Budbo – Supply Chain Management for the Global Cannabis Industry

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Budbo – Supply Chain Management for the Global Cannabis Industry

Budbo is the principal stage for the worldwide cannabis industry based on Blockchain innovation and Smart Contracts. We consolidate retailers, labs, makers, cultivators, and coordination into a decentralized, transparent system, making the cannabis business straightforward, and responsible, particularly on a worldwide scale. Budbo’s center usefulness is to give a conveyed record to the cannabis business, making a genuine industry spine of capacity and APIs on which all levels of subordinate administrations can bridle the power and security of the blockchain. From an innovation viewpoint, the quickly developing weed industry introduces a one of a kind open door, legitimized offers of cannabis on a monstrous scale. This quickly developing area of the economy presents challenges that have not been managed previously, somewhat in light of the fact that even in states that have sanctioned the offer of pot, cannabis-related organizations still face numerous business confinements and wasteful aspects. This is especially obvious when it comes to lawful insurance, shopper effort, and inventory network administration.


The unique challenges looked at the cannabis business require another arrangement. In spite of the way that there is a colossal and since a long time ago settled market, it remains truly unlawful and hard to access for organizations. The fast development and extension of the division make it particularly lucrative for dispensaries and transporters, especially through the undeniably legitimized channels. Buyers in the US spent over $53 billion on cannabis in 2016 alone, that number all the more at that point quadruples when taken a gander at on a worldwide scale. Through therapeutic research and movement, the business is progressing into a substantial legitimate economy, and Budbo can be a central point in encouraging this recorded change.

Budbo expects to address the fracture and minimization in the cannabis business through the production of a brought together stage that empowers a bound together cannabis seed to deal and store network administration process on a worldwide stage. We will base our endeavors around another Budbo blockchain and token. The Budbo Token ($BUBO) will support our endeavors through a Token Sale, in a key push to stay as decentralized from conventional structures as could be expected under the circumstances. We will probably be the primary cannabis focused stage that addresses the issues of clients, providers (dispensaries) and messengers based on the blockchain crypto-innovation. We intend to be the one-stop stage that will incorporate, quicken and encourage another age of straightforwardness and social cooperation in the quickly developing and progressively authorized cannabis industry.

Project Background

The development of the cannabis business has been unparalleled lately with the utilization and uses of pot being additionally investigated and initiated. This has carried the business into the lawful light, making a requirement for the distinctive parts to act together with a specific end goal to fortify the prospering business. Be that as it may, the way things are, there is a noteworthy partition between cannabis makers, cultivators, labs, experts, and dispensaries.

Budbo, Inc. is pushing the cannabis business forward by building a worldwide blockchain-based unchanging record and actualizing a utility token for shoppers, retailers, cultivators, makers and the whole worldwide cannabis organize.

Budbo’s best-in-class portable application stores industry information in the blockchain to furnish retailers with ongoing examination on shopper inclinations. Conveyances are followed progressively by means of GPS, with every single genuine datum and consistent documentation immediately put away in the blockchain’s unchanging record. This gives an uncommon answer for the safe stockpiling of every authentic record.

Budbo International’s utility tokens empower joining of the Budbo blockchain to all third parties by means of API, data-driven cannabis condition to rapidly thrive, taking into consideration a solitary point.

Budbo works as a cloud-based stage that unites every applicable gathering in the cannabis business with a specific end goal to expand institutionalization, straightforwardness, and productivity crosswise over stations. Budbo offers a bound together answer for cannabis organizations and clients to execute securely, safely and inconsistency with the government also, state controls.

