BurstIQ – A Big Step In The Health Industry

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BurstIQ – A Big Step In The Health Industry

BurstIQ – Today will talk about Burst IQ, a stage which joins the energy of blockchain, huge information and knowledge to make the world more beneficial. BurstIQ stage was made which expects to take care of three primary issues in the field of wellbeing:

  • Feeble combination and discontinuity of data with other information sources.
  • Working on administrative acts like HIPAA. HIPAA is the law on congruity and risk for medical coverage. In spite of the considerable number of advantages of these administrative demonstrations, genuine challenges are made in the field of information trade amongst organizations and individuals who are frequently inspired by this and can get important help.
  • The confinement on the ownership of data about the condition of their own wellbeing, at the same time, notwithstanding approaching their own information, they can not professionally decipher and comprehend what precisely it is about.

Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of the above issues, the BurstIQ stage was made on the premise of blocking advancements and machine insight, the motivation behind which was to gather and sort out data from different sources with a bound together information distribution center, permitting to accelerate the procedure of data trade, while keeping up security norms like the HIPAA law.

Since 2015, the BurstIQ stage has turned into a working one with full usefulness and has demonstrated itself on the great side. It is a focused stage with stable incomes and a customer base of accomplices from LifeGraphs. The Burst IQ venture is a work of a group drove by Frank Ricotta and Brian Jackson. Other than them there are numerous engineers, fashioners, showcasing specialists, lenders, advisors, and so forth. Together they have the learning they have to defeat any test that goes with them. Many tasks need abilities and many individuals cherish this venture.

The allure of putting resources into this undertaking is likewise adapted by the way that lone in the main year of crafted by the stage BurstIQ handled more than twenty five billion units of information. The BurstIQ Platform stores, oversees, exchanges and breaks down vast, complex informational indexes by joining three center abilities:

✓ a creative way to deal with securing information through broadened blockchain develops,

✓ complex information rights administration utilizing brilliant contracts and dynamic permissioning, and

✓ machine knowledge to enable constant learning.

The stage comprises of three unmistakable administration levels: Secure Data Grid, LifeGraph, and Ecosystem.

Information about you, what you do, how you feel, where you live, what you eat is the main thrust behind individual driven wellbeing. Enterprises need to possess it, scientists need to ponder it, and consistently, organizations are finding better approaches to gather a greater amount of it. Programmers know it’s important as well; 1 of every 4 security breaks are wellbeing related, making a multibillion dollar bootleg market for wellbeing information and a multibillion dollar financial remediation trouble for wellbeing suppliers.

Secure Data Grid:

Securely managing, protecting, and sharing large, complex data sets cannot be done by simply exposing an interface to existing legacy systems. Such “data warehouse” models are unable to manage complex permissioning, secure and traceable data transfers, cross-system data integration, and a number of other essential functions. A truly universal health data platform must provide end-to-end data rights management, secure data storage, an indisputable chain of custody and advanced security techniques for the data. Maintaining individual privacy throughout all levels of the platform is paramount. BurstIQ’s Secure Data Grid addresses the specific data security, flexibility and cross-domain extensibility of a user’s data. This layer of the BurstIQ platform leverages blockchain, data cloaking, sharding and encryption services to securely manage data objects and stores. Data verification proofs are easy to share and direct access to data is easy to provide with the platform’s layered security access model. Data cloaking provides an additional layer of security that scatters and encrypts data packets across a nodal framework. The Secure Data Grid utilizes open source data management tools to ensure that data access is seamless and interoperable.


The LifeGraph sits at the heart of the BurstIQ platform. The average American adult has, on average, 16 doctors over their lifetime, and data from these and other health interactions is spread over a myriad of different, non-coordinated systems. This is the core challenge that BurstIQ seeks to solve. Therefore, it is fundamental to the BurstIQ platform that users are able to construct and manage data across different domains. Managing data sets across different domains is enabled through BurstIQ’s who can access their information.

To know the latest information about BurstIQ project you can visit the link below:

Official website : https://www.burstiq.com/
Whitepaper : http://www.burstiq.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/BurstIQ-whitepaper_19Jul2017reduced.pdf
Crowdsale : http://www.burstiq.com/biq-token-crowdsale/
BurstIQ at Twitter : https://twitter.com/BurstIQ
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