Calvaria – A Thrilling New Play-to-Earn Battle Card Blockchain Game

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Calvaria is a unique project, which aims to promote brands through partners, influence, and organic participation. Because the Calvaria project is expected to explode in 2022, the team plans to withdraw the project through influential people and the main participants’ partnership in the cryptocurrency industry. Because players are currently recruiting new players, using “entertainment” mechanics will ensure that organic growth is quite high. Calvaria is a real innovation project that can change our way to interact with digital assets. We are happy to see the future of Volvaria and his community.

Calvaria: Evernity’s Duel is an interesting new game for Owen (P2E) combat card chain games. This game has been announced later this year. The upcoming game allows players to fight online with other players to get Toothless Tokens (NFT) in the form of collection cards. These cards can be purchased, traded, and sold in games to get currencies in the game, called $ ria. This currency can be exchanged for real money at any time, so players have the opportunity to make money when playing Calvaria. In addition, players can get $eria through gameplay, which can be used to increase cards and buy resources in the game. This game also has a unique concept and storytelling structure, inspired by Mexican mythology and life after death. This game not only gives players the opportunity to make money but also attracts attractive players who tell stories. This will make people want to play for a few hours in a row.

Our Mission

We see how much the game industry is. At the same time, because everyone is accustomed to the unilateral economic model, he limits players. Continuing to concentrate on the game resources do not spend time paying dividends in the game will discredit the game community in the long run. We believe that players must be comprehensive participants in the development of ecosystems in the game and have ownership of the resources and income they spend in the game. This makes the new and open interactive type of interactive type between developers and investors who create excellent gameplay experiences and promote users, where everyone will affect project development.

Thanks to this method, the game is not only another seasonal entertainment activity but also a large living ecosystem that can be sustainable and has years of growth for years. You can see it as a virtual country with your own government, and every user is among them. On the other hand, as a development team, we must ensure that in the early stages, the project economy is as smooth as possible and sustainable until it can independently supervise and support without other incentive actions.

Because of NFT technology and blockchain, all the game functions above can be implemented. Almost all resources in the game will become an ERC-721 NFT token, which will immediately belong to the owner. Owners can use it freely because they think it’s right: for example, they can have or trade it. Each user will receive an award for the ERC-20 $ Eria token because they spend time in the game. Just like NFT, they will belong to the owner and they will be able to own or sell them.

As the backbone of Calvaria: Doe’s economic backbone, the $ria token has the same function. We also began to notice that in the game “making money”, the problem began to emerge, which is also clear for many investors and gamers around the world.

Most games are too simple or not enough to provide real pleasure. Start the game project for speculation purposes, but they are short because they do not have a realistic vision or plan. After the asset market value is reduced due to changes in the development team award system, most projects will cause interest to decrease because their products fail to attract a large number of audiences.

First of all, we know that it is impossible to compromise in terms of quality. Games with mechanisms, interactions, and complete complexity -really satisfying allow competitiveness -this is the basic requirement that we think about. The project should not only depend on the “making money” system. Conversely, this must be a fun supplement for the game, and the system experience will only be improved through the system.

Considering the situation above, we decided to make a card game, because of the popularity of the game and the middle learning curve for new players. In addition, to increase interest and participation, we have created a unique environment and narrative that accompanied it about the afterlife. This is the limit of several game explorations. If we give priority to the pleasure of players and use the mechanics of “generate money” as secondary motivation, project life will be guaranteed with the increasing number of audiences.


Calvaria: Duels of Eternity was created by Cryptocurrency and a blockchain expert and experienced game developers and programmers. They have a collective vision that can create space for gamers to get encryption and NFT while enjoying adventure stories based on Mexican mythology. This game is not only addictive and interesting but also gives gamers the opportunity to make money while playing, which generally increases their productivity. This unique game is interested in meters and cryptocurrency systems, so players can benefit from real life from the game.

Our team is very happy with the services provided by Calvaria. This game can bring players to other worlds through stories -storytelling that is interesting and unique world construction. A spokesman for the founder of Walvaria said. “When the game goes up to the Irving game, we want to create things that stand out from others from all over the world can enjoy. Calvaria (Calvaria) Made addictive and profitable in mythology and players and players.”

Game players can look forward to a deep world, interesting battle games, championships, and many other opportunities to win NFT when playing “Calvaria: Eternal Duel”. Once they enter the world of Calvaria, they will be fascinated by all the interesting magic provided by this game. All NFTs obtained in the game will be fully owned by gamers with them, who give these gamers the opportunity to make money on the third-party NFT platform (such as OpenSea or Rarible). This game is under development. Gamers who are interested can pay attention to the trailer which will soon be released in March 2022. The official Walvaria NFT series will also be released in February 2022. It is expected to release public games in 2022 in the third quarter.