Bussines Model

Budbo’s one of a kind ‘tinder demonstrate’ has turned out to be exceptionally successful in driving arrangement between our business and working models. The blend of a best-in-class portable application and business knowledge instrument engages clients to associate and collaborate in ways that have never been conceivable. By receiving the social segment of prominent systems like Tinder, Budbo encourages correspondence with individuals and streamlines the shopping procedure through vigorous calculations to help clients in the coordinating procedure of best “strain matches”. The joining of the blockchain digital money model will empower us to take the Budbo stage to the following level of improvement by appropriately satisfying our offer and catching a part of the esteem made through:

  • Driving client selection and engagement
  • Keeping up a steady, working, and available portable application
  • Advancing the business instrument’s usefulness to meet changing client and provider requests

The Budbo blockchain environment will store value-based records in the blockchain for the duration of the life cycle of an item, including every single significant datum about the conclusion to end process. Additionally, the end client can find new strains in routes at no other time conceivable. Dispensaries increase priceless information on nearby client inclinations, furthermore, advantage from key investigation to know which strains to develop and which items to stock so as to build deals and develop income. The information trade occurs through APIs which are gotten to by the Budbo Token.

Budbo Platform Ecosystem

The worldwide cannabis information trade condition that Budbo, Inc gives is based on blockchain and savvy contracts, with information put away in permanent records. This sets up Budbo Inc. as the single wellspring of genuine unmanipulated information for the worldwide cannabis organize. With an effectively settled (and developing) base of more than 75,000 repeating clients, Budbo conveys basic business knowledge to dispensaries, prompting proactive basic leadership.

Coordinating the blockchain digital money display into Budbo’s current structure will fathom numerous issues encompassing the store network administration of the cannabis business. The Budbo Token deal will make the first and final cannabis blockchain arrange that uses a utility token as the money related trade making gigantic long haul an incentive in the token.

Why Budbo?

  • Real-Time GPS
    Real-Time GPS following by means of free driver versatile application
  • Up-to-date
    Custom API collaborations guarantee the most exact information conceivable
  • Analytics
    Systematic dashboard announcing settles on business choices simple
  • Compliance
    Encourages consistency with strict state, nearby and Federal laws
  • Clouded
    All documentation quickly put away and arranged in the cloud
  • Convenience
    Simple to set up and utilize

Budbo v1.0

75,000 Users and Growing

Budbo is a progressive suite of items as of now changing the cannabis business. In November 2016 we composed a portable application from the ideal point of view: the medicinal cannabis persistent. With a “Tinder-like” usefulness, clients and patients found the simplicity of having the capacity to rapidly swipe through and find a great many locally accessible cannabis items. The application had such an effect on the business we were included on Complex News and positioned the main 4/20 application by Herb.co.

Our business suite of items incorporates a logical dashboard that gives dispensaries, makers, and cultivators remarkable access to customer information, enabling them to settle on shrewd and educated business choices.

Budbo v2.0

Enter the Blockchain

The focal point of the Token Sale is to modify Budbo in blockchain’s picture – Adding a genuinely necessary layer of security and straightforwardness inside the cannabis business.

The reception of the blockchain model will permit the Budbo application to convey working measured code and a sandbox domain to limit improvement time, framework and venture. The application will utilize a nimble outline approach and industry-driving Ethereum blockchain innovation.

As Budbo’s blockchain application is accessible by means of the cloud and perfect with the present half and half cloud condition, dispensaries will be able to try without extra foundation cost and get the chance to advertise speedier to a worldwide group of cannabis clients.

Budbo Trax

Budbo Trax

Budbo Trax is an effective coordination apparatus worked to screen the whole cannabis inventory network – from the cultivator to end-client. Cannabis items are followed amid transport by means of a free driver GPS-empowered versatile application that is a piece of the Budbo tech biological community.

Using blockchain innovation, Budbo Trax guarantees a confirmed bill of replenishing, verification of pickup and evidence of conveyance. With on-request permitting and tolerant i.d. checks, Budbo Trax guarantees 100% changeless consistence revealing.

Each cultivator, producer, and dispensary would now be able to tackle and exploit the security and effectiveness of blockchain through Budbo Trax.

