CBNT – Create A Beneficial Natural Framework For All Individuals

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CBNT – Create A Beneficial Natural Framework For All Individuals

CBNT is a decentralized content sharing system capable in light of blockchain innovation and a DPGC domain model. In the beginning, we are going to revolve around blockchain and content capable of financial investment. CBNT will create a beneficial natural framework for all individuals, including content/article providers, content users, and distributors and cardholders. In the CBNT social order, paying little respect to whether you are content generators or content observers, the opposing sides can obtain “Mining Rewards” tabs. As CBNT creates and enables development, all the advantages of the different notices will be used, in addition, to most people.

Background Of The Project

Everyone who knows the Internet has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Millions of users daily visit the site, but at the end of the day the owner of a social media website gets millions to capture user data and the user gets nothing in reward. CBNT things that are unfair to users who create the content that they began to create a system where users will be rewarded by making social media work. CBNT will solve the problem of the current system of social media and reward each contributor that create value by producing unique content.

How CNBT Works

CBNT beautiful compensate content producers with more tokens so that more people begin to create a unique and important content that will ultimately lead people to the framework. Steemit has the same kind of thinking in Steemit because there are no controls to compensate content creators is exceptional. Outstanding content creators will offer most of the movement will make an important sale. In the same way, content creators will have additional favorable circumstances, such as reading paid, a co-payment, paid question and response session. Structure CBNT sale signs will be obvious to all customers to ensure that the social order that is in the possession of tokes and customers can buy advertising with BTC, ETH and through other mechanical financial structure.

CBNT Platform Unique Strength

• Improving the quality of the content is guaranteed because of the reward system of the platform that tends to favor high-quality content.

• This platform will witness the loyalty of participants increased since they are treated as stakeholders of the platform.

• Reduce advertising costs and increase conversion rates will be achieved by publishers on the platform.

• rent can be paid for using a digital asset or cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, CBNT, etc.

• This platform will adopt a system of open and transparent advertising deals that will increase the efficiency of the platform and also protect the holder of the mark.

• The platform will have a cart built-in digital asset called Caibao where advertising revenues will be stored in the form of BTC, ETH, CBNT, and other digital currencies. And toke CBNT holder can easily and quickly access space CBNT Caibao to exchange tokens for each other cryptocurrency of their choice provided in the room.

• Registered platform members will be given a unique digital identity and wallet CBNT to ensure the authenticity of the user.

• User data and personal information on the platform will be encrypted and stored safely on the platform blockchain thus making it difficult to asset data to be leaked or compromised by hackers.

• This platform will protect the original contents to generate a unique hash value or tag that will be stored on the blockchain as the content certificate. It can be used by content owners as proof of copyright content.

• The platform created and managed by a member of a great team with a lot of relevant experience to see that the project made it to the top.

• The whitepaper projects are also nicely detailed and concise written with simple grammar to facilitate understanding and better projects.


With the advent of the golden age of network content and technology development blockchain, Professional Generated Content (PGC) market will develop in a broader space, and willingness to pay and high-quality content on the market will continue to grow. Taking a video platform, iQiyi for example, the number of traditional PGC project partners have accelerated from the beginning of 2000 to more than 10,000. The cooperation between the project has reached more than 100,000, and the number of daily games reached 630 million, which has grown to a certain level of more than 80% each year. At the same time, it is more popular among the users in terms of content knowledge and vertical content. In the early stages, CBNT also browses blockchain will focus on technology and financial management. CBNT blockchain will combine technology,

CBNT Share Ecosystem

  1. Content creation:
    Content producers are blessing tokens when users like their imperative content. The greater the content, the more tokens will be given by the content creators.
  2. Content communication:
    The caretakers can choose and offer first class items, and the advantages of this article are assigned in perspective of the weight of the responsibility of the client.
  3. Questions and answers are paid:
    Amazing information is a business opportunity. The exchange of vital information for examiners can also provide benefits.
  4. Advance monetization:
    Change standard advertising models. Supporters pay tokens to broadcast promotions, and advertising costs are in a circle in light of the duties of the fans.

CBNT Allocation of Tokens

CBNT Allocation of Tokens

CBNT Token Distribution

CBNT Token Distribution


CBNT is a new generation content-sharing platform that ensures all participants on the platform were rewarded for their various activities. It also will be the first platform in the world where profits are generated through advertising is shared among all the participants. The rating of the project is high and prospects are very promising. I would definitely invest in this project

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the CNBT team, I just give you the latest ICO info”