The Main Sources Of Income For The Project Are Listed Below:

1. Sales of decks, cards, upgrades, and other resources in the in-game store. In order to be able to play, the user must purchase at least one deck of cards from the in-game store. In addition, in order to make the game interesting and update the user experience, our team will constantly release new decks, cards, and other items, thus providing an opportunity for players to buy additional resources that can increase their chances of winning. All purchased resources, with some rare exceptions, will be issued in the form of NFT tokens, whose ownership will be fully assigned to their buyers.

2. Release of NFT collections. To attract attention to the game and update the gaming experience, our team will periodically release separate paid NFT collections in the form of public sales with a limited supply of tokens. Each such token will increase the user’s chances of winning tournaments. The raised funds will go towards replenishing the operations fund, marketing, and rewarding team members.

3. Ensuring liquidity. Our team plans to be the main provider of liquidity for decentralized pools. This will allow us to earn a percentage of the entire turnover of $RIA and $eRIA paired with other cryptocurrencies. It is also planned to charge a commission of 0.17% on all sales of the $RIA token on decentralized exchanges. The tokens collected as part of this commission will be returned to the game and distributed among users.

4. Ability to receive royalty payments on the secondary market. We will receive additional income from the resale of our released NFT resources and collections on third-party websites. As the gaming economy grows, our income will grow together with it.

5. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We will be using part of our technology platform as an advertising space. This advertising will be natively integrated and will not disrupt the gameplay, and at the same time, we will make sure that it remains as relevant to our audience as possible. We plan to work with a large number of partner projects to implement this idea. Mutual advertising will help us increase the flow of new users and bring in additional income that will be invested back in the game.

6. Physical and digital goods. We also plan to release and sell various goods that are directly related to the game. These may be various unique NFT tokens, merchandise, collectible toys, etc. All this will allow fans of the game to express their love for the project. Most of the profits will be returned to the game, while the remainder will be used as rewards for team members involved in the production of goods.

The goals of the tokens:

1. Liquid and tradable assets. $eRIA will function as the main asset in which all in-game rewards will be paid. When the player receives tokens, they become fully-fledged owner and can utilize them as they please: they can keep them, buy resources within the game, or sell them on the exchange.

2. Optimizing incentives for all project participants. Players, stakers, and investors will all be attracted to a single digital asset called $RIA, which will evenly spread user interest across the game and its ecosystem.

3. Economic sustainability. $RIA tokens will be distributed evenly among all project participants according to the unlocking schedule. This will ensure sustainable development and maintain interest in the project for many years after launch.

Token Allocation

Summary of the $RIA token supply

The total maximum fixed supply of the game’s token is 1,000,000,000 RIA, which will be distributed between the following areas in the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity ecosystem:

  • Staking pool 25%
  • Prize pool 20%
  • Team 15%
  • Operations 10%
  • INO 6%
  • Sale 5%
  • 4% Liquidity
  • 3% Seed Round
  • 3% Partners
  • 3% Reserve
  • 2.5% Rewards
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1.5% Public Sale

Upcoming project development milestones

The development milestones listed below are tentative as of the time of this writing. The milestones and deadlines may change in the future.

September 2022:

  • Initial NFT Offering Public Sale.
  • Mystery Box revealing.
  • Development of the NFT Battleground game.
  • Duels of Eternity game development.
  • In-game store development.
  • GDD, game bible, tech documentation for the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity game.

October 2022:

  • $RIA Certik Audit.
  • Release of the 3rd mini-game.
  • In-game store release.
  • Staking platform development.

November 2022:

  • TGE (CEX/DEX).
  • IDO/IEO for $RIA.
  • Staking platform release.
  • Lootbox drop.
  • Calvaria: Duels of Eternity Litepaper

December 2022:

  • Early access release of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.
  • Cinematic trailer release.
  • $eRIA litepaper and contract.

January 2023:

  • New card implementation.
  • $eRIA contract audit.
  • $eRIA TGE.

February 2023:

  • Additional Calvaria: Duels of Eternity game features.
  • Release of the 4th mini-game.
  • Blockchain features implementation in Calvaria: DoE.

March 2023:

  • Beta Version of the game.
  • Lootbox drop for $eRIA holders.
  • Lootbox drop for the Public.
  • Unique cards introduction and review (lieutenants).

April 2023:

  • Bug fixing phase for Calvaria: DoE.
  • Calvaria: Duels of Eternity tournament.
  • NFT upgrade system introduction.

May 2023:

  • Partnerships for tournament conduction.
  • Exclusive loot box drop (lieutenants).
  • First Tournament.
  • Announcement of the scholarship system.

June 2023:

  • New content for Calvaria: DoE.
  • Scholarship platform release.
  • Second tournament announcement.

July 2023:

  • NFT upgrade system release.
  • Second tournament conduction.
  • Introduction of Calvaria seasonal competitions.
  • DoE updates.

August 2023:

  • Calvaria: DoE updates.
  • Third tournament announcement.
  • The initial introduction of the new game modes.
  • Loot box drop with new cards.

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