Token Sale

Total Issued Tokens : 200,000,000 Tokens Issued
Tokens : 150,000,000 for Token Sale

Contribution Tiers :

  • $0.25 (Tier 1) (Jan, 29 – Feb, 05 UTC)
  • $0.28 (Tier 2) (Feb, 06 – Feb, 12 UTC)
  • $0.30 (Tier 3) (Feb, 12 – Feb, 19 UTC)
  • $0.33 (Tier 4) (Feb, 19 – Feb, 26 UTC)
  • $0.35 (Tier 5) (Feb, 26 – Mar, 05 UTC)


  • 20,000,000 BUBO for Pre Sale @ $0.20 USD Nov, 27 2017 – Jan, 29 2018 UTC
  • 10,000,000 BUBO for Employees, Founders, PR, Marketing, Partnerships & Contractors
  • 10,000,000 BUBO for Community Reserve
  • 7,000,000 BUBO for Dispensary Reserve
  • 3,000,000 BUBO for Bounty

Hard Cap : Hard Cap is 150,000,000 tokens (not including Pre-sale)

Token Description

Budbo Tokens will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the Budbo ecosystem and platform. The Budbo Token provides access to the platform.

Transaction Time
Budbo Token transactions will be instant, and average transaction confirmation time will be within minutes. All transactions will be secured with the state-of-the-art cryptography, and blockchain integrity will be protected by CPU efficient ASIC resistant proof of work. This unique model allows us to fill in many gaps for cannabis businesses within the entire global cannabis market.

Token Details
Name: Budbo Token
Ticker: BUBO (if permitted under applicable laws)
Based on: Ethereum

Budbo Token Diagram


Nov 2016 Launch of Budbo in Google Play and Apple App Store
• Dec 2016 Complex News publishes first article and video on Budbo
• Dec 2016 Total Frat Move publishes article on Budbo
• Feb 2017 Budbo takes part in Super Bowl Bash in Houston, TX
• March 2017 LaneAxis Combination
• April 2017 Budbo is ranked the #1 4/20 App by Herb.co
• April 2017 4/20 Party with WeedTV
• May 2017 First Cannabis Delivery tracked using Budbo Trax
• June 2017 Begin Token Sale Research
• September 2017 MJAC Conference in Los Angeles
• November 2017 Token Sale Presale
• January 2018 Token Sale
• February 2018 Begin Development on v2.0
• March 2018 Begin Blockchain Implementations
• May 2018 Launch Budbo App v2.0


Budbo owes its success in part to its diverse team of talent. Our founding members possess vision and depth of knowledge of the cannabis industry, blockchain cryptocurrency, finance, accounting, B2B and B2C marketing. Presently, our team consists of:

