communities Campaign
  • 2018 November
    1. Applying on Exchanges
    2. Start Bounty campaign
    3. Recruitment Advisor
    4. Marketing & Promotion Activity
  • December 2018
    1. Listing in Stock
    2. The release of MVP & Supported Documents
    3. Events & Partnerships
    4. Hiring Technical Experts
  • January 2019
    1. Business Tours & Ecosystem Growth
    2. Token Distribution
    3. R & D
    4. Promotion Post


CCN Team

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