Cashaa – The New Generation of Banking

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Cashaa – The New Generation of Banking

Cashaa – To really make cryptocurrency a popular and simple tool to pay anything around the world, you need to offer an easy and inexpensive way. The combination of withdrawing and depositing existing old money will not allow easy and simple repayment of a bunch of products in a supermarket. Too much trouble waiting for clients, transferring money from wallet to stock exchange and returning, high commissions for transactions, and most importantly tens or more waiting minutes. This we can not, queuing. Thus, it is possible to say, that the main acquaintance of the world with active digital has taken place. Despite the fact that they only have a small percent of the world’s population, I’ve heard about cryptoir, probably everyone.

Everyone thinks intuitively has the feeling that cryptonomy can fix the current financial system deficiencies, and if you start studying distributed database technology from blocking and everything related to it, it becomes clear.

What’s up now

The globally established financial system requires drastic change, which is not very capable. The structure is difficult to change and requires a large amount of money to do so. The traditional banking system does not respond to the spirit of the times. It is very slow, not adequately protected, requires the presence of specialists in it (which is always a mistake), accompanied by insufficient documentation and high tariffs, commissions.

Cashaa, established in 2016, has built and tested a blockchain-based beta platform, offering innovative exchange and remittance services between fiat and cryptocurrency. Cashaa has arrived in no time, and in a short time was ranked 12th out of 100 Companies.

Greatest Breakthrough Worldwide

Cashaa is the next generation model for financial services based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence that will empower devices with biometric identification systems to solve existing financial system problems for people without bank accounts and who have accounts.

Cashaa Vision

Cashaa have 4 main vision:

1) Moving financial products for banking or not

Cashaa’s digital and transparent services not only appeal to banking but also provide a financial inclusion solution to 2.5 billion non-banking and 1 billion underbanked globally, thus creating a cross-border platform that can serve the entire population.

2) Facilitate the exchange of low-cost currencies

sending money across state quickly, and the cost is relatively small compared to conventional banking, which on average is currently 7%. Industry-leading technology platforms supported by our merchant network can protect your money and offer the best foreign exchange rates every time you use Cashaa.

3. Turning on Investment in a Global Economy

Cashaa products can enable users to access the economy globally in a decentralized way. we can monitor cross-country moves/transfers that allow for widespread diversification without fear of distance with high levels of security.

4. Dedicated to open API Community

to solve the biggest financial challenges in the world. Developers of SDK and Open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence technology will accelerate the growth of digital innovation.

Cashaa Technology

Cashaa is the center of every customer’s transaction by adopting Blockchain technology without having to understand the technical details of the Blockchain technology itself. Cashaa wallet / wallet system integrated with P2P technology for each transaction. allows people to save, shop, borrow and get insurance, easily and of course legal

1. Ecosystem Cashaa

Cashaa connects businesses and individuals in Blockchain to the existing financial world in a decentralized way. liquidity providers, clearinghouse networks, and blockchain supported gateways. Financial technology combined with easy commands will allow real-time, peer-to-peer exchange and more.

2. Platform elastic, safe and tough

The network is designed as a system with robust performance and utilizes a blockchain system, while clearing and settlement occur over in the CasChain layer, the cost of protecting the value of transactions is eliminated thereby saving transfer costs.

3. Use AI and Blockchain Technology

The world needs AI-based financial platform and Blockchain security. Cognitive Bots will perform data analysis, price prediction, risk assessment and forex transactions for the users.

4. Identify Using Biometric System

The lack of secure identification technology is one of the main reasons in developing countries that citizens are less interested in participating in the financial system. Cashaa will create an identity for those users by using retinal scans and their fingerprints with a private key, so it is not possible to do forgery.

Cashaa created a better bank, dared to compete with conventional banking by building an app and product in a transparent and accountable manner. Blockchain-based platforms allow users to save, shop, receive, invest, borrow and get insurance, legally and easily. Ultimately, Cashaa aims to be a one-stop-shop for financial needs.

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