Budbo Team


  • Rick Burnett – CEO
    Rick’s extensive knowledge of mobile technology and logistics makes him a natural fit to lead the Budbo team. Rick spent 15 years researching and developing a mobile-based platform that provides real-time tracking of freight movements. This is the basis of the Budbo Trax feature.
  • Luke Patterson – President, Co-Founder
    A data-driven entrepreneur and blockchain specialist, Luke’s wealth of experience is replete with years as an information architect and mobile app developer.  Working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike, Luke’s works have been featured in Wired, TechCrunch, Complex, and Business Insider.
  • Jacob Patterson – CTO, Co-Founder
    Jacob relies on his vast experience as a developer to ensure Budbo remains the leader in cannabis technology innovation, including its evolution into the blockchain ecosystem. Jacob has held senior developer roles with Fortune 500 companies including U.S. Bancorp and media giant Comcast.
  • Gary Heitz – CRO, Co-Founder
    A seasoned sales executive with deep experience in technology and digital media, Gary has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for Token Salenic companies such as Dell and Google. Quickly ascending to executive leadership positions at both companies, Gary structured complex sales initiatives, negotiated with Fortune 500 clients, and routinely exceeded sales goals by wide margins. At Google, Gary was entrusted as lead Sales Executive for the company’s DoubleClick demand side media platform, as well as Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager and Ad Network.
  • Nick Heldreth – CMO, Co-Founder
    A born marketer and entrepreneur, Nick co-founded Budbo after recognizing the tremendous market opportunity that exists in the Cannabis space. Nick has over a decade of sales, marketing and customer service experience in financial services, entertainment, transportation, digital marketing, and real estate. His ventures have included acquisitions of a real estate company and a transportation company, both of which he transformed into highly profitable enterprises.
  • Divyashish Jindal – Blockchain Engineer
    I love to build innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems I come across to help build a better living world. Also, I believe in evolution to my core and I constantly thrive to create a better version of me and the people around.
  • Ihor Pidruchny – Blockchain Engineer
    Designing decentralized blockchain based open source platform for the logistics industry.
  • Prateek Dimri – Business Analyst
    With three years in the blockchain space, I assist with planning and monitoring, strategy, product conceptualization, market research, and predictive analysis.
  • Blake Krohn – VP of Engineering
    20 years of experience working as a software engineer for a diverse range of industries and companies worldwide. In addition to his past position at McAfee, Inc. and as team lead for various startups, Blake’s most recent role as CTO for an industry-leading retailer has enabled him to understand and practice the comprehensive knowledge and leadership skills to be an effective, results-oriented VP of Engineering for Budbo.
  • Mason Burnett – Blockchain Information Systems
    Mason is a marketing visionary whose ideas have helped elevate private companies and institutions of higher education. Tenacious and focused on winning, Mason has immersed himself in the cannabis industry to help keep Budbo ahead of the competition.
  • Andrew Rivera – Director of Communications
    Andrew is an award-winning former TV news journalist with corporate experience in Public Relations and Marketing. Technically and editorially savvy, he thrives on every opportunity to create imaginative writing and visuals that slice through the clutter.
  • David Levy – Canada Operations
    A seasoned developer, David’s entrance into the technology universe with the design and development of AUTO INFO, the first online auto trader profiling site. David’s expertise spans a number of industries, including his design of an advanced elevator control system.
  • Shaun Patterson – Brand Ambassador
    An innovative approach to executive consulting.

Team Contributor

Budbo Team Contributor

  • Tom Reid – Account Executive
    Tom is an experienced transportation professional with over a decade of freight brokerage operations and sales experience. His previous role with one of the nation’s largest logistics firms allowed him to focus on building relationships with top enterprise clients in the industry. Tom’s specialty is identifying and discovering opportunities for cost savings through strategic partnerships and processes.
  • Chase Cameron – Account Executive
    Building authority for brands in multiple industries across the globe.
  • Leland Price – Account Executive
  • Alex Williams – Account Executive
    Alex began his career in transportation and logistics by working for a forward-thinking global insurance brokerage. Alex specialized in risk management, helping clients minimize risk through data-backed insight and innovative solutions.

