Buzzex IEO – Viral Media Token – Earn Passive Income For Life

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Buzzex IEO – Viral Media Token – Earn Passive Income For Life

Buzzex IEO introduced to the project partners, the Viral Media Token. Our goal is to create a network of primary viral site, with part of the profits from advertising revenue token reward shareholders, while reducing the total supply increased value token. With pleased to announce, VMT IEO takes place.

Profit-sharing allocated to the holders of 50% of the purchase tokens daily VMT (based on how many tokens you have).
50% bought tokens for the combustion of the total token supply.
This means that if they hold VMT Token holders will not only get passive income every day, but also the total supply will be lower VMT per day.


This site will be operational before the football season is coming! This site will make money with conventional advertising, but most of the profits will be used to purchase a VMT Buzzex exchange.

The Number Of Sites To Generate A VMT?

Because the audience and attract highly targeted sites with especially we are building on this site will be very interesting to the advertiser. We aim to obtain a net profit for 1000 of $ 1 a web browser, although this may be based on a lot of money so similar metric. So this is a very realistic goal.

We and our first site, site targeting 4 billion global football fan’s aim is to enable millions of page views per day, which will increase net income more than doubled the amount mentioned kali. Like showed, net profits will be used to buy, burn marks VMT every day, every gift VMT holders and burn marks aggregate supply.

Coin Buzzex (BZX) – coins of the future!

  1. Earn Daily Bonus Coins On Buzzex
    Buzzex earns up to 80% transaction fee is returned to the person who holds more than 20K BZX exchange in their wallets.
  2. Get Up To 100% Discount On Transaction Fees
    If you hold Securities 1000 ~ 20,000 BZX your wallet will get discounts 5-100% on each trade you Buzzex.
  3. Vote On Your Favorite Coins
    It holds more than 20K of her purse Buzzex Naozhongxiao Securities have a voice, we need to be registered on the list of gold.
  4. Ultra Fast Trading
    The Buzzex Blockchain confirm the transaction in less than 1 minute, most of the time it happened in the second question.
  5. Low Cost
    Tired of paying huge fees for using Cryptocurrency it? Most of the swelling consumption costs less than $ 0.01 to make it cheaper to send transactions.
  6. Get Staking Rewards
    The person who holds any amount of swelling in the offline consumer wallet will get a daily prize of mining helps to ensure that the swelling has gone down a network.
  7. Get Master node Rewards
    Set the Masternodes will be able to produce 60% of the mining reward to help relieve swelling instant verification transactions.
  8. Decentralized Organizations
    Submitted to the voters for Master node willing to help develop the ecosystem Buzzex and get reward people to recommend.
  9. Community
    society is Buzzex heart. That’s why we allow people to be rewarded in many ways!

Token Details

  • Quantity: 84 million
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • ERC20 contract: 0x822de209e86d8699e085227c7aaa9468e8e925ae
  • Unique features: a plan to buy and burn
  • Benefit 1: earn passive income to sustain the daily VMT
  • Advantage 2: deflation mark has been more and more passive income

How Is The Distribution Of The Token?

  • 64.6 million initial investment
  • 10.4 million bounty activity (distributed in more than 10 years)
  • 5000000 IEO
  • 4 million holders (spread over 10 years, distributed, once a week)


All members token Buzzex VMT also qualified dividend can get. 20K or more coins if you hold eliminate swelling in Buzzex you will start getting VMT for results at this time began, 10 years!

Why IEO?

We will have a VMT IEO holder, holding the swelling has gone down and the buyer VMT. From our experience in creating and monetizing the site, we know that the fact that the highest level CPM ad network will take time to pay, as there Optimization .ini included within the most Tokenificant advantage of the leading ad network net 30 payment basis (which means that revenue will be paid in August October), so that when the VMT first, we launched a website (in the football season to start), you should start using the IEO sale and repurchase some of the fuel,

Another important reason is that it will increase the role of the VMT because we will be able to launch a campaign talent, so the bounty hunters to help developers get the site live VMT passive income, from the beginning.

For daily results will be directly integrated into the platform Buzzex. You only need to hold the token Buzzex VMT in your wallet, it will decide how much you get, you have a lot of days. All profit will be used to pay more VMT, you’ll get a simple buy on the website VMT our online advertising revenue.

This means that we will exchange a valid and encryption, and then buy at the market price Buzzex VMT. This means that a constant flow of legal tender in order VMT Token will be activated, which will be used to burn a total return to shareholders and supply. Token VMT VMT: also 10% bonus for reference! This means that if you have a recommendation Buzzex VMT, you will get 10% of what they get none of their other daily.

What Long-term Plans Viral Media Token?

We have a 10-year plan to gradually increase the number of our network assets, and gradually increase the number of the revenue-sharing plan for combustion and advertising revenue.

The Following Is A Brief Introduction:

1. Start a new viral site once a year

This year we will launch a VMT website first 4 billion fans. Our goal is to replicate this concept and create an additional VMT site every year for the next 10 years. It takes at least a year the site to its full potential, we will fully focus on one asset at the same time. When the site has reached its full potential, we will focus on adding more assets.

2. 1 million VMT For Assets To Go Viral

Every year, when the new asset is ready for launch, we will build parts per million VMT, make your site load required for the initial wave of traffic. This article will present a motion that will last for about 3-6 months, we will reply to the initial user base that can help build the site.

3. Set Up A Website To Exert Antiviral Activity And Maximize The Retention Rate

If you read an overview of the site football, then you know that we have a very creative team. We do not need to reinvent the wheel once a year, we just need to find a unique angle to keep the user, allowing them to continue to access the site’s unique angle. With VMT, would be a very high return rate, so that we can measure network media viral doubling every year, which will cause the token to buy more, divided into daily earnings. Share and burned.

Vmt Tokens Can Be Traded Anytime and Anywhere

When the network first to launch media assets of the VMT, the market will open in VMT Exchange.Ini Buzzex Token will also be a good time to end the IEO and buyback, profit sharing, and start burning program.

VMT Will Be The Base Currency Buzzex?

Yes! Viral Media Token is a project partner Buzzex so we will do VMT primary money Buzzex plus BTC, ETH, and USDT. Benefits are great because it will ensure that more investors understand our Viral. The vision of VMT main value of merchant stores, as these two aspects of deflation, because the tokens every day, the opportunity to hold a Token Buzzex only generated burned.

Why should I buy tokens Media VMT?

In a Token of passive income deflation. The answer quite simple, if you buy and hold VMT token, you will begin to assets, productive when we first introduced. Total ad revenue $ VMT use will gradually increase, buying from the market, and the total supply will gradually be low. Plus token, 40% operating cost advantage Buzzex will also be used to buy VMT every day and let tokens burns! Token VMT will be stored in your portfolio huge asset, for these reasons. Finally, buyers VMT during the pre-launch extra bonus is to increase your passive income.


The first Viral Media Token resource has enormous potential, which we believe is clear.

We will use this website video script is already in place, and a small custom integration league table, football fans to create competition takes place.

The good news is that this time the football season has ended in most countries, we have time to prepare the site to prepare for the upcoming season. In this way, fans of the competition can begin a real competitive round 1 as well.

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