BurstIQ – The Health Singularity

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BurstIQ – The Health Singularity

BurstIQ – Everyone would need a sound body in light of the fact that solid body is our capital run our day by day exercises, when we need to work and our wellbeing is flawless then we feel no issue and done this work effectively however in the event that we are unfortunate then we can’t do this work on the grounds that our body isn’t in type of to do this work, So along these lines we lose our capital, Health is a precious fortune that can’t be measured with gold, jewels, If we don’t deal with our wellbeing it will influence our body and our work likewise we feel exceptionally awkward on the off chance that we are wiped out or undesirable, So keep your body sound in light of the fact that your body wellbeing is essential, keep your body solid by practicing with customary premise and know about gorging and sufficient rest, at whatever point we are wiped out and we will without a doubt go to doctor’s facility for treatment yet whether the doctor’s facility benefit we pick is great or even they give awful administration to us and the cost of treatment we need to pay is extremely costly and not straightforward and entangled, So that is the issue we are looking in term of wellbeing treatment, BURST IQ give the best arrangement of these issues for us.

The purpose of this project is to introduce data into the health system. The current traditional system is full of holes, inefficient data stored, difficult to access, etc. Everything makes work worse and reduces the quality we get. Burst IQ will come with the latest technology. Burst IQ was founded in 2015, while other ICOs are not modern.
This requires trust because this is not a project issue, but something that has been prepared for several years to be offered to the public, once the project ends. This is a serious business also saying that the platform has processed 25 billion data in 12 months. Burst IQ will provide pharmacy solutions, hospitals, medical facilities, etc.
The system will save time and money, and in turn efficiency will be gained. For project needs, BIQ tokens will be generated, released on the Ethereum network, which is one of the most popular cryptovalue currently available and offering smart offers.

The IQ Burst project is the fruit of a team led by Frank Ricotta and Brian Jackson. Together with them there are a number of developers, designers, marketing experts, financiers, consultants, and so on. Together they have the knowledge they need to overcome the challenges they face. Many projects do not have the skills and variations of people like this project.
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Significance Of BurstIQ

BURSTIQ was established just about 2 years before it was on 2015 with awesome objective and taking care of the wellbeing related issues with major difficulties in the medicinal services industry with exceptionally most recent innovation Over the most recent decade, society has seen a blast of wellbeing related innovation, from electronic wellbeing records to individual wellbeing trackers to ease entire genome sequencing to populace wellbeing administration instruments. As of now, information from these sources is to a great extent siloes – saw and dissected independently or utilizing just careless coordination with other information sources,

In the initial a year of operation BURSTIQ stage prepared 25 Billion information focuses and wellbeing, industry represented around 153 Exabytes of information in 2003, and that number is required to ascend to 2314 Exabytes by 2020.

The union of these information sources will introduce another period of wellbeing. One in which medicinal services is redone to the individual in light of their own one of a kind genomic, proteomic, therapeutic, statistic, financial and social profile: their Life Graph Healthcare will be prescient, deterrent, and exceedingly powerful. BURSTIQ venture works with awesome esteems :

  • You should own your data
  • You should have access to all your data in one place
  • You should have confidence that your data is safe
  • You should be able to trust and understand your data
  • You should be able to control who accesses your data
  • You should be able to help society with your data

BurstIQ was as of late distinguished as one of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) organizations in Health by CB Insights. The stage empowers and drives a commercial center where people, associations and scientists can purchase information, offer information, make new business openings, test investigate thoughts, advance business operations, and team up utilizing substantial, complex wellbeing informational indexes that are ensured and secure.

To know the latest information about BurstIQ project you can visit the link below:

Official website : https://www.burstiq.com/
Whitepaper : http://www.burstiq.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/BurstIQ-whitepaper_19Jul2017reduced.pdf
Crowdsale : http://www.burstiq.com/biq-token-crowdsale/
BurstIQ at Twitter : https://twitter.com/BurstIQ
BurstIQ at Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2097319.0

BTT Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

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