Advisory Board

Budbo Advisory

  • Amy Berliner – Founder/CEO – Aegis Biotech
    As Founder/CEO of Aegis Biotech, Amy applies more than two decades of Senior Executive experience to the benefit of her company and to her research, and development team.
  • Dianne Burnett – Producer, Author, CEO
    Author, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Dianne Burnett first made her name in sports entertainment. With her then-husband Mark Burnett, she developed sponsorship opportunities for a fledgling enterprise Eco-Challenge.
  • Ty Duffy – CEO – Low Spark, Inc
    Ty Duffy is the owner and CEO of Low Spark Inc. LOW Spark is the largest distribution supply chain for cannabis and cannabis-infused products in Colorado. LowSpark moves an average of 1 unit every 47 seconds with a vast network of contacts in the Cannabis Industry.
  • Benjamin Finch – Strategic Advisor
    In his time as a marketer, Ben has attracted over $75M in sales and now leads the first multidisciplinary agency to specialize in blockchain development. Ben’s Ledger Agency specializes in technology-driven marketing, strategic project planning, social media, and community building, applying best practices to the Cryptocurrency space for a number of start-ups and ICOs.
  • Larre Johnson – Strategic Communications Advisor
    Larre is a 30-year advertising, marketing, and strategic communications veteran. His campaigns have helped brand and build two disruptive enterprises into multi-$B businesses. A former senior writer on Apple, Larre has won virtually every creative and effectiveness award the industry bestows.
  • John David Carrasco – CEO – CannLiv
    John David Carrasco is President and CEO of Cannliv and John David Global. Cannliv has locations in Houston, TX, Denver CO and in South America (Colombia). Having chaired the Cannabis Caucus for the Texas Democratic Party during the last election cycle has resulted from a leadership role amongst activists in the Cannabis space.
  • Michael Hodges – Co-Founder – ADVFN
    Michael Hodges has over 30 years experience in computer software development and publishing while working with multi-user and Internet projects for many years. He Co-founded On-line plc which in the process of changing its name to Online Blockchain PLC and ADVFN PLC both listed on the London Stock exchange AIM. He is currently Chairman of On-line PLC and ADVFN PLC.
  • Michael Noel – CEO – Blockchain Consultants
    Blockchain technology is moving, morphing and changing so quickly that it’s challenging to keep up with, even for those of us who work in within the area. Add to this the fact that this is a relatively new technology with origins going back just a few decades for the core technology, but the unique combination we now know as Blockchain dates from 2007/2008, barely a ten-year-old infant at this point.
  • David Ashley – CTO – ILF, LLC
    I have over 20 years of experience working on and developing business intelligence and eCommerce systems. Currently, I work as Interactive Life Form’s (ILF) Senior Transition Contractor, improving internal systems and services used by various administrative departments worldwide.
  • Willie Kennon – President – Pineapple Enterprises
    Willie is the President of Pineapple Enterprises; a Cannabis-based holdings company with 110 acres of premium farmland in Southern Oregon. Pineapple Enterprises is well on its way to producing over 10,000 lbs of flower per year.
  • Randal Crowder – Co-Founder – TEXO Ventures
    Randall has deployed more than $40M over the past 10 years with a specific focus on tech-enabled health services and companies leveraging blockchain technology. Randall is a co-founder and Managing Partner at TEXO Ventures.
  • Jack Finkelstein – Senior Technology Advisor
    Qualified with over 25 years of broad sales and sales management, product design and merchandising experience. Jack has helped a number of companies bring existing and new products to new markets as well as building his own medical compliance packaging company.
  • Roy de Gouveia – Strategic Advisor
    An Entrepreneur turned Ecopreneur. Roy’s background was in Restaurants before turning to renewable energy! He has businesses in South Africa in Biofuel, Fertilizer & Containerized Hydroponic farming.

Advisory Board Contributor

Budbo Advisory Contributor

  • Antonio Russo – Co-Founder – District 8
    Antonio Russo has been part of the cannabis industry since 2010. He currently is part of a non-profit that helps families with financial assistance and education in regards to the benefit of cannabis. Antonio also is a co-founder of District 8 a retail-wholesale cultivation and manufacturing ecosystem. The focus is clean/natural/sustainable products with a low carbon footprint. He is also the lead on the branding of both outfits and continues to surround himself with inspiring people in the cannabis space to create something special.
  • Richard Levy – Senior Technology Advisor
    Richard provides expertise in all aspects of Product Management, Development, Hosting and Support. Richard has over 35 years experience in the software space, leading large and small teams to develop enterprise and Cloud-based platforms to support applications in the banking, corporate legal, insurance, governance risk and compliance (GRC) industries.
  • David Fowler – CEO – Digital Shyft
    David Fowler, a career entrepreneur and a 20-year C-level veteran is the Co-Founder of Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo, Pro Athletes Pro-Cannabis and currently is the CEO/Founder of Digital Shyft, a digital creative, and marketing agency for the cannabis industry.


Budbo and its clients and customers may experience issues getting to the administration of banks, which may make it troublesome for them to work. Since the utilization of cannabis is unlawful under government law, there is a convincing contention that banks can’t acknowledge for store reserves from organizations required with cannabis.

While the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has given direction to monetary establishments on the best way to give administrations to weed related organizations reliable with their Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) commitments, the choice to open, close, or deny accounts, as well as connections, are made at the watchfulness of the saving money foundation. Thusly, organizations engaged with the cannabis business regularly experience difficulty finding a bank willing to acknowledge their business. The powerlessness to open financial balances may make it troublesome for Budbo and its clients and customers to